Last Updated: October 23, 2015 
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PHOTOS 2014-2015

Phil Marabella Photography has now been our AWESOME team photographer for the past 3 seasons. We will be setting up individual & team photos to occur DECEMBER 3rd. Please have your player at BZ dressed and ready with order form by 6pm.


He will also be out photographing games at each age level during the season, so that you may order action shots of your player(s). Photos can be viewed and purchased directly from his website, Click on the "Ice hockey" icon. Phil has taken THOUSANDS of action photos of all our teams as well as the team and club photos, so if you are looking for something from a prior season, please check it out. 

Thanks Phil! Please visit Phil's website.



Questions on registration for 2014-2015 can be directed to our club or Facebook a message and we'll get back to you. New registration forms for 2014-15 are available under Handouts.  Discounts are offered for multi-sibling families, lump-sum early paid-in full skaters, and refer-a-friend. Look for off-season dry-land options and team-building sessions over the summer at SkateAway (see Calendar for dates and times). Official on-ice practice sessions will begin at BZ Sept 2014 timeframe. All skaters are encouraged to get on the ice as much as possible during the off-season. Get involved early so you don't miss the fun. Looking forward to everyone returning for a great season!


RELAY FOR LIFE - Join or Donate Today!

This is the second year that Muhlenberg Ice Hockey is participating in the Western Berks Relay for Life event. This year, it will be held June 19-20th at Wilson West Middle School.  Last year, we achieved our goal to raise over $2,500 (Bronze level). We had 17 team members last year and are hopeful to increase our numbers this year as well. This was a phenomenal showing for a new team and we were 36th out of over 80 teams who participated. 


This year we are striving for even higher donation levels and team membership!  If you are interested in joining this year's team or making a donation, please go to the Muhlenberg Ice Hockey RFL Team site.




Once again, we are in the midst of our Football Mania fundraiser. Each week, ticket holders have a chance at weekly prize money. We will update the website weekly with the name of the winner(s). Checks will follow from Muhlenberg Ice Hockey as soon as possible following each winning week.

Good luck ticketholders! Thanks for making this another successful fundraiser for Muhlenberg Ice Hockey!!



WEEK 1: Enid Bansner

WEEK 2: Aaron Koumaras

WEEK 3: Sarah Kooken

WEEK 4: Kurt Katzxenmoyer

WEEK 5: Clarks Goodman

WEEK 6: Thomas Strang

WEEK 7: Trevor Cox

WEEK 8: Jim Faust

WEEK 9: Jeff Steffy

WEEK 10: Angela Thomas, Deborah Warren, Clarks Goodman

WEEK 11: Beth Hrezik

WEEK 12: Collette Jackson

WEEK 13: Glenn Richards

WEEK 14: Christopher Fletcher

WEEK 15: Weaver's Towing

WEEK 16: Weaver's Towing

WEEK 17: Kristie Shuker

GRAND PRIZE: James Ponessa




Muhlenberg Ice Hockey Sponsorship Form - Click Here

Muhlenberg Ice Hockey (MIH) Board of Directors is proud to announce that sponsorship opportunities have been established for the 2014-2015 MIH season (September 2014 through August 2015). The Muhlenberg Ice Hockey program has been operating for well over 10 seasons and our players consist of boys and girls ranging in ages from 6 - 18. MIH is a non-profit organization and your donation may be tax deductible. Please remember we are the Muhlenberg Muhls, sporting the blue and gold, but we are not a school-sponsored sport. Funding for our program comes totally from corporate sponsorships, fundraising and the dedication of individual families and their players. Attached above is a Sponsor Letter providing more details, along with a Sponsor Form. Thank you for taking the time to consider helping our youth hockey players. We look forward to hearing from you. GO MUHLS! THANK YOU!


Website Player Photos

PARENTS: Disclaimer...At various times throughout the year, players will be photographed for appearance in our club website or our Facebook page. If you would prefer your child to NOT be photographed, or his/her picture to NOT appear on our website/FB, please make the club president aware of your wishes and we will honor your request. Thank You!