Last Updated: September 18, 2017
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Welcome to North Texas Youth Football Association

Kick off season game is Saturday, September 9th.


3 & under -Free
4-11 - $3
12-65 - $5
65 & older - $3
No outside food is allowed at any NTYFA game. This also includes personal tumbler cups like Yeti, Rtic, or any type of stainless steel mugs.


NO smoking allowed at any NTYFA event
that includes chewing tobacco and vapors


NTYFA has Zero Tolerances for unsportsmanlike conduct as defined below:
  1. Profanity towards players, coaches, officials, and/or opposing team spectators, coaches, and players
NTYFA has Zero Tolerance towards Taunting will be tolerated as defined below:
  1. Making remarks to provoke or challenge (someone) with insulting remarks such as heckling, mocking, teasing, poke fun, or make fun of.
Home and Visitor teams must stay in the designated area as defined below:
  1. When playing on fields where home and away spectators are on the same side, please stay on the side you are cheering on. Stay off the fence area to allow those behind you see and enjoy the event at well.
No alcohol is permitted on the premises or on your person
*** These rules are mandated by NTYFA Board and violation will result in fines to the organization and/or suspensions. ***




Something new that we are bringing to our league this year are the soft shell helmets. Take a look at a sneak peak below. More information to come. 


Credit: Gamebreaker

Don't forget to place your order for the soft shell helmets this season. Your can visit our website











Upcoming Games

Saturday, Sep 23
Blue - Flag
BR Bulldogs @ Riverside10:00amRiverside
DHNS @ TCU Wildcats10:00amTCU-South Hills HS
BR Seahawks @ ABD11:00amABD - Workman Jr. High School
Red - Flag
MF Golden Cats @ Como Lions9:00amCOMO Lions
MF Jungle Cats @ MF Tiny Tigers9:00amCOMO Lions
BR Cowboys @ TCU Bulldogs10:00amTCU-South Hills HS
Blue - Bantam
Blue Raider @ TCU Bulldogs1:00amTCU-South Hills HS
MF Lobos @ Como Lions10:00amCOMO Lions
TCU Wildcats @ ABD12:00pmABD - Workman Jr. High School
Red - Bantam
Lakeworth/Northside Steers @ Riverside11:00amRiverside
MF Bulldogs @ Diamond Hill11:00amTCU-South Hills HS
Blue - Junior
Lakeworth/Northside Steers @ Riverside1:00pmRiverside
MF Wildcats @ Como Lions2:00pmCOMO Lions
BR Seahawks @ TCU Wildcats3:00pmTCU-South Hills HS
Red - Junior
MF Lions @ MF Timberwolves12:00pmCOMO Lions
DHNS @ ABD2:00pmABD - Workman Jr. High School
BR Colts @ TCU Bulldogs5:00pmTCU-South Hills HS
Red - Senior
MF Panthers @ Riverside3:00pmRiverside
TCU Bulldogs @ ABD Texans4:00pmABD - Workman Jr. High School
BR Panthers @ MF Bengals4:00pmCOMO Lions
DH Falcons @ MF Jaguars6:00pmCOMO Lions
Blue - Senior
BR Patriots @ MF Tigers5:00pmRiverside
Como Lions @ ABD Blue6:00pmABD - Workman Jr. High School
Lakeworth/Northside Steers @ TCU Wildcats7:00pmTCU-South Hills HS

For a complete schedule listing, click here!