Last Updated: April 24, 2014

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****Please have arrangements made to pick up team pictures, Braves Tickets or Sponsor checks Monday, April 28th 6-7pm or Wed, April 30th 6-7pm at North Ola Field.


**Check out the Handouts Section for information on Opening Day, Programs and the Upcoming BRAVES DAY!  


Ola Athletic Association Day at Turner Field

Come see the Atlanta Braves take on the San Fransico Giants on Sunday, May 4 at 1:35 PM. All players and coaches are invited to participate in a pre-game parade around the field. Line up at the Hank Aaron Ramp by 11:45 AM.

All ticket orders must be turned in no later than April 19th, 2014.

Lisa will be available Wed from 6-7 and Saturday from 9-11 in the fieldhouse.


Additional Information is located in the Handout Section

Additional information, announcements and notices can be found on the Bulletin Board page. 

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Ola Athletic Association is a youth baseball league based at North Ola Park in McDonough, Georgia.






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Upcoming Games

Thursday,  Apr 24
Cardinals @ Dodgers 6:00pm Franklin Rape Field, Ola
Tiny Titans @ Ambush 7:00pm Franklin Rape Field, Ola
8U Select
FCA Thunder @ LG Team Precision 6:00pm Warren Holder Park, Locust Grove
10U Select
Bullpen Bandits @ Dirty Dawgs 6:15pm Coley Park, Hampton
Ola Titans @ Ola Lightning 6:15pm North Ola Park
Ola Seadogs @ Ola Bulldogs 6:15pm North Ola Park
14U Select
POSITION/TBD @ Ola Force 6:15pm Sandy Ridge Park, Ola
Ola Fire Dawgs @ LG FCA 6:15pm Warren Holder Park, Locust Grove
Friday,  Apr 25
Red Sox @ Red Braves 6:00pm North Ola Park
Sharks @ Enforcers 7:30pm North Ola Park
Dawgs @ Braves 6:00pm North Ola Park
Red Sox @ Bulls 7:30pm North Ola Park
Ola Yellow Jackets @ Ola Diamond Dawgs 6:15pm North Ola Park
10U Select
Ola Tomahawks @ MYA Mustangs 6:15pm Richard Craig Park, McDonough
LG Mud Bags @ Ola Lightning 7:45pm North Ola Park
Ola Warriors @ Bullpen Hitmen 7:45pm Richard Craig Park, McDonough
Ola Titans @ LG Red Sox 7:45pm Warren Holder Park, Locust Grove
14U Select
Ola Force @ MYA Bearcats 6:15pm Richard Craig Park, McDonough
Saturday,  Apr 26
Dodgers @ Minions 9:00am North Ola Park
Ambush @ Braves 10:00am North Ola Park
Cardinals @ Cubs 11:00am North Ola Park
Blue Braves @ Red Braves 12:00pm North Ola Park
Enforcers @ Sluggers 1:30pm North Ola Park
Ducks @ Titans 3:00pm North Ola Park
Bulls @ Braves 9:00am North Ola Park
Sliders @ Line Drive 10:30am North Ola Park
Vipers @ Sting Rays 12:00pm North Ola Park
Red Sox @ Dawgs 1:30pm North Ola Park
Sliders @ Red Sox 3:00pm North Ola Park
MYA Bulldogs @ Ola Braves 10:00am North Ola Park
MYA Jackets @ Ola Wildcats 11:30am North Ola Park
LG Braves @ Ola Yellow Jackets 1:00pm North Ola Park
Ola Diamond Dawgs @ MYA Tigers 1:00pm Richard Craig Park, McDonough
Ola Bulldogs @ Fairview Braves 10:00am Hidden Valley Park, Ellenwood
Ola Spartans @ LG FCA 11:30am Warren Holder Park, Locust Grove
Ola Seadogs @ NH Havoc 11:45am Cochran Park, Stockbridge
Monday,  Apr 28
Braves @ Cubs 6:00pm Franklin Rape Field, Ola
Cardinals @ Minions 6:00pm North Ola Park
Dodgers @ Tiny Titans 7:15pm North Ola Park
10U Select
LG Mud Bags @ Ola Dawgs 6:15pm North Ola Park
OTC Warriors @ Ola Titans 6:15pm Red Hawk Baseball Complex, McDonough
14U Select
MYA Bearcats @ Ola Fire Dawgs 6:15pm Sandy Ridge Park, Ola
Tuesday,  Apr 29
Red Braves @ Sharks 6:00pm North Ola Park
Titans @ Red Sox 7:30pm North Ola Park
Line Drive @ Dawgs 6:00pm North Ola Park
8U Select
FCA Thunder @ MYA Gamers 6:00pm Richard Craig Park, McDonough
10U Select
Bullpen Hitmen @ Ola Tomahawks 6:15pm North Ola Park
MYA Mustangs @ Ola Dawgs 6:15pm Red Hawk Baseball Complex, McDonough
Ola Bulldogs @ Ola Spartans 6:15pm North Ola Park
Ola Indians @ Fairview TNT 6:15pm Hidden Valley Park, Ellenwood
14U Select
Ola Fire Dawgs @ MYA Bearcats 6:15pm Richard Craig Park, McDonough
LG FCA @ Ola Tide 6:15pm Sandy Ridge Park, Ola

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Sunday,  May 4
OAA Braves Day

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

Ola Athletic Association