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  • Attention: The tournament has been moved to Norwalk McGuan Park
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 Welcome to the 2014 "Thunder & Blast " Oberlin Tournament
April 26-27, 2014
Schedule for the 12U Division
Saturday April 26
10am #1 Medina  (12U) vs. Nankin-Ashland (12U)
12pm #1 Norwalk (12U) vs. Nankin-Ashland (12U)
2pm  #1 Medina (12U) vs. Norwalk (12U)
4pm #1 Amherst (12U) vs. Lorain Saints (12U)
6pm #1 Amherst vs. Stronsville (12U)
8pm #1 Lorain Saints(12U) vs. Strongsville (12U)
Sunday April 27
10am #1 Nonkin-Ashland (12U) vs. Amherst (12U)
12pm #1 Strongsville (12U) vs. Lorain Saints (12U)
2pm #1 Norwalk Naturals (12U) vs. Medina (12)
4pm #1 Championship game- winner of 2nd/3rd vs. winner of 1st/4th
Format: Two flights of three teams. Top 4 teams play in the semi-finals.  Winners of the 2 semi-final game play for the Championship
11U Division:
 Saturday April 26
10am #2 Avon Lake Bombers vs. North Ridgeville Vipers
12pm #2 Ontario Warriors vs. Avon Lake Bombers
2pm #2 Ontario Warriors vs. Giants Baseball
4pm #2 North Ridgeville Vipers vs. Norwalk Naturals
6pm #2 Norwalk Naturals vs. Giants Baseball
Sunday April 27
10am #2 Giants Baseball vs. North Ridgeville Vipers
12pm #2 Norwalk Naturals vs. Ontario Warriors
2pm #2 North Ridgeville Vipers vs. Ontario Warriors
4pm #2 Norwalk Naturals vs. Avon Lake Bombers
6pm #2 Avon Lake Bombers vs. Giants Baseball
Format: 5 team round robin.  Best record wins
10U Division Schedule
 Saturday April 26th
12pm #3 Norwalk Naturals vs. Force Express
2pm #3 Huron Cubs vs. Elyria Hit Club
4pm  #3 Elyria Hit Club vs. Norwalk Naturals
6pm #3  MTM Stars vs. Force Express
8pm #3 Huron vs. MTM Stars
Sunday April 27th
10am #3 Huron Cubs vs. Force Express
12pm #3 Norwalk Naturals vs. Huron Cubs
2pm  #3 Force Express vs. Elyria Hit Club
4pm  #3 Elyria Hit Club vs. MTM Stars
6pm #3- Norwalk Naturals vs. MTM Stars
Format:  5 team round robin. Best record wins.
All games are 1 hour and 45 min. no new inning may start after 1:45 is played. In cae of a tie, we wil have a Texas Shoot-Out. A runner will be placed on second base (last batted out) each batter will step up with a 3-2 count. One pitch per batter, until a winner is determined.