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  • Champions - AAU Northern Spring State - Oxford 14U Open - 3/22/15
  • Champions - AAU Halloween Ring Showdown - Butner 14U Open - 10/26/14
  • Champions - USSSA Baseball Bash - Greensboro 14U Open Silver - 9/28/14
  • Champions - AAU Granville County Classic - Oxford 14U Open 9-14-2014
  • Runners Up - AAU Game on Sports Summer World Series - Oxford- 13U Open - 7/20/14
AAU Northern Spring State Championship - Oxford - Rawlings goes 2-0 and win Championship.
Rawlings Prospects NC video
AAU Halloween Ring Showdown - Butner- Rawlings Prospects go 4-0 and win 14U Open Championship!!!
USSSA Baseball Bash - Greensboro - Rawlings Prospects win 3 on Sunday to win Championship !!!
AAU Granville County Classic - Oxford - Rawlings Prospects win Championship!!!
Top Gun Super NIT Rocky Mount - Prospects finish Runners Up Silver Bracket in Division 1!!!
AAU Summer World Series - Rockets go 5-2 End up as Runner's up!!
Rockets have blast at Cooperstown!!!!!!
Rockets preparing for Cooperstown 2013!!!!!!!!
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Rawlings Prospects NC 2019

Optional Practice Saturday at Inside Pitch from 1:30pm - 3:00pm

March 27, 2015

There is an optional practice scheduled for Saturday March 28, from 1:30p to 3:00p at Inside Pitch in Youngsville. In the mean time, if you are on a break and won't make it to your Middle School or Rawlings practices, please do some work at home - throwing, tee work, cages, agility, etc.

AAU Northern Spring State Championship - Oxford - Rawlings goes 2-0 and win Championship.

March 22, 2015


The boys started a little slow but then really turned it on in the second game. In the first game, the pitching and defense was awesome but the hitting was off. The Carolina Pirates kept the same pitcher in the whole game since we were struggling with him. In the end the boys scratch away and scored 2 runs in the top of the 7th to win the game 2-0.

In the second game, the bats were not a problem and the base running was excellent. Once again the pitching and defense would hold the other team scoreless. In the 1st inning, the boys would plate 4 runs and never look back. Rawlings beat Elon Phoenix 9-0 and with that win they won the AAU Northern Spring State Championship. More importantly we played 2 games to start the 2015 season. We pitched 7 different pitchers and batted our entire roster both games to get everyone as many at bats as possible. This one is a tune up to get ready for the other tournaments coming our way. Very proud of the guys and ready to move on to the next one in April. Good luck to the guys in the school games and hopefully this has helped them prepare. The stats are in - so enjoy but with only 2 games they really don't mean that much. As Always ------- GO RAWLINGS!!!!!


AAU Northern Spring State Schedule

Rawlings Prospects NC video

February 18, 2015

Link to video and You Tube Channel

Rawlings Prospects NC

Rawlings Prospects NC 2019 - Fall 2014 Slideshow

December 26, 2014

AAU Halloween Ring Showdown - Butner- Rawlings Prospects go 4-0 and win 14U Open Championship!!!

October 26, 2014


The Rawlings Prospects played 4 awesome games this weekend to go 4-0 in the AAU Halloween Ring Showdown and win the 14U Open Championship.

The boys started Sunday off facing the Royals Prospects Black in the first bracket game. The bats were still working well and the Rawlings Prospects would score in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th innings to win the game 10-0. That win put the boys into the Championship. 

In the Championship game, the Prospects would jump out to a lead only to see the Titans battle back to tie the game. Then once again the boys would get the lead back and the Titans would tie it up again. At the end of 7 innings the game was tied and we went to extra innings. In the bottom of the 8th, Greg and Zach would get to 2nd and 3rd. Kyle was up with no outs and would drive in the winning run to win the championship. it was a great game and the boys should be proud of how well they played. 


Stats will be in tonight.


Saturday Results

Rawlings Prospects started Saturday off strong facing the Harnett County Outlaws. The Prospects jumped out to a 3-0 lead and would continue to play well. By the end of the game the Prospects would win 11-0. In the second game the boys faced the Carolina Titans. Once again the Prospects would jump out to a good lead but the Titans would battle back to within 1 run. Just as it looked like the game would get close, the boys would score a few more and by the end of the game the Prospects won 13-4. 2 solid games and looking forward to tomorrow. As Always ----- GO PROSPECTS!!!!


AAU Halloween Showdown Schedule

USSSA Baseball Bash - Greensboro - Rawlings Prospects win 3 on Sunday to win Championship !!!

September 29, 2014



Boy, what a weekend - The guys played great on Sunday winning 3 games and the Silver Bracket Championship. The weekend saw the Prospects play with only 9 players with 2 injured and 1 sick. Then on Sunday, 2 coaches weren't there but even playing short players the guys would play as a team and took down every team they faced.

The first game Sunday was a rematch against the Kernersville Bulldogs. It was a close game and the Bulldogs would lead most of the game by 2 runs. Jake pitched an awesome game for 6 innings and then in the 5th the boys would score 2 to tie it, take the lead in the 6th and add 2 more runs in the 7th to win 5-2. Jack came in and closed the game out and the Prospects would now face the Virginia Reds American team.

In the game against the Reds, Jack would pitch 6 awesome innings. The Reds would lead briefly but by the 3rd it was tied at 3. In the 7th, both teams would score to send it to extra innings. Liam came in to pitch in the 7th and part of the 8th. In the 8th, the Prospects scored 2 runs and needed to hold on to win. With the bases loaded, Zach would come in to close. With Jacob and Kyle completing an awesome double play for 2 outs, Zach would strike out the last batter and after 8 innings the Prospects would win 5-4. This win put them into the championship game to face the NC Baseball Academy again.

In the championship game, The Rawlings Prospects would take control in the first inning and never look back.They jumped out to a 2 run lead and then extended it to 4 runs in the 6th. Zach pitched a 1 hitter through 4 innings, with Campbell closing the last 3 innings out with no hits. The Prospects won 4-0.

Stats will be in Monday night and next weekend, we have another competitive tourney with Top Gun in Rocky Mount. 

Saturday Results:

The boys started the day a little rough and ended up 0-1-1 and in the 11 seed for tomorrow. The first game Saturday was against the NC Baseball Academy. The boys definitely were missing having Trev, Greg and Seth on the field with them. The game would end with the Prospects losing 6-1.

In the second game, the Prospects would give the Kernersville Bulldogs a 4-1 lead for most of the game but would battle back to tie it 4-4. The game would end in a tie.



As Always --- GO PROSPECTS!!!!!!


USSSA Baseball Bash - Greensboro


AAU Granville County Classic - Oxford - Rawlings Prospects win Championship!!!

September 14, 2014

The Rawlings Prospects NC/NR went 4-0 this weekend in Oxford to win the AAU Granville County Classic. After going 2-0 Saturday, the Prospects would face the other undefeated team first game Sunday. In a close game, the Virginia Reds would jump out to a 2-0 lead. The Prospects would battle and tie it up at 2.  Then the boys in the next inning would take the lead 3-2. The pitching would continue to be awesome and keep the Reds from scoring. The Prospects would win 3-2 and face the Redhawks next. 

In the Redhawks vs Prospects game, the Prospects would once again give up 2 runs early. Then just like the first game, the Prospects would battle and take the lead. This time the boys really took charge and scored a few more runs to win the game 9-2. 

Saturday Results

The Rawlings Prospects started Saturday off facing the Halifax County Rattlers. After giving them a 2 run lead, the boys settled in and took the lead. Behind great pitching, solid defense and solid hits, the boys would win the first game 10-2. In the second game the boys faced the Royals Prospects. Once again the pitching was awesome and the defense played great behind it. The boys would take a 3-0 and never look back. The Royals tried to score but the Rawlings Prospects would shut it down. In the end it was Rawlings Prospects with the win 4-0. 


As Always ------ GO PROSPECTS!!!!!

AAU Granville County Classic - Oxford schedule

Top Gun Super NIT Rocky Mount - Prospects finish Runners Up Silver Bracket in Division 1!!!

September 7, 2014

Rawlings Prospects NC/NR finished as Runners Up in the silver bracket in Division 1. Sunday was entirely different than Saturday. The guys played great. There are still some communication and teamwork items to work out but the boys really played well and it showed. The hitting was great and the pitching also was awesome. Even though we finished Runners Up, we definitely saw a major level team start to come together.

In the first game we would face United 19. United 19 would jump out to a lead that wouldn't last long. By the bottom of the first the Prospects took over the lead and never looked back. United 19 would battle but the Prospects would shut it down and ended up beating United 19 by a score of 9-7. 

In the Silver Bracket Championship game, the Rawlings Prospects would face the Coastal Carolina Razorbacks. The Razorbacks jumped out to a 5-0 lead in the first but the Prospects would work hard and tie the game. In the bottom of the 7th, the Razorbacks would score the winning run to win the Championship.


Saturday Results

The boys started Saturday off facing the Evoshield Canes South. After giving the Canes a 2 run lead the boys kept the score down but couldn't manage to plate any runs. The Prospects lost the game 5-0.

For the second game the boys faced the Dirtbags. The Prospects once again would be kept from scoring runs and the Dirtbags took advantage of some walks and errors. The Prospects would lose the game 10-0.



Below is the schedule link and As Always ---- GO RAWLINGS!!!!!!


Top Gun Super NIT Schedule

AAU Summer World Series - Rockets go 5-2 End up as Runner's up!!

July 21, 2014


Sunday's Results

The first game Sunday would have the remaining unbeaten teams face off which was the 2 seeded Virginia Reds vs the 1 seeded Rockets. The boys definitely came out to play and jumped on the Reds. The pitching was great and Jack pitched a complete game. The Rockets offensive was rolling too and the Rockets would beat the Reds 10 - 2. After waiting a game for the loser's bracket to finish, the Rockets learned they would face the Reds again. The Reds would have to beat the Rockets twice to win the Championship and unfortunately they did. The games were close and the score would go back and forth. The boys usually don't get into these slugfest but we were holding our own against a team that was really hitting well. In the first game the Rockets would have the lead only to have one bad inning and let it slide away. The game would end with the Rockets losing 8-7. In the second game and for all the marbles, the Rockets would again lead but then lose the lead. It was close the whole game but in the end the Reds held on to win 12-11. Once again the Rockets played awesome and the boys should be proud of themselves. We have the Crystal Coast Nations Wood Bat World Series next weekend. After several years with the Rockets, Cody and Conner are moving on and we wish them the best. They were awesome teammates and played with a lot of heart and character. They helped make the Rockets what we are today, good luck guys!!!


Saturdays Results

After earning the 1 seed, the boys would start Saturday off facing Chargers Baseball. The Rockets jumped out to a 5-0 lead and wouldn't look back. The boys would end up beating the Chargers 13-2 and move on to play the Orange County Copperheads again. 

Once again the boys would jump out to a lead and extend it to 7-1. The Copperheads would battle back and get it to 7-5 but the Rockets wanted to stay unbeaten and would win 7-5.

The next game is Sunday at 11:00am on field 2 against the Virginia Reds. if we win we play at 3:00pm and if we lose, we fall into the loser's bracket and play at 1:00pm. All games Sunday are on field 2. Have the boys there by 10:00am for warm ups in their Cardinal jersey.


Friday's results

The Rockets started strong in the first game and then squeeked by in the second to go 2-0 in pool play. The boys would start the World Series off facing the DC Destroyers. They played awesome and shut out the Destroyers 8-0. With great pitching, awesome defense and working hard at the plate, the guys looked in control and on their way to earning the 1 seed.


In the second game, the Rockets faced the Orange County Copperheads. The boys jumped out to a lead and extended it out to 4 - 0 but the Copperheads would battle back. In the bottom of the 5th, the Copperheads would score 3 and were only down by 1 run -  4-3. Jake would come in to close and the Rockets would hold on to win 4-3.


By going 2 - 0 and only allowing 3 runs, the Rockets earned the 1 seed and will face Chargers Baseball at 12:00 noon on the GAP field 1. Please have the boys there by 11:00am for warm ups in their black jersey.

Below is the link and As Always ---- GO ROCKETS!!!!

AAU Summer World Series Schedule

A little off season inspiration from TCU (again)

November 20, 2013

Cooperstown and other 12U Slideshow

November 21, 2013

Rockets have blast at Cooperstown!!!!!!

June 28, 2013



The North Raleigh Rockets have played some unbelievable baseball this week. They went 5-1 in pool play and allowed only 4.83 runs per game over 6 games. With that, they earned the 16 seed out of 104 teams at Cooperstown this week. The boys finished pool play tied for 14th but ended up getting the 16th seed after the tie break. The boys faced some great competition with a few major level and a couple AAA level teams.

Going into the Bracket play the boys earned a few byes which allowed them a break until 4:00pm which then turned into 3:30pm to beat the rain moving in. Once again the competition was tough with nobody wanting to give up and be forced to watch the games remaining. The guys would win the first one to get into the final round of 24 teams. Then lose the second in a very close game that was a battle against a very good team from the Toronto area.

The eventual champions were the Warriors Baseball Club of Michigan. If you don't remember that team, we lost to them 3-2 and 7-2 early this year. We have played extremely well with some of the best from all over the country and Canada this year. The guys are continuing to get better and after Cooperstown, it has been great to see a group of 11 players who have played with each other for years, develop into a great team. Yes, I will say it no guest players for a reason. Just Rockets!!!!!!!

The guys finished 6-2 over the week, they had a ton of kids compliment them and tell them how good they were but the greatest thing was how the other coaches on several occasions said they played the game with class and character and showed great sportsmanship on the field. 

 It has been an awesome week and the boys have loved hearing the crowd cheering for them. They definitely got to "Live the Dream". Thanks Rocket fans!! you guys are the greatest. One more left this summer and there is a chance we may switch to another location with Nations World Series at Rocky Mount being played the same weekend as AAU. AAU only has 2 other teams in our group, where Nations has 10. As Always ----GO ROCKETS!!!!!!!

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