Last Updated: September 17, 2014

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  • 2013 Division II Jr. Peewee NATIONAL CHAMPIONS
  • 2013 Division II Peewee Virginia State Champions
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  • Scrimmage on August 23rd.

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Game Schedule

Saturday,  Sep 20
Tiny Mite-2 @ CAA Wolverines 8:00am Hugo Owens Middle School
Tiny Mite-1 @ Smithfield Packers 9:00am Isle of Wight Academy
Mitey Mite-1 @ Smithfield Packers 10:30am Isle of Wight Academy
Jr. Peewee @ Smithfield Packers 12:00pm Isle of Wight Academy
Peewee @ Smithfield Packers 1:30pm Isle of Wight Academy
Nansemond Saints @ Mitey Mite-2 1:30pm Kempsville Middle School
Jr. Midget @ Smithfield Packers 3:00pm Isle of Wight Academy
Saturday,  Sep 27
CAA Wolverines @ Tiny Mite-1 8:00am Huntersville Park
CM Spartans @ Mitey Mite-1 9:30am Huntersville Park
Jr. Midget @ CM Spartans 9:30am Huntersville Park
CAA Wolverines @ Peewee 11:00am Huntersville Park
VB Mustangs @ Tiny Mite-2 11:00am Huntersville Park
VB Mustangs @ Jr. Peewee 12:30pm Huntersville Park
VB Mustangs @ Mitey Mite-2 12:30pm Huntersville Park
Saturday,  Oct 4
Tiny Mite-1 @ Chesapeake Knights 9:00am Greenbrier Middle School
Suffolk Steelers @ Jr. Midget 10:30am Greenbrier Middle School
Tiny Mite-2 @ Chesapeake Knights 10:30am Greenbrier Middle School
Peewee @ WB Jaguars 10:30am Nansemond Suffolk Academy
Mitey Mite-2 @ Chesapeake Knights 12:00pm Greenbrier Middle School
Mitey Mite-1 @ Chesapeake Knights 1:30pm Greenbrier Middle School
Jr. Peewee @ Nansemond Saints 3:00pm Nansemond Suffolk Academy
Saturday,  Oct 11
Tiny Mite-1 @ Churchland Tigers 9:00am Kemps Landing Magnet School
Mitey Mite-1 @ Seatack Seahawks 10:30am Kemps Landing Magnet School
Jr. Peewee @ Seatack Seahawks 12:00pm Kemps Landing Magnet School
Tiny Mite-2 @ Seatack Seahawks 12:00pm Kemps Landing Magnet School
Mitey Mite-2 @ Langley Eagles 1:30pm Kemps Landing Magnet School
Peewee @ Seatack Seahawks 1:30pm Kemps Landing Magnet School
Jr. Midget @ Seatack Seahawks 3:00pm Kemps Landing Magnet School
Saturday,  Oct 18
Nansemond Saints @ Tiny Mite-2 8:00am Huntersville Park
Langley Eagles @ Mitey Mite-1 9:30am Huntersville Park
Nansemond Saints @ Mitey Mite-2 11:00am Huntersville Park
Langley Eagles @ Tiny Mite-1 12:30pm Huntersville Park
Langley Eagles @ Jr. Peewee 2:00pm Huntersville Park
Langley Eagles @ Peewee 3:30pm Huntersville Park
Langley Eagles @ Jr. Midget 5:00pm Huntersville Park

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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