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  • Full Contact Unlimited Weight Divisions
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About the North Carolina Spring Football League

The mission guiding the formation of the NSFL was to provide boys and girls with the opportunity to enjoy competitive football in a controlled environment. The league was successfully initiated in 2009 with our first season of Spring football. It remains our desire to build a competitive program offering contact football to boys and girl throughout the state.

The NSFL's current format includes football in the spring, football camps in the summer, and contact football in the fall. All league teams and camps are coached with an emphasis on Christ-like sportsmanship. Coaches and players are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates a commitment to building a league based on principles.
We feel the NSFL has tremendous potential to establish a format that can be used to build similar programs throughout the state. We have been astounded by God's willingness to bless this program. With no forethought, we started spring football with 4 teams in the spring of 2009. When we began to promote the 2010 season, we expected about the same turnout. Instead of the 4 to 5 teams we expected, God blessed the league with 10 football teams. By the spring of this year, the NSFL consisted of around 1250 Players who are now responsible for the establishment of the league.

The North Carolina Spring Football League is committed to helping foster stronger father and son relationships. Each season, we schedule events like our Father and Son Game and our Kick, Punt, Pass Competition. These special occasions have been a tremendous success and highlight the difference between the NSFL and other secular leagues. We invite the entire family to join us on these fantastic days!
As we continue to build the league, we will base our development, conduct, and decisions on the principles of the Christian faith lived out in the life of Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Register for NSFL Activities

North Carolina Football League is currently accepting registrations for Spring contact football for 2014. If you are interested in joining us for a fantastic season of football and fellowship, we would love to have you. For more information about the programs offered by the league please contact us. We will see you on the field!

Spring Contact Football Season

The Spring Football League will kickoff its 2015 season of contact football , February with a two-week conditioning program. The program is designed to help condition the young men participating in the fall contact programs and allow coaches to assess the skill level of each player. We will play regular game schedule, with 2 weeks of playoffs for the top seeds. This conditioning program should provide a great foundation for the fall season of contact football, which officially starts on, August 2014 The conditioning program is strongly recommended for players of all ages, but families are not required to participate as a prerequisite to joining us for contact football.
Football practices will begin February 2015 for all age groups in all locations. Each location will hold practices on evenings throughout the season. Saturday, June 2015 has been reserved for our annually FAMILY DAY. We will play our first regular season game on April 2015 conclude our Spring activities with awards banquets on Saturday, June 2014 The banquets will be held in the evening at TBA.

NSFL Age/Weight Requirements and Schedule

The NSFL's contact football program is open to boys/girls between the ages of 6-14. Players will be assigned to teams based on the age and weight guidelines list in the table below. In addition to age and weight, skill level will also be a determining factor in team placement. Exceptions to the age and weight guidelines will be made as deemed necessary. These exceptions must be approved by the league director and will be handled on an individual basis.
Practices will be conducted on weekday evenings with games being played on Saturdays. The practice schedule is also listed below by age group. A complete season schedule will be emailed to each family once the team distribution lists have been created. The frequency of our practices differs by age bracket. The number of practices has been limited to reduce scheduling burdens for families participating. In addition to our weekly practices, we will play one game each week. Games are scheduled for Saturdays to allow dads to serve as coaches, assistants, referees, score keepers, etc. Our game schedule will begin on Saturday, April 2015. This game should provide some good, old-fashioned competition and a bunch of laughs.

GRADE/AGE Base Divisions / UNLIMITED Weight

1.TineyMites: 6U (Ball carrier weight 75lbs.)
2.MiteyMite: 8U (Ball carrier weight 95lbs.)
3.Jr.Varsity: 10U (Ball carrier weight 120lbs.)
4.Varsity: 12U (Unlimited)
5.Pro: 14U (Unlimited)



*Pro Division 14U Guidelines

1. Player MUST BE ELIGABLE for 8th Grade Middle School program as of CUT OFF DATE

2. 9th Graders that are 14yrs old CAN NOT TURN 15yrs old as of CUT OFF DATE July 31, Of The Current Year

*Players who exceed the max ball carrier weight limit will be allowed to participate in the age division as designated above, but will not be allowed to carry the football (i.e. quarterback, receiver, or running back). If an overweight player would like to carry the ball, he must move up to the next age division.


NSFL North Carolina Spring Football League

North Carolina Spring Football League (NSFL) is excited to announce the 2015 season of the Full Contact spring leagues, tournaments, training & teams in North Carolina. The sport is rapidly growing across the nation, as more and more coaches, players and parents are discovering that spring football is a fun and inexpensive way for football players to practice their skills and prepare for the upcoming youth and high school season.

The NSFL Football League is a Full-Contact program designed for the positions of quarterback, running back, receiver, tight-end, defensive end, linebacker, defensive backs, lineman, blocking, and tackling. The league will emphasize the passing and run game versus a variety of man and zone coverage.

Quarterbacks, Backs & Receivers, Defensive Backs & Linebackers, O and D Linemen

Football programs will organize their own teams and compete in the spring league during April - June. The 2015 Spring League is scheduled to play outdoors at various High Schools throughout Charlotte, NC on Saturday beginning April, 2015
Important note:Due to the NCHSAA bylaws, NO high school coaches may actively participate in the 9th grade practice sessions or games.

If you are interested in attending the upcoming coaches' meetings, please register by emailing. We will be discussing the spring league, tournaments, team insurance and accepting initial team registrations. League and tournament entries will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis! Spots are limited so please REGISTER EARLY!

Top 10 reasons to play in the NSFL Spring Football League:

1.All games played outdoors
2.Tremendous competition (10 teams)
3.No sports conflicts
4.No games on holidays (Easter, Mother's Day, etc)
5.Optional skills training prior to games
6.High School Football combine training
7.4 age divisions (6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U)
8.Certified NCHSAA Referees
9.Fundraise for the fall season
10.Work on New Plays
But, the biggest reason of all is that...Players & teams get Noticeably Better!!!


NSFL has 5 Unlimited weight divisions of play for all of it's Team Members. In each case Kids compete with kids of similar age and/or size. NSFL believes in building communities of strong leaders, by encouraging and rewarding strong academic achievement, teaching the lessons of dedication, honest effort, and fair play, special athletes emerge to become the leaders of our great country.

National League Certification Management’s“Play It Safe” ID offers a unique and efficient solution to youth certification challenges.

NLCM sets the youth sports industry standard for youth league certification. We designed our player certification system to prevent and deter age-fraud in youth sports.

The ability to confirm that an athlete is the correct eligible age, grade or weight ultimately leads to a safer sports environment and a level playing field.

Safety and peace of mind:
Parents can have confidence their young athlete is competing against same age opponents (competitive equality). This level playing field also promotes safety. Additionally, genetically gifted athletes will not be discriminated against as being too old.

Parents will know that their son or daughter’s birth certificate or vital information is not being exposed to the public. NLCM feels strongly about eliminating the “notebook of info” that teams carry to each event. Fact:cheating DOES occur.

How NLCM “Play It Safe” ID works:
NLCM has an online secure system. Teams are certified by the National League Certification Management program and their information is then housed in a vast database online. The athlete is issued an NLCM identification number that will be with the athlete until the end of their youth sporting career. The NLCM identification number will be presented at tournaments and leagues assuring that your child is their true “sports-age, weight or grade”. A parent will not ever have to show a birth certificate at an NLCM National sanctioned event.

Build Your TEAM in the SPRING...for 2015 FALL season


NORTH CAROLINA SPRING FOOTBALL LEAGUE in partnership with NIKE Coach of the Year Clinics to instruct youth and high school football coaches on player safety, football fundamentals and practice planning. The partnership will kick off 2015 Season. All NSFL Team Coaches must attend the Nike Coach Of The Year Clinics as Part of the Leagues MANDATORY coaches certification.