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We at OAA are committed to the young ball players in and around our community. We strive to make baseball a positive, fun and enjoyable experience for everyone, no matter what level of baseball you are involved in. In an effort to continue to make Ola “THE” place to play baseball, we are making a few improvements to our park and fields. We have extended field closures until August 11th. We are still looking for help as we still have final touches that need to be put on our fields.We also still have lots of finishing touches to be done to our fields. If you would like to volunteer time or resoures please contact us.

Roy Hill

Galen Moran

Wade Elmer



 August 1, 

     9am to 10am Association Meeting

     10am to 1pm Registration for Fall Baseball Season

August 8,

     10am to 1pm Registration for Fall Baseball Season

     1pm to 3pm Mandatory Coaches Meeting

August 11,

     6U, 10U Tryouts

August 13,     

     8U, 12U Tryouts 

August 15,

     Rec player draft(Coaches only)

September 5,

     OAA Field work day

September 12,

     Opening Day

October 29-31,

     Halloween Havoc


****Returning and future Coaches****.

There has been a change in the USSSA rules about how many kids can be frozen. This Fall all rec teams will only have the ability to freeze 4 kids going into the Fall season. Up until now you were able to freeze 6. They changed the rule after the Spring season.

Also, please respect the fact that we have our fields closed for improvements. DO NOT practice on the fields until after August 11th.




Additional information, announcements and notices can be found on the Bulletin Board page. 

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Ola Athletic Association is a youth baseball league based at North Ola Park in McDonough, Georgia.






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