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Midwest Sports Classics - Single Day Tourneys
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Midwest Sports Classics


Welcome to Midwest Sports Classics...where every tournament is a classic event. 

Tournaments are where the greatest memories are created in youth athletics.  We are constantly working to bring you new and fresh tournaments. Midwest Sports Classics are always looking for additional locations to host events and increase kid’s exposure to all levels of competition.

We currently host events in youth tackle football and basketball. Our goal is to  release information on up-coming tournaments for lacrosse and baseball for the 2015 season.

Midwest Sports Classics will try to offer multiple competition levels at all events to provide teams of all abilities a chance to compete for a championship. So if you are a recreation league team or a full travel team we have a division of play for you.

Come to one of our events, we guarentee that both kids and parents will love it!! Our tournament directors have been involved with athletic tournaments for over 12 years and bring their years of experience to every event.