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New Website for Coach Agan's 15-18 Division Team (Franklin County Renegades)

As there are now 4 teams from Franklin County Babe Ruth participating in the Fall League (two 12-14 teams and two 15-18 teams), Coach Tim Agan has created a new website specifically for his team going into it's 3rd fall baseball season.

It can be found at


Franklin County Babe Ruth has 4 Teams Participating in the 2013 VT Babe Ruth Fall Baseball League

For the 2013 season, Franklin County will have 4 teams participating in the Fall season: two 15-18yo teams and two 12-14yo teams.

They are:

15-18 Franklin County Renegades Coach Tim Agan

15-18 Northern Vermont  Coach Rene Delaricheliere

12-14 Franklin  Coach Chris Messineo

12-14 Champlain Valley Coach Dennis Harvey


Cheryl Persitz continues in her role as League President for Franklin County Babe Ruth

Registration Form Can Be Found in the "Handouts" Tab at Left

Please download and fill out the form to submit with the fee at the first team meeting (TBD).

***2013 Fall League***

Coach Agan has secured permission for the use of the Milton HS Varsity field if he is able to field a team to participate in the same Fall Baseball League we competed in last year. This league is a Babe Ruth affiliated league. There are two divisions in this league: 12-14yo and 15-18yo.

 Coach Agan will be looking to field a team in the 15-18 division. Players are allowed to "play up" (ie a 14yo can play in the 15-18yo division), but will not be allowed to "play down". This page is devoted solely to the 18U team. Anyone looking for information on a 14U team are encouraged to contact Cheryl Persitz at

The games will consist of one 9 inning game on Sundays.

There is a plan for a season ending championship tournament this year.

To field a team, Coach Agan will need commitments from players as soon as possible. Cheryl Persitz (Milton Babe Ruth President/Franklin County Babe Ruth President) will be handling the various administrative duties once again.

A limited number of slots are available on this team. Coach Agan has not yet set the number of players he will roster, but he reserves that option. The roster will not exceed 15 players. First refusal will be granted to players from last year's squad.

So far, the following players have given a verbal commitment:

1. Jesse Agan **

2. Alex Chapman **

3. Ryan Joseph **

4. Ryan Nichols **

5. Jake Benson **

6. Luke Covey **

7. Tyler Lamphere **

8. Logan Abell **

9. Jon Barrett **

10. Thomas Hakey **






 *Follow Up Commitment Given by Player 7/28/13

**Written commitment planning to attend every game.

More information will be forthcoming. Stay tuned...

2012 Team Co-MVP-Pitching: Alex Chapman

Based on minimum of 7 innings pitched
Games Pitched: 4 (tied for first)
Innings Pitched: 12.1 (1st)
Runs Allowed: 5 (2nd)
Earned Runs: 1 (2nd)
Hits: 6 (2nd)
Strikeouts: 16 (1st)
ERA: .073 (2nd)
% Pitches Thrown for Strikes: 59% (2nd)
WHIP: 1.22 (1st)

2012 Team Co-MVP-Pitching: Matt Potter

Based on minimum of 7 innings pitched:

Games Pitched: 4 (tied for 1st)
Innings Pitched: 7.0 (5th)
Runs: 2 (1st)
Earned Runs: 0 (1st)
Hits: 3 (1st)
Strikeouts: 11 (3rd)
ERA: .000 (1st)
% Pitches Thrown for Strikes: 57% (3rd)
WHIP: 1.29 (2nd)

2012 Team Co-MVP-Batting: Ryan Nichols

Based on 6 game minimum:

Batting Average: .522 (1st)
Runs: 11 (1st)
Hits: 12 (1st)
RBI: 4 (tied for 3rd)
Strikeouts: 4 (tied for 2nd)
Stolen Bases: 7 (2nd)
Total Bases: 12 (1st)
OBP: .593 (1st)

2012 Team Co-MVP-Batting: Alex Chapman

Based on minimum of 6 games played:

Batting Avg: .304 (6th)
Runs Scored: 8 (2nd)
Hits: 7 (2nd)
Doubles: 3 (1st)
RBI: 4 (tied for 3rd)
Strikeouts: 1 (1st)
Stolen Bases: 11 (1st)
Total Bases: 10 (2nd)

2012 Team MVP-Fielding: Jesse Agan

Innings Played: 54 (2nd)
Total Chances: 72 (1st)
Putouts: 69 (1st)
Errors: 0 (1st)
Fielding %: 1.000 (1st)

Final Game, 10/7/12 at The Edge, Has Been Cancelled

Due to the recent rains and the forecast not being conducive to drying out, the game has been cancelled due to field conditions, AND WILL NOT BE MADE UP.

Schedule Change for Sunday, 9/30

The Vermont Jays have dropped out of the league for the remaining games of the season.

In their place, I have scheduled a team from Waterbury (we played this team in the Champlain Valley Fall League last year).

We will be playing at our home field (BFA Fairfax).

Game Time is 11:00 (Be at field NO LATER THAN 10:00)

We will be playing one 9 Inning game.

9/23: Milton Falls Late to Middlebury, 10-7

Game at Middlebury, Sunday 9/23

Field is at the Middlebury Middle School. Upon entering Middlebury and heading south, proceed through the village, and the school will be at the 5th traffic light. Turn right at the light and follow this road (Deerfield Lane) to ball field, on left after the school. If you go past McDonald’s you’ve gone too far.

Coach Agan will be departing the Chimney Corners Park n Ride at 8:45 if anyone is interested in "convoying" to the game. Be at the field for 10:00.

Epic 8th Inning Defensive Meltdown Leads to 13-6 Loss to Middlebury

Leading 5-3 going into the 8th inning, the backbone of the Milton team (defense) utterly falls apart and allows 10 runs in that one inning and loses 13-6 to a Middlebury team that in no way was superior to the "Fall Jackets".
In the first 5 games, Milton had only allowed a TOTAL of 17 runs against.

Final Schedule for Sunday, 9/16

We will be hosting Middlebury at BFA Fairfax on Sunday as a replacement for the Redhawks.
Game time is 11:00.
It will be one 9 inning game.

Be at the field no later than 10:00 and be ready to pitch in and help prep YOUR playing surface.

It is forecasted to be cool. Dress to stay warm-especially pitchers. A long sleeve shirt to wear beneath uni shirt is recommended.

Ryan Nichols: Winning Pitcher, 9/9 vs Burlington

Pitched 4 innings and allowing 2 runs (1 earned), while striking out 5 batters and walking 2.
Offensively, he was 3 for 4 on the day.

Week 3 Results: Win vs Burlington, 10-6

Week 2 Results: Milton Takes 2 Against a Young Redhawks Squad

Utilizing all their youngest pitchers and later mixing in some "vets", Milton wins Game One 10-2, and Game Two 11-3.

Week 2: 9/2 vs Redhawks at Williston Central School

Sorry for all the confusion with opponents, etc. All of it was out of my hands and I had to do my best to find a substitute opponent, field, umps as quickly as possible which made for a flurry of contradicting info for you all.

But, we're back on track with the original schedule. Plan to be at Williston Central School for 10:00 with an 11:00 game time.

Make sure to bring plenty of fluids and energy snacks. As we experienced last week, it can be a long, energy-draining day especially if it sunny, humid and calm.

Directions to Williston Central School:

From Taft Corners in Williston, head East on Route 2 toward Williston village. The School is right about 2 miles on your left. The field is within view of the western-most parking lot.

**Heads up: I will likely be utilizing the younger or less-experienced pitchers, at least to start the game. If that means you, be sure to be throwing some long toss without overdoing it for the next few days. Get the shoulder some excercise.
I'm talking to you: Kyle Apgar, Evan McGregor, Tyler Skinner, Logan Bean, Tyler Lamphere.

Week 1 Results: Tie, Win

In week 1 action against Burlington, Game 1 resulted in a 3-3 tie, Game 2 resulted in a 3-2 win.
Kyle Combs credited with the 1st win, coming into a 2-2 ballgame in the 5th inning and shutting down the opposition while facing 7 batters (0 hits, 3 K's and 1 BB).
The game was won when with one out, Alex Chapman worked a full count walk, advanced on a wild pitch, stole third on his own heads-up baserunning and scored the walk-off on Evan McGregors ground out to the right side of the infield.
Hello, Fairfax!

In both games, the team came from behind late in the contest. The results of both games showed great fortitude and strength of will by the team.
6 pitchers were used on the day and each showed great "stuff" and composure. Catcher Jesse Agan showed great game management and pitch calling.

Ryan Nichols joined Chapman in leading the offense. Nichols contributed 4 hits, 2 RBI, 2 stolen bases and a run on the day.

Team defense was typically strong, especially evidenced by a perfectly executed rundown between home and first when Mullins, at first base, caught the runner trying to score and fired the ball to Agan to begin the rundown (which also involved third baseman Kyle Combs and pitcher Alex Chapman). What was especially pleasing in this situation was that 2 players involved were from Fairfax, and the other two from Milton. In their first time in this choreographed play, 4 players from two different programs performed flawlessly.
Good things evidently ahead.

***One note of concern: Our ratio (offense) of 2:1 (20 strikeouts and 9 BB) must change going forward. An average of 10 strikeouts per game is something I'd like to see drop significantly. I believe it will. From what I saw, it appeared to be a matter of timing, and to a lesser extent, approach to at-bats. I didn't feel at all that our batters were overmatched.

**IMPORTANT** Schedule Changes

Colchester has dropped out of the U17 division. The league has requested that each week, the team with a bye takes the place of Colchester on the schedule.
So...on 9/2 we will be playing the Redhawks AT WILLISTON CENTRAL SCHOOL.
On our bye date, 9/30, we are playing the VT Jays. We just aren't set on the location as we can't use BFA Fairfax due to field renovations and Collins Perley will be undergoing renovations as well. Stay Tuned.
The final correction is our game of 9/9. Originally, we were set to play the VT Jays, but they are unavailable. We will host Burlington instead at BFA Fairfax.

1st Game Sunday, 8/26 vs Burlington @ Callahan Park

Game 1 is set for 11:00am. The team will be at the field for 10:00.
Remember, these are double-headers. Bring plenty of fluids, and energy snacks are also a good idea.
Game 2 is scheduled to begin at 2:00. Some time will be allotted for lunch in between games.

Directions to Callahan Park (your parents knew it as South Park-name was changed in early 1990's):

-From I89 South, take Exit 14 West onto Williston Road/Main St.
-Head toward downtown Burlington.
-At UVM Green, be in left lane to take left onto South Prospect St.
-Follow South Prospect St., heading south until you reach Ledge Rd (about 1 mile). Take right onto Ledge Rd.
-Follow Ledge Rd to rotary on Rte 7/Shelburne Rd.
-Across the rotary is Locust St, go around rotary onto Locust St. Along most of length of Locust St on left is Callahan Park. The field is at the lower end of Locust St at intersection with Pine St.

I Still require Payment and Registration Forms from Some of You

Those who have not paid must have payment to me prior to first game. If there is any issue with that, please let me know asap.

***HOT*** Schedule Posted

Select "Schedules" at left.

Uniforms are in and will be picked up and distributed prior to our first game, Sunday 8/26.

BBCOR or Wood Bats Required for Fall Season. No Exceptions.

***Fall League Registration Form in "Handouts" at Left***

Players Who Have Responded with a Commitment to Play for the 2012 Team:

In response to my text of 8/1, the following players have provided Coach Agan with a commitment to playing Fall Baseball:

1. Jesse Agan
2. Kyle Combs
3. Alex Chapman
4. Tyler Lamphere
5. Matt Potter
6. Travis Giard
7. Pat Mullins
8. Ryan Nichols
9. Kyle Apgar
10. Luke Covey
11. Logan Bean
12. Logan Abell
13. Jon Barrett
14. Tyler Skinner
15. Evan McGregor

At this point, all the available slots are filled.
If you are having ANY second thoughts about commitment for the 5 or 6 Sunday doubleheaders or there are conflicts with your schedule, please let me know right away as I have other players anxious to play.

Fall 2012 News

For 2012 Milton Fall Baseball will join another league. This league is affiliated as an extension of the Babe Ruth season and is headquartered out of Burlington. The affiliation with Babe Ruth keeps down costs like insurance which is already in place and allows team fees to be much reduced.
Further, it looked as though the league we participated in last year was once again consisting of teams that required a lot of travel (Hartford, Royalton, Barre, etc). I, like you, wanted to avoid that travel.

At this point (8/1), it looks as though the following teams will be our opponents:
South Burlington
CVU (Shelburne, Charlotte, Williston, etc)
Champlain Valley (Vergennes/Middlebury)
Vt Jays (St Albans)

There may be more added.

Last season we struggled to have a sufficient number of players.
A great opportunity was given us due to the combination of players and coaches for Franklin County All Stars, particularly with our neighbors at BFA Fairfax.
Joining us this year will be players Kyle Combs and Evan McGregor of Fairfax and Alex Chapman of Westford, to bolster our depth and numbers.
Fairfax coaches Tim Combs and Pete Chapman will be joining the coaching staff.

As every player projected to be on the roster played some level of Babe Ruth this summer and this is a fall extension to the Babe Ruth season, Cheryl Persitz as President of Milton Babe Ruth will head this venture as well.

As this new League continues to develop over the next few weeks, I will post news items and other info here. As mentioned in texts, I need to have a roster of committed players and a deposit to the league by August 15th. PLEASE inform me as soon as possible if you intend to play. I will take players on a first come, first served basis, and will limit the number of slots to a level I am comfortable with.

Coach Agan

***2011 SEASON FINALE***

Like the rest of the season, Milton wins the first game decisively. And like most of the season, loses the second game just barely.

Excellent Season, fellas. I had a great time and enjoyed seeing each of you improve your skill sets and prep for the upcoming spring High School season.
I especially enjoyed watching several of you work on things like: new pitches to throw, outfielders taking chances on catches they normally would take more conservative approaches on, pushing the boundaries on baserunning (two steals of home!!), etc. That's how we compete.

10/2 @ Essex-Rained Out

Make up will be Sunday, 10/9 @ 11:00am in Essex.
Remaining make up games for first series against Essex that was rained out on 8/28 TBD.

Milton Baserunners SO Good That Umps are Unwilling to Believe Their Own Eyes

For second week in a row, the successful steal of home is called against Milton. This time, Travis Giard was the victim of the officiating. While safe by a large margin, the umpire apparently only needed to see that the catcher had the ball in his possession to make his call. He never moved from his position kneeling behind the Waterbury catcher and was obviously surprised by the bold theft.
Until we see we have umpires that can make the effort to get into proper position to make the call, we'll have to be conservative trading outs for gutsy plays.
But, I sure am impressed!!!

Milton Earns First Series Sweep!

Defeats Waterbury 7-2 in Game One, 6-0 in the second contest.

Team Shows Great Fortitude in 9/11 Series

The coaches were very impressed with the ability of the defense, in game one especially, to double down and deny runs to the Central Vermont squad despite having a runner at third in 6 of 8 innings, and runners at second and third in 4 of eight. In game two, our opponents stranded runners at second and third in 4 of 7 innings. Fantastic composure!!

Ryan Nichols Still Rockin' a 0.000 ERA After 2 Starts and 11 Innings of Work

Nichols continues to impress on the bump, only allowing 2 unearned runs in 2 starts. Nichols has been aware that he has benefitted from some sparkling defensive play behind him, which has allowed him to excel in his approach and confidence, but his approach in working with battery-mate Jesse Agan in pitch selection and location, coupled with his execution of pitches has been key in his dominance.

Agan's Solid Work Behind the Dish Frees Staff to Just Focus on Executing Pitch by Pitch

Jesse Agan's consistent work behind the plate has been key in freeing the pitchers to throw pitches that while difficult for batters to hit are equally difficult for catchers to cleanly handle. It has proven extremely important in freeing the pitchers to make these pitches even with runners in scoring position because of Agan's blocking skills. "Out pitches" can be thrown with confidence in any situation.

Harris Gives Team a Chance to Win Game 2 on 9/11 with Long Relief Gem

Coming in to pitch in the 2nd inning with a 2-0 defecit, Harris goes 5 innings, facing 22 batters, striking out 7 and only walking 2 and giving up 2 hits. He did drill 3 batters, including the last two he faced to start the 7th, when with his sudden lack of command it became apparent he was tiring.

Luke Jackson Powers Milton Offense in His First Game Back in Action

Jackson, playing in his first game since Babe Ruth ended in the beginning of July, pushed across 2 of the 3 Milton runs with a single and a double in game one on 9/11. The final RBI's proved to be the game-winners in the top of the eigth inning. Welcome aboard, Luke!

Caleb Harris Successfully Steals Home in Game 2 with What Would Have Been Tying Run- But Called OUT!

Harris was confident he could take advantage of the Central Vermont pitcher's slow delivery from the windup-even while suffering a slight groin pull. After some discussion with Coach Agan and some timing review, he was given the "green light." Batter Luke Jackson was given the "take pitch" sign and Harris was off on the first movement, diving in well ahead of the tag. But apparently, his daring play even surprised the umpire, who inexplicably ruled him out!
Caleb's instincts and confidence were key on the play, and the execution was perfect-despite the official call.

Umpire Faints After Realizing How Badly He Blew the Harris Call!

After regaining senses, reaches out for payment from catcher...

Home Plate Umpire Photographed Leaving After Game 2 @ VTC-OOOOOOOkay

NOW it starts to make sense!

Milton Splits 9/11 Series at Central Vermont: Wins 4-2 (in 8 Innings), Loses 2-1

Pat Mullins Brings It in Game 2 , 1st Inning

A Letter From the "Editor"

Just so everyone understands the running and "finances" of this particular team, I've copied below the message the coaches received from the President of the league outlining membership dues and benefits in committing to the league. We left it to you, the players, to create a team and made it clear the first night we met what the expectations and obligations would be. The players that showed up that first Sunday evening all committed to the 5 Sundays of doubleheaders, and once that commitment was voiced, the coaches committed as well and submitted a team to the league (the BIG commitment). As you see below, the cost for being in the league (and supplying our own uniforms) was $1,198.00 We gave you all a price of $95 with 12 players committing which equalled $1,140.00 to be received. The coaches received 11 payments (Two players backed out before the season started and didn't pay). Do the math. Nobody was asked to pony up any more. The League received its money. There is no bank account of monies accrued through the years like Little League and Babe Ruth have. So, if you are thinking of not playing the full season and are thinking of asking for a refund, ask yourself where that money would come from. Ask yourself where the remaining money ($150) to cover the league fees came from (Hint: Someone who is a non-playing member of the team). Ask yourself what commitment should mean. Finally, ask yourself: Should this REALLY have to be explained and discussed?

Here is the letter from League President Mike Bissonnette prior to the season:

Hello everyone:

With fall fast approaching, I would like to update you on the upcoming 2011 Champlain Valley Fall Baseball League.

This season there will be 2 divisions, a 12-14 year old division and a 15-19 year old division. The fall season will begin on the weekend of Aug 27th/28th. The 12-14 year division will play double headers mainly on Saturday's, though Sunday's is an option for teams which prefer that day. There are a total of 5 double headers (10 games) plus playoffs for the top teams. Game time is 11:00AM. The season will end by the 2nd weekend in October.

The 15-19 year division will play double headers on Sunday's only. There are a total of 5 double headers (10 games) plus playoffs for the top teams. Game time is 11:00AM. The season will end by the 2nd weekend in October.

Please note that for the 12-14 year old division, you may place up to 4 players age 15 on the roster. For the 15-19 year old division you may place up to 4 players age 14 on the roster. Hopefully this will provide more flexibility to coach's should they need additional players to complete their rosters.

Team fees are $1,298 (including game shirts) or $1,198 (without game shirts). Included in team fees are the following:

1. 2 certified Umpires per game
2. All umpire scheduling
3 All game scheduling
4. Player insurance
5. Coach's insurance
6. Game balls
7. Game shirts (for teams that choose this option)

As a coach, you will be responsible for the following:

1. Organizing the team. Players can be recruited from any area you like. The only restrictions are age.
2. Equipment-you will be responsible for providing game equipment such as catcher's equipment, bats, etcc.
3. Fields-You are responsible for securing your home field. If you are unable to locate a home field, then you will play all your games on the road.
4. Babe Ruth rules are used, with some minor exceptions.

In order to organize this league so that the season can begin on time, I will need your team registration form (see attached)
and a deposit of $600 mailed to me by August 12th.

For those teams which would like game shirts, I have also attached a jersey form for you to complete & return with your deposit.

Thank you for your interest and hope to see you this fall.

Michael Bissonnette
Champlain Valley Fall Baseball League

Week 3 Games: Sunday, September 11, 2011-Location Moved to VTC in Randolph

The games scheduled for 9/11 have been moved from South Royalton to Vermont Technical College Field in Randolph Center. South Royalton lost their field due to the flooding of the White River due to Irene.
Take I89 South to Randolph exit (Exit 4). Turn Left onto VT Rte 66. VTC is about a mile from exit. Trip should take about an hour and a quarter.
Coaches will be at Chimney Corners Park n Ride and leaving at around 9am. Anybody needing a ride should try to make arrangements before hand.

Milton Splits 9/4 Series at Hartford: 7-0 win, 9-6 loss

Starting Pitcher Ryan Nichols pitches 7-0 shutout (with one inning of scoreless relief provided by Pat Mullins). Nichols capped effort with 2 rbi stand up triple in the top of the 6th. Center fielder Connor Page pushed the offense with 2 singles, 2 stolen bases and one of the runs scored.
Milton's defense was spectacular in game 1 with slick fielding shortstop Caleb Harris leading the way with 8 assists and a put out.

Game 2 began rough with Milton allowing 4 runs in the top of the first on some sloppy fielding and difficulty in pitches getting enough of the strike zone. After 2 1/2 innings, the score was 7-0 Hartford. But, showing the game and determination this team is capable of, and despite the heat, humidity and no rest due to not having any subs, the team battled back to close the deficit with 6 runs in the bottom of the third. 3rd basemen Luke Covey led the rally with a 2 rbi single with two outs to bring the score to 7-6. However, that was the final offensive push of the game for Milton as Hartford responded with one in the 4th and a final run in the top of the 7th. Covey also contributed from the mound, pitching the final three innings and only allowing the final run. Travis Giard also contributed to the offense with the only multiple hit line of the game, with a run scored. He also turned in a fine defensive effort with 3 put outs and 6 assists (and a finely turned double play) splitting the game between 2nd and shortstop after the 1st inning on the mound.

Pat Mullins: First Baseman or Linebacker?

The team would like to thank Pat Mullins for his Pit Bull/Linebacker approach to playing First Base in Game 2 on 9/4. Pat retained the ball for the out on at least 3 occasions where errant throws pulled him into the path of the baserunner coming up the line which resulted in a few pretty hard collisions!

Week Two Games: Sunday, September 4, 2011

Games are to be played at Hartford High School in White River Jct, VT

- In Milton merge onto I-89 S
97.2 mi
- Take the I-91 S exit toward Brattleboro/White River
0.3 mi
- Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I-91 N/White River Jct and merge onto I-91 N
2.3 mi
- Take exit 12 toward US-5/Wilder
0.2 mi
- Turn right onto Bugbee St
0.3 mi
- Turn right onto Hartford Ave/Taft Ave
0.5 mi
- Turn right onto Hanover St
161 ft
- Slight left onto Highland Ave
Destination will be on the right
0.1 mi

37 Highland Ave White River Junction, VT 05001

Week One Games: Sunday, August 28, 2011

We will be playing Essex at Maple St Park at 11:00 am.
Be at field for 10:00am