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  • SOFTBALL is LIFE with the VOLUME turned up. How LOUD is yor GAME? Turn it up!
  • HAVENHURST PARK, Paul Stemmler Parkway, New Haven, IN 46774
  • 8 & under (coaches' pitch) 11 & Under 12 & Under 14 & Under
  • Age as of January 1st, 2012

NHGSA Mission Statement

We are committed to providing a positive softball environment for all our members. We are committed to the Principles of Positive Coaching, where teaching life lessons like sportsmanship, winning and losing with pride, and teamwork are fundamental. We are committed to cultivating our players’ Love of the game by teaching them the game of softball (both skills and rules), and to honor the game and its participants (players, coaches, umpires and parents). We are committed to ensuring All players in our organization are valued, regardless of skill level. Finally, and most importantly, we are committed to making sure the Youth in our organization have FUN!

Fall Ball for 8,9, & 10 year old girls

August 26, 2012 â€“ 01:00 PM
Fall Ball Begins this Sunday at 1:00 P.M. at Havenhurst,the cost is $30.00. This Sunday we will begin with an hour and half practice of instruction of the positions they want to play. The Sunday after Labor Day we will start with an hour of practice and then play a game for an hour and a half we will continue this for four to five weeks depending on the weather.

6th Annual Fastpitch Softtbal Luau Tournament

More information will be posted as the tournament nears,or if you have any questions about the tournament you can contact Jamie Hunt at

Rule for Mound Visits

Unlike pro rules, NFHS rules have no "per inning" limit. A team gets 3 charged defensive conferences per game. On the fourth conference, the coach must change pitchers. So the coach can come out three times in the same inning and not change pitchers. On the fourth trip, whether in that inning or a later inning, he must change pitchers.

Also, under NFHS rules, conferences are cumulative and do not "reset" when a new pitcher enters the game. Example: A coach makes has 2 charged conferences with his starter during the first inning. During the third inning, he comes out again and changes pitchers. That visit is not a charged conference because he made a pitching change. If the coach comes out again later in the game to have a conference with his relief pitcher, that is the team's third charged conference of the game even though it is with a new pitcher. The next time he comes out (and every time after that) he has to change pitchers. Once you reach four charged conferences, each conference will result in the coach having to bring in a new pitcher.

League Tournament

League Tournament will proceed right after regular Season.

Luau Tournament will be July 13, 14, and 15, 2012

NHGSA Mission Statement
Rule for Mound Visits
Fall Ball for 8,9, & 10 year old girls