Last Updated: June 20, 2016
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Welcome to the Home of the

NWFH Pool League

Session Prize Winners!

Congrats to everyone!


Best W/L Record - Chris Vendel

High Average - Chris Vendel

Most Blitzes - Sharon Smith, Dana Reilly-Fritts

Most 9 Point Games - Dana Reilly-Fritts, Jamie Strezo


Div A:

Best W/L Record - Scott Beckerman

High Average - Scott Beckerman, Nancy Lucas

Most Blitzes - Kevin Wrobel

Most 9 Point Games - Robbie Martin


Div B:

Best W/L Record - Tony Miller

High Average - Bill Jordan, Chris Vendel

Most Blitzes - Tom Lempera

Most 9 Point Games - Bill Jordan



Div C:

Best W/L Record - Ken Poore Sr.

High Average - Joe Gonzalez and Michelle Przybyla

Most Blitzes - Jason Henry

Most 9 Point Games - Ken Poore Jr., Manny Camejo,  Joe Gonzalez




NWFH Picnic!


 NWFH Picnic: Saturday, August 13th - 11am till dusk


Attention Players!

Pool School Offer:

Does your pool team want to get better?

Enroll in pool school! Get a minimum of six players with a maximum of eight players and register with Stan Kastelic, 773-505-5448.

Stan has been instructing pool for 28 years and counting. The seminar lasts for three hours and concludes with a tournament. Prizes will be awarded. The cost is only $15 per person.