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Saturday,  Jan 31
4th Girls
Mary Our Queen Blue @ St. Robert White 8:00am Mary Our Queen
Our Lady of Lourdes @ St. Robert Red 8:00am St. Robert West
St. Columbkille @ Christ the King 8:30am Christ the King
St. Patrick White @ St. Bernard 8:30am St. Bernard
Mary Our Queen White @ St. Thomas More 9:00am St. Thomas More
4th Boys Monarch
St. Robert Black @ Mary Our Queen White 9:10am St. Robert West
St. Bernard @ Our Lady of Lourdes 9:30am Our Lady of Lourdes
Mary Our Queen Blue @ Good Shepherd 9:40am St. Bernard
OHS Lightning @ St. Columbkille Blue 12:30pm St. Columbkille
4th Boys Wildcat
Mary Our Queen Black @ St. Columbkille White 9:10am Mary Our Queen
St. Thomas More @ St. Robert White 10:20am St. Robert West
Bergan Catholic @ St. Robert Red 11:30am St. Robert West
5th Girls Starz
St. Robert @ St. James Seton 9:00am St. James Seton
5th Girls Mystics
St. Wenceslaus @ St. Vincent #2 8:00am St. Vincent
Mary Our Queen @ Concordia Academy 8:30am Concordia Academy
Holy Cross @ Holy Spirit 9:10am Holy Cross
St. Margaret Mary @ St. Albert #2 10:40am Our Lady of Lourdes
St. Columbkille @ Bergan Catholic 1:40pm St. Columbkille
5th Boys Bronco
St. Patrick @ St. Stephen 8:30am St. Stephen
St. Vincent #2 @ Holy Cross 9:10am St. Vincent
Mary Our Queen #2 @ Christ the King #2 9:45am Christ the King
St. Bernard @ Good Shepherd 10:50am St. Bernard
5th Boys Colt
St. Vincent #3 @ St. James Seton #2 11:10am St. James Seton
Our Lady of Lourdes @ St. Thomas More 11:50am Our Lady of Lourdes
St. Wenceslaus #2 @ St. Robert #2 1:50pm St. Robert West
St. Bernadette Blue @ St. Margaret Mary #2 3:30pm St. Bernadette
5th Boys Mustang
St. Wenceslaus #1 @ St. James Seton #1 10:05am St. James Seton
Mary Our Queen #1 @ Christ the King #1 10:20am Mary Our Queen
St. Columbkille White @ St. Robert #1 12:40pm St. Robert West
St. Bernadette Gold @ St. Albert #1 2:15pm St. Bernadette
6th Boys B National
Holy Cross @ Holy Spirit 8:30am Holy Spirit
Good Shepherd @ Cornerstone Christian 9:40am Holy Spirit
6th Boys B American
St. Wenceslaus @ St. Paul Lutheran 9:00am St. Paul Lutheran
St. Bernadette @ St. Vincent 10:20am St. Vincent
St. Gerald @ St. Columbkille 2:50pm St. Columbkille
6th Girls N/C
St. Wenceslaus @ Trinity Lutheran 9:00am Trinity Lutheran
St. Robert @ Concordia Academy 9:40am Concordia Academy
Mary Our Queen @ Our Lady of Lourdes 11:30am Mary Our Queen
6th Girls Competitive
St. Wenceslaus @ Holy Name 8:00am St. Wencesalus
Lifegate Christian @ Bergan Catholic 10:10am Trinity Lutheran
St. Columbkille @ Christ the King 11:00am Christ the King
6th Boys A American
St. Thomas More @ St. Robert 10:10am St. Thomas More
Our Lady of Lourdes @ Lifegate Christian 1:00pm Our Lady of Lourdes
6th Boys AA
St. Bernadette @ St. Robert 8:00am St. Robert East
St. Wenceslaus @ Bergan Catholic #1 11:20am Trinity Lutheran
Christ the King @ St. Stephen 12:15pm Christ the King
St. Patrick @ Bergan Catholic #2 12:30pm Trinity Lutheran
Mary Our Queen @ St. Vincent 12:40pm Mary Our Queen
6th Boys AAA
St. Wenceslaus @ St. Robert 9:10am St. Robert East
St. Columbkille @ St. Albert 10:50am Holy Spirit
7th Boys A
St. Columbkille @ Holy Cross 8:00am Holy Cross
St. Vincent @ St. James Seton 11:30am St. Vincent
St. Gerald @ Lifegate Christian 1:10pm St. Bernard
Christ the King @ Brownell Talbot 1:30pm Christ the King
Mary Our Queen @ Our Lady of Lourdes 1:50pm Mary Our Queen
7th Boys B
St. James Seton @ Good Shepherd 12:00pm St. Bernard
7th Boys AA
St. Wenceslaus @ St. Thomas More 9:10am St. Wenceslaus
St. Bernadette @ St. Stephen 9:40am St. Stephen
St. Vincent @ St. Margaret Mary 12:40pm St. Vincent
7th Boys AAA
St. Wenceslaus @ St. Robert 10:20am St. Robert East
St. Columbkille @ St. James Seton 10:50am St. Stephen
St. Vincent @ St. Albert 1:50pm St. Vincent
7th Girls B
Holy Cross @ OHS Warriors 10:20am Holy Cross
Concordia Junior @ St. Margaret Mary 10:50am Concordia Academy
St. Pius #1 @ Brownell Talbot 12:00pm Holy Spirit
7th Girls A
St. Gerald @ Lifegate Christian 10:00am St. Paul Lutheran
St. James Seton @ St. Thomas More 11:20am St. Thomas More
St. Albert @ St. Vincent 3:00pm St. Vincent
St. Bernadette @ St. Columbkille 4:45pm St. Bernadette
8th Boys A
St. Patrick @ St. Stephen 2:20pm St. Stephen
8th Boys AA
Holy Cross @ St. Wenceslaus 10:20am St. Wenceslaus
St. James Seton @ St. Stephen #2 12:00pm St. Stephen
St. Vincent @ Lifegate Christian 4:10pm St. Vincent
8th Boys AAA
St. Wenceslaus @ Christ the King 11:30am St. Wenceslaus
St. Stephen @ St. Robert 1:10pm St. Stephen
St. Patrick @ Mary Our Queen 3:00pm Mary Our Queen
8th Boys B National
OM Christian Acad @ St. Wenceslaus #2 3:00pm St. Wenceslaus
8th Girls A
Mary Our Queen @ OM Christian Acad 11:00am St. Paul Lutheran
Holy Cross @ St. Albert 11:30am Holy Cross
St. Vincent @ St. Robert 11:30am St. Robert East
St. Wenceslaus @ Our Lady of Lourdes 12:40pm St. Wenceslaus
8th Girls B
Brownell Talbot @ Holy Spirit 9:00am Brownell Talbot
OHS Warriors @ St. Vincent 10:10am Brownell Talbot
Cornerstone Christian @ Concordia Junior 12:00pm Concordia Academy
Good Shepherd @ St. Wenceslaus 1:50pm St. Wenceslaus
Sunday,  Feb 1
4th Girls
St. Patrick Green @ Bergan Catholic 1:40pm Mount Michael
4th Boys Wildcat
Christ the King @ St. Patrick 12:30pm Mount Michael
6th Boys B National
St. Stephen @ St. James Seton 2:25pm Roncalli
6th Boys B American
Mary Our Queen @ St. Pius Leo 12:00pm Mary Our Queen
6th Girls Competitive
St. Vincent @ St. James Seton 3:30pm Roncalli
6th Boys A National
Mary Our Queen @ St. Albert #2 1:10pm Mary Our Queen
St. Margaret Mary #2 @ St. Pius Leo 1:10pm St. Pius Leo
St. Columbkille @ St. Patrick 2:50pm Mount Michael
6th Boys AAA
St. James Seton @ St. Pius Leo 1:20pm Roncalli
7th Boys B
OHS Lightning @ St. Wenceslaus 2:40pm St. Wenceslaus
7th Boys AA
St. Patrick @ St. Vincent 4:00pm Mount Michael
7th Boys AAA
St. Pius Leo @ St. Stephen 2:20pm St. Pius Leo
7th Girls B
St. Pius #2 @ St. Pius #1 3:30pm St. Pius Leo
8th Boys A
St. Pius Leo @ St. James Seton 12:00pm St. Pius Leo
8th Boys AA
St. Stephen #1 @ St. Bernadette 2:15pm St. Bernadette
8th Boys AAA
St. Pius Leo @ St. Vincent 4:40pm St. Pius Leo
8th Boys B American
St. Wenceslaus #1 @ St. James Seton 1:30pm St. Wenceslaus
St. Bernard @ Good Shepherd 3:30pm St. Bernadette
8th Girls A
St. James Seton @ St. Bernadette 4:45pm St. Bernadette
Monday,  Feb 2
6th Boys B National
St. Robert @ St. Margaret Mary 5:30pm St. Margaret Mary
7th Boys B
St. Margaret Mary @ Holy Spirit 7:30pm St. Margaret Mary
7th Girls B
OHS Warriors @ St. Margaret Mary 6:30pm St. Margaret Mary
Tuesday,  Feb 3
4th Girls
Mary Our Queen Blue @ Bergan Catholic 7:10pm Mary Our Queen
4th Boys Monarch
Mary Our Queen Blue @ St. Robert Black 5:30pm Holy Ghost
6th Boys B National
Holy Cross @ Cornerstone Christian 6:40pm Holy Ghost
St. Margaret Mary @ Good Shepherd 7:50pm Holy Ghost
8th Boys B National
St. Bernadette @ Mary Our Queen 6:00pm Mary Our Queen

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