Last Updated: February 23, 2015
 Breaking News Coach Mike Clark - NATIONAL FINALIST for 2015 Double Goal Coach Award   [More Info]
  • Maryland InteGRITy is happy to announce we are now a 501c3 corporation
  • Maryland InteGRITy is pleased to announce we are now accredited through Anne Arundel County
  • Maryland InteGRITy is please to announce that we are adding a 16u team
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Congratulations Coach Mike

Maryland InteGRITy

Maryland InteGRITy is proud to announce...

Coach Mike Clark has been chosen as a finalist out of over 2100  nominated for the

Positive Coaching Alliance - Team Snap 2015 Double Goal Coaching Award.


The top 25 will be chosen on March 10th.  

You will always be #1 in our hearts.  #BCE



Please join us in welcoming Emily Blum to our InteGRITy family!!

November 26, 2014






Jack of Arts

September 18, 2013

Big thank you to Jack of Arts for painting our catcher's helmets.  They are awesome!!!


InteGRIty Mission Statement

InteGRITy softball is founded on very simple principles.  The organization, the team, the game will always be for the players and be about the players. 
Our goal is to teach the behaviors, skills, and attitudes necessary to play fundamentally sound Fastpitch softball at the highest level.  More importantly, we desire to teach life skills and ideals of good sportsmanship that will last a lifetime.  We want each and every one of our players to conduct themselves and play the game with inteGRITy.  We believe a lot more than softball is being learned on the ball field.  InteGRITy softball is a mix of learning the game of softball, character, relationship and team building combined with great sportsmanship.  As a result our coaches are held to the highest standard of inteGRITy as they must lead by example.
G-R-I-T in inteGRITy is purposefully highlighted.  GRIT is defined as “firmness of mind or spirit: unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger.”  GRIT is who we are… a hardworking, grind it out, strong, GRITy unit!  MARYLAND TOUGH!!
Every player gets a fair opportunity to learn, play and sit. Every player learns to play the game the right way as ONE unit!  The inteGRITy way!!!