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Hello everyone,

First and foremost I want to thank everyone for their support of our MIH Relay for Life team. Due to all the generous donations, luminaria purchases, fundraiser support, and help with day of event activities, WE ACHIEVED OUR GOAL!

To date, we have raised $2,596.97 achieving BRONZE LEVEL status for which we were striving! What a phenomenal accomplishment for a small team!

It was no small feat, with hurricane force winds and flooding rains challenging us shortly after opening ceremonies. The rain and resulting mud couldn't keep our spirits down though. I wanted to thank everyone who were out in the elements with us helping the team succeed! It was a team effort--that's for sure--and truly another showing of the pride Muhlenberg Ice Hockey has in everything we set our minds to do! 

Thank you to Philly Pretzel Factory for the donation of 250 pretzels. This sustained our fundraising during the carnival when the mud pit discouraged children from coming around to play the games set up at the tents. Thank you to Katie Gehris for coordinating this donation! And thank you to Nick, Taylor, and Daegn for taking the pretzels to the people - walking the track to sell them to hungry walkers. Who could deny our boys innocent faces and personal requests??

Thank you to donors for our Wine Party raffle basket: Faye and Andy Wummer, Deb and Phil Heverling, Cheryl Maull, Lauren and Mike Barone. This generated $122.76 (which will be credited to our totals online this week).

Thank you to Tammy Schaeffer for our ThirtyOne fundraiser before the event and for putting together a raffle basket for at the event.  We raised over $200 with that support!

Thank you to Ang & Drew Thomas for the generous donation of a pair of Flyers tickets to raffle during the hockey season. This raised approximately $450.

Thank you to Missy Lash for our Scentsy fundraiser before the event. This raised $140.

Thank you to Trevor and Owen Schaeffer for sacrificing themselves in the Dunk Tank. This raised almost $100.

Thank you to Faye and Andy Wummer, Ang and Sid Thomas, & Jared and Taylor Heverling for donations to the Quarter Challenge. This raised about $70.

Katie Gehris was our leading fundraiser through her online donation efforts, raising over $500!

Many of us attended the Relay Bingo which helped raise additional funds.  

The list of ways we raised money goes on and on.... My apologies if I left anyone out there were just too many ways we worked to achieve this goal!

Much like the fundraising (the main reason for events such as this), the coverage by our team on the track throughout the event was also necessary to raise awareness. We walk in memory, honor, and support of those who cannot due to cancer. I am so very proud of everyone's enthusiasm and cooperation to ensure we had coverage all night long!  MANY, MANY, MANY miles were logged by everyone and most of us have the lap beads to prove it! I wish I had a count from everyone to share how many miles our team totaled--it's definitely in the hundreds!

A huge thanks to our walkers (and some adventurous runners--Trevor):

Tammy, Trevor & Owen Schaeffer

Lauren & Nick Barone

Katie & Daegn Gehris

Lauren Kulp

Angela & Sidny Thomas

Joleen Kistulentz

Faye & Andy Wummer

Phil, Deb, Jared & Taylor Heverling

Steve, Bobilyn, Cavin & Livi Gehris

This year our team dedicated its efforts to Katie & Steve Gehris's mom Patricia. Katie had a great photo display sharing this with the Relay world and we greatly appreciate how they helped bring it home why we Relay! We appreciate their willingness to step up and share their story and hope that we did their family proud!

We are already thinking ahead to next year's Relay and how our team could accomplish bigger goals! If you have ideas or wish to join the team, please let me know. We won't be able to start recruiting until the 2014 ACS Relay for Life season ends in August, but look forward to greater accomplishments next year! If you have someone whom you would like to dedicate the 2015 Relay in honor, support, or memory of, please let us know.

Thanks for everything throughout this year's journey to all who were involved! It was an inspiring journey that I hope more people partake in next year!

Have a great summer!

Deb & Phil Heverling


MIH Relay for Life Team Co-Captains 



Questions on registration for 2014-2015 can be directed to our club or Facebook a message and we'll get back to you. New registration forms for 14-15 are not loaded yet but will be soon.  Discounts are offered for multi-sibling families, lump-sum early paid-in full skaters, and refer-a-friend. Look for off-season dry-land options and team-building sessions over the summer at SkateAway (see Calendar for dates and times). Official on-ice practice sessions will begin at BZ Sept/Oct 2014 timeframe. All skaters are encouraged to get on the ice as much as possible during the off-season. Get involved early so you don't miss the fun. Looking forward to seeing everyone again next season!



Football Mania tickets are still available for you to pick up and SELL! You earn $13 toward your 2014-2015 fees for each $20 ticket you sell. Email the club if you want to start selling or need more. Don't wait until the end - get yours now while we have some in stock. 
REMEMBER: The person purchasing the ticket keeps the large piece of the ticket and we need the small stub back. The purchaser's name, complete mailing address, email and phone needs to be legible on the stub. That is what I use to mail out $ winnings. Write your player's name in sharpie on the red side of the stub so I quickly can tell who sold the ticket. Return the stubs and the money no later than September 3rd. Checks made payable to "MAIHA". Cash is OK too. If you have questions please email Tammy Schaeffer, Fundraising Chair.
Below is a link for how the Football Mania game works and how winners are determined each week. Happy Selling!! Many of our families pay for their entire season with Football Mania ticket sales!!


Muhlenberg Ice Hockey Sponsorship Form - Click Here

Muhlenberg Ice Hockey (MIH) Board of Directors is proud to announce that sponsorship opportunities have been established for the 2014-2015 MIH season (September 2014 through August 2015). The Muhlenberg Ice Hockey program has been operating for well over 10 seasons and our players consist of boys and girls ranging in ages from 6 - 18. MIH is a non-profit organization and your donation may be tax deductible. Please remember we are the Muhlenberg Muhls, sporting the blue and gold, but we are not a school-sponsored sport. Funding for our program comes totally from corporate sponsorships, fundraising and the dedication of individual families and their players. Attached above is a Sponsor Letter providing more details, along with a Sponsor Form. Thank you for taking the time to consider helping our youth hockey players. We look forward to hearing from you. GO MUHLS! THANK YOU!


PHOTOS 2013-2014!

Phil Marabella Photography was our AWESOME team photographer last season. Photos can be viewed and purchased directly from his website, Click on the "Ice hockey" icon. Phil has taken THOUSANDS of action photos of all our teams as well as the team and club photos. Thanks Phil! Please visit Phil's website.


Website Player Photos

PARENTS: Disclaimer...At various times throughout the year, players will be photographed for appearance in our club website or our Facebook page. If you would prefer your child to NOT be photographed, or his/her picture to NOT appear on our website/FB, please make the club president aware of your wishes and we will honor your request. Thank You!

Upcoming Practices & Events

Sunday,  Aug 17
Skateaway Floor Hockey MIH Registration Event 12:30pm SkateAway Roller Rink
Sunday,  Sep 21
Skateaway Floor Hockey MIH Registration Event 12:30pm SkateAway Roller Rink

For a complete calendar listing, click here!