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Welcome to our website. Our goal is for this to be your primary source of information regarding MYSA and its programs. Have a suggestion? Email it to Have a fax? Send it to (209) 236-1801.

The Modesto Youth Soccer Office is located at 4459 Spyres Way, Suite A.  This is off of Bangs Avenue near McHenry.



May 2, 2013


REGISTRATION: The Modesto Youth Soccer Association’s recreational program is intended to provide play for children ages 4 to 18 years of age. Teams are not coed. A player’s age is determined by how old they are on July 31st of the current playing year. The Under-6 program is an eight (8) week season. The Under-8 program is a ten (10) week season. The Under -10 through Under-19 age group will play eight (8) league games, and conclude their season with a 2-day tournament.




LEISURE BUCKS: The Leisure Buck Program is offered through the City of Modesto’s Park and Recreation Department. MYSA will accept leisure bucks as a partial payment toward the cost of registration as long as the actual card and balance of fees are turned in with the registration form. Families using leisure bucks must either register by mail or in the MYSA office. Applications for leisure bucks can be picked up at the City of Modesto’s Parks and Recreation Department located at 1010 10th Street on the 4th floor.

FUNDRAISING: There is no required fundraising at MYSA. Optional fundraising is available from March 1st – June 1st. Packets are available at the MYSA office beginning March 1st. Families using fundraising to help pay for, or offset the cost of registration must FUNDRAISE first, and REGISTER AFTER THE AMOUNT OF CREDIT IS DETERMINED. Refunds will not be given for players that fundraise after registration is paid. For more information regarding fundraising opportunities, please call, email, or stop by the MYSA office.

OPENING DAY/FIRST LEAGUE GAME: MYSA is looking forward to two Opening Day celebrations. Most team photos will be taken during the Opening Day festivities. Opening Day will be held the first Saturday in August for the U10 – U19 teams, and the second Saturday in August for the U6 & U8 teams. The first game of the MYSA season will be held the third Saturday in August

TEAM ASSIGNMENTS AND PRACTICE SCHEDULE: Coaches will begin contacting their players mid-July, or as soon as they receive their roster. Some coaches are unable to attend the initial Coaches Meeting, therefore, not all coaches will call their players at the same time. If your child has not been contacted by the end of July, please either call, email or stop by the MYSA office during normal business hours. It is your responsibility to notify MYSA of changes in your contact information. This includes all email changes as most coaches and the League will contact you initially by email. Weekday practices for U6 players are optional and at the discretion of the coach, but usually no more than one (1) time per week. All other age groups can expect 1 – 2 weekday practices, league games are played on Saturdays, and the End of Season Tournament for all U10 – U19 players are played over one weekend.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS/VOLUNTEERS: Our program is governed by a Board of Directors that operate on a volunteer basis. Recreation coaches are also volunteers. Our program would not be successful without the help of volunteers! If you are interested in finding out how you can help,volunteer, or coach and make this season a success, call the or email the MYSA Office at 209-236-1800 or






January 3, 2013


MYSA is proud to announce the WINNERS for our 2012 Coaches of the Year.

Boys finalists: 

  • Luis Cortez
  • Adrienne Rossi
  • Praneet Sharma

... and the winner was PRANEET SHARMA.

Girls finalists:

  • Nick Perez
  • Anthony Villegas
  • Erika Watson

... and the winner was NICK PEREZ.


The following Ajax Coaches were recognized as Coaches of the Year:



Congratulations to all the Finalists and the Winners! 

A look back at prior winners:

  • 2011 Boys Recreational Coach of the Year:  NICK DOKOOZLIAN
  • 2011 Girls Recreational Coach of the Year:  SCOTT ASPESI
  • 2011 Boys Ajax Coach of the Year:  JOSH BERBENA
  • 2011 Girls Ajax Coach of the Year:  MARK VALLEE
  • 2010 Boys Recreational Coach of the Year: DAVE GIANELLI
  • 2010 Girls Recreational Coach of the Year: TED PAOLELLA
  • 2010 Boys Ajax Coach of the Year: CHRISTIAN IBANEZ
  • 2010 Girls Ajax Coach of the Year: TIM LEONARD
  • 2009 Boys Recreational Coach of the Year:  HEATHER NUNES
  • 2009 Girls Recreational Coach of the Year:  NICOLE HATTER
  • 2009 Boys Ajax Coach of the Year:  REFUGIO DURAN
  • 2009 Girls Ajax Coach of the Year:  DENNIS O'BRIEN
  • 2008 Boys Recreational Coach of the Year:  DENAE MILLER
  • 2008 Girls Recreational Coach of the Year:  DEREK WARING SR. 


Soccer Complex Groundbreaking Ceremony Pictures
May 8, 2012
MYSA/Ajax Families, Friends and Staff,

Thanks to all of you who were able to attend the ground breaking ceremony for the Mary Grogan Park Soccer Complex! Pictures are posted under the photo albums link on the left side panel of the site.

Mary Grogan Park Soccer Complex Groundbreaking Ceremony
May 3, 2012
MYSA/Ajax Families, Friends, and Staff

We would like to invite everyone to the Mary Grogan Park Soccer Complex Groundbreaking Ceremony, which will be Friday, 4 May at 10:00 A.M. MYSA will get to turn one of the shovels of dirt and we have been asked by City Staff to say a few words.

We know many of our young people will be in school, but any that are home schooled or independent study, etc., and can attend, we would like to see them at the Soccer Complex site, which is on the East side of Enochs High School. Many of the local office holders and political figures will be there. The Modesto Bee and KCRA Channel 3 will cover the event.


Frank Cousineau, Commissioner and the MYSA Board of Directors
UPDATE !!! Mary Grogan Park Soccer Complex
April 25, 2012
MYSA/Ajax Families, Friends and Staff,

In case you have not heard, The Modesto City Council approved the contract for Phase I of Mary Grogan Park. Phase I is the Soccer Complex. Credit for MYSA was acknowledged. We made a brief presentation and the Council, Staff and audience were impressed with the MYSA presence. The vote was unanimous.

We want to thank all of you who were able to attend, and a special thanks to all the young people who came in uniform. The Department of Parks and Recreation asked some of our Ajax players to assist in distributing presents to the Council Members following the vote.

We will get pictures posted on the website soon. We also want to invite as many as possible to the Groundbreaking Ceremony at the park site on Friday, 4 May, at 10:00 A.M. We will send additional information by the end of the week.

Thanks again to all of you for your dedication, perseverance and participation.


Frank Cousineau, Commissioner and the MYSA Board of Directors

Mary Grogan Park Soccer Complex
April 24, 2012
MYSA/Ajax Famiies,

MYSA and Ajax will participate in the presentation by the Modesto Parks and Recreation Department at the City Council Meeting on Tuesday, April 24 at 5:30 P.M. The meeting will be held in the City Council Chambers located in Tenth Street Place, at 1010 Tenth Street, Modesto, CA

We would like to invite all of our players and families to attend the city Council Meeting. Parks and Recreation will present the Construction Contract to the City Council for approval. MYSA has been asked to make a brief statement during the presentation.

MYSA has been involved with the Parks and Recreation Department for over a year, discussing what is needed in the complex and how to and maintain the complex when it is completed. Completion is anticipated for the end of this year, with occupation early next year (2013). The Modesto Community and MYSA have been waiting many years for this to become a reality. MYSA commends the Modesto City planners for their dedication and focus, never losing hope this complex would get built.

If you are able to attend the City Council Meeting next Tuesday, we would love to see you there. Soccer players, please wear your uniform. Coaches, please wear your green Coaches Shirt. The Council Meeting starts at 5:30 P.M. and we believe the presentation related to the Soccer Complex will begin around 5:45 P.M. and take approximately half an hour.

We will have an announcement next week about the Mary Grogan Park Soccer Complex Ground-Breaking Ceremony. That will be on Friday, May 4. Please be watching for that announcement.


Frank Cousineau, Commissioner and the MYSA Board of Directors
If you've ever had trouble understanding the offside rule, this clip is for you. Click on the MYSA logo to the right and see a video clip regarding the offside rule.
Check out this video clip for rules pertaining to the soccer field and its markings. This is a great clip for coaches and parents just starting out in soccer. (or maybe even for some of us who have been around for awhile!)To access the clip, click on the MYSA logo to the left.

Modesto Youth Soccer Association