Last Updated: October 28, 2015
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RUTGERS Coaches Safety Class

August 26, 2015


Ed Furst will be holding a Rutgers Safety Class for any new prospective coaches.


Date:  Monday, September 14, 2015

Location:  Totowa PAL Building, Chamberlain Avenue, Totowa


If you would like to coach in the NH sports program and have not already take this class, please reach out to Edward Furst at  to register. 


10th Annual Seniors vs Clinic Classic

June 9, 2015

This is our 10th anniversary of this fun, exciting game pitting the Clinic girls against the seasoned veterans of the Senior Division.

Date:  Friday, June 12

Time:  7:00 PM

Field:  5

Teams:  Senior Division vs Clinic Division


Parents and family,  this tradition started 10 years ago and it never fails to be a great night for all.  Make sure to bring your camera (OK, I'm dating myself here), but this game has created many terrific memories over the years.  Most of the Seniors remember playing in this game from the other dugout and have looked forward to this game for years.

At the end of the game we always hold an "autograph session"  where everyone signs each others softball jerseys and game balls.  Parents please bring a sharpie to the game.  You can never have too many Sharpies.


2015 North Haledon Softball Skills Competition Results

June 15, 2015

Congratulations to all the participants of North Haledon Softball 2015

It was a GREAT day with many great competitions. 

Here are the Skills Competition winners by Division:

Clinic Division

Longest Throw:

1st Place – Giana S - 63' 2"

2nd Place – Maddy H  - 57' 9”

3rd Place - Nicole - 53' 11”

Fastest Around the Bases:

1st Place – Ava F - 12.31
2nd Place – Maddy H - 12.41
3rd Place – Giana S - 12.91

Most Accurate Pitcher:

1st Place - Kaylee
2nd Place – Ava T
3rd Place – Kaitlan B


Midget Division
Longest Throw:

1st Place – Francesca - 81' 2”
2nd Place – Jaylen  - 76' 9"

3rd Place - Katherine - 74'

Fastest Around the Bases:

1st Place – Brooke T – 11.07
2nd Place – Sophia S - 11.53

3rd Place – Abby P – 11.75

Most Accurate Pitcher:

1st Place - Francesca
2nd Place – Olivia F
3rd Place – Brooke T


Junior Division
Longest Throw:

1st Place - Tiana - 120' 5"
2nd Place - Nicole - 116' 2”
3rd Place - Tori - 80'

Fastest Around the Bases:

1st Place - Tori - 12.41
2nd Place - Bhakti  - 12.88
3rd Place - Shania - 13.26

Most Accurate Pitcher:

1st Place - Angie
2nd Place - Bhakti
3rd Place - Nicole


Senior Division
Longest Throw:

1st Place - Paula - 142' 2"
2nd Place - Sasha - 136' 4”
3rd Place - Savanna - 134' 4”

Fastest Around the Bases:

1st Place - Savanna - 12.51
2nd Place - Alexa - 12.86
3rd Place - Paula - 13.08

Most Accurate Pitcher:

1st Place - Sasha
2nd Place - Kylee
3rd Place - Paula

Game Results

May 6, 2011


Please email ( or text (973-568-4448) game results ASAP after your game.

New Online Registration Process

September 12, 2014

NH has a new online registration process.  Now you can register online and pay at the same time.  Visit our new website for details....

NH Rec


Our NH League Lineup website will remain active for our schedules, standings and contact information.

Accident Report

April 6, 2012
NH Sports Accident Report


Please download and complete a NH Sports Accident Report if any of your players are injured during a practice or game. This is especially important if the injury requires medical attention.

Click on "Handouts" in the left column then Click on "Accident Report"

How Baseball are made

March 6, 2012

An interesting video on how baseball are made.....
How Baseball are made....

Amazing Video with young basketball whiz

June 16, 2011

If you like basketball and would like to see some amazing skills follow this link and let 12 year old Jordan McCabe amaze you.

Jordan McCabe on You Tube