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NOTE:  Casey Dental (6U) has been moved from 4/14 to 5/19 due to rainout/rescheduling


PCGSL 2015 Frequently Asked Questions:

Just a reminder:  PCGSL is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and receives no outside funding from government entities.  Everything you see at PCGSL is the result of dedicated players and parents who have volunteered countless hours to ensure that PCGSL will be able to serve the girls of Pitt County for many years to come.


Q:           What is the registration timeline? 

A:            13&Up – January 5, 2015 to May 1, 2015


NOTE:  Girls in the 13&Up age division may not begin playing until the Pitt County high school season has finished. 

If this is your daughter's first time playing with PCGSL, or it has been more than a year since she last played (Fall 2013 or earlier), then you MUST submit a certified copy of her birth certificate at the time of registration.  You can take a picture with your phone and e-mail it to writepcgsl@gmail.com.

As the number of teams assigned to each age division is based on the number of girls registered as of the deadline noted above, PCGSL can only accept late registration if space permits.
  Registering by the deadline noted above guarantees that your daughter will be placed on a team.

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Q:            Is there a residency requirement to play at PCGSL?
A:            A player must play within the league’s geographic boundaries in which the player resides.  This is determined according to the legal
residence of the player’s parents or legal guardian.  If the physical location of the school where a player attends classes during the traditional academic year is within the boundaries of an established league, the player is permitted to participate in the established league.  Players and their parents/guardians are advised that a false statement of residence or school attendance may lead to ineligibility to participate in Babe Ruth Softball.  PCGSL reserves the right to request documentation of residency, in order to establish eligibility to play at PCGSL.

- - - - - - - - - -

           What is the registration fee for spring 2015?

A:            Registration fees will be $70.  Registration fees are the same for online or walk-in registration. We encourage all parents/guardians to take advantage of convenient and secure online registration.

- - - - - - - - - -   

Q:           What age division will my daughter play in spring 2015? 

A:            Age division is defined by the Babe Ruth national organization, and is based on a girls year of birth.   

                13&Up = 1996-2001 birthdays

 - - - - - - - - - - 

Q:           I am interested in being a Manager/Assistant Coach, what do I need to do? 

A:            MANAGERS:  PCGSL is looking for Managers who have a history of being a positive role model to players and parents, and who have a commitment to PCGSL.  Individuals who are interested in Managing a team should contact PCGSL at writepcgsl@gmail.com to express their interest ASAP.

ASSISTANT COACHES:  Are chosen from the parents of players selected for each team.  If you have an interest in being an Assistant Coach, please indicate this at the time of registration.

Background checks are required for all Managers, Assistant Coaches, and Team Parents.
Effective for the 2015 season and beyond, a background check will be valid for a three-year period for any volunteer who successfully passes a nationwide background check.  Volunteers will be asked to pay a nominal
$12 fee for the background check.  Info about background checks is available on our website http://www.pcgsl.org.  All Managers and Assistant Coaches must complete the Babe Ruth Youth Certification Course.  The one-time fee for this online course is $19.95.

- - - - - - - - - -

Q:           We would like to sponsor our daughter’s team this season, what do we need to do? 

A:            PCGSL loves to have the support of local businesses, and in turn support those local businesses.  If you would like to sponsor a team, please contact PCGSL at writepcgsl@gmail.com to get the process started. 

 - - - - - - - - - -

Q:           Can we make a request for teammates/Manager at the time of registration? 

A:            All teams are redrafted each year.  PCGSL is not able to honor requests for team/teammate placement. 

 - - - - - - - - - - 

Q:           Is there a try out process? 

A:            13&Up teams do not have an evaluation process.  The teams will be drafted via a traditional draft in the 13U age division. 

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Q:           What days of the week does PCGSL play?

A:            PRACTICES:  Practice schedules are set by the team Manager.  These may be any day of the week, as they are based on the field availability and the schedules of the coaching staff.

GAMES:  13&Up teams will play a 10-game schedule over the course of a 2-3 week time frame.  Most teams will have double headers each night. 

  - - - - - - - - - -

Q:           Aside from registration fees, what should our family budget for expense wise?

CONCESSIONS:  For your convenience, PCGSL offers parents an opportunity to pre-pay a $15 concession fee at the time of registration.  This allows each player to receive a drink and snack after each regular season game.  Receiving a snack after each game is optional, so your family may choose to waive participation.

FUNDRAISING:  Each girl will be asked to participate in the fundraising efforts of PCGSL.  There is not a monetary cost with fundraising (though you may choose to purchase BBQ plates, raffle tickets, etc.), however, we do ask each family to donate their time to participate.

EQUIPMENT:  PCGSL will provide each girl with a uniform shirt.  Each team will also have certain shared equipment (balls and helmets), however, if you would like for your daughter to have her own equipment she will need the following … helmet (with a facemask and chin strap), defensive facemask or mouth piece (all age divisions), glove, bat and cleats.  Please do not let a lack of equipment keep your daughter from participating at PCGSL.  If you need assistance with equipment, please contact the league at writepcgsl@gmail.com, as sometimes we receive donated equipment that is available for girls to use, or we can provide you with cost-effective ideas to purchase equipment. 

NOTE:  Effective with the 2015 Spring season, PCGSL is now requiring all 6U - 12U girls to have a mask and chin strap on their helmet, and to utilize  either a facemask or mouthpiece when playing on defense.  Girls playing the position of pitcher must wear a facemask.  The league will provide at least one facemask per team (for pitcher use). 

We recognize that a new facemask can be be expensive ($30-$50), so a mouthpiece is an acceptable alternative.  However, if you have ever seen a player take a line drive or ill-thrown ball to the face, you will quickly realize that the investment in the mask is much cheaper than dental work ... through we love our dental sponsors :).

If you have old equipment that your daughter has outgrown, PCGSL is always accepting donations, so that we can share it with girls who may need assistance.
  Sample pictures of the equipment are below. 







PCGSL is always busy at work with activities and fundraising events for the league.  If you would like to be included in our volunteer database, please send an e-mail to the league at writepcgsl@gmail.com


Volunteer Opportunities coming up:


  PCGSL Board Members
If you have an interest in serving the League as a Board member

contact us at writepcgsl@gmail.com

Managers (all age divisions) - for Spring 2015
If you are interested in Managing a team for Spring 2015
contact us at writepcgsl@gmail.com



Volunteers Needed!!!

 If you are interested in supporting the League,  

(Board of Directors, Coaching, Field Work, Gates or Concessions duty), 

please give us a call at (252) 902-9502 or  

send us an email at writepcgsl@gmail.com
There are plenty of opportunities to become involved at PCGSL - Fence Sign Sponsorships, 

Team Sponsorships - AND we can always use volunteers to help out during weekend  

tournaments. What better way to get to know the girls, their parents, and others in the 

League than to BECOME INVOLVED!
Our Executive Director would be pleased to discuss the many opportunities for you or your

business to become involved.


Call the League office (252) 902-9502 or email the site by clicking on the mailbox on the left.




PCGSL 2015 Golf Tournament 


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Because PCGSL is a Non-Profit, and is not supported by any city, state, or local agency, we sometimes have to implement policies and procedures to ensure that PCGSL's interests are preserved. Therefore, effective immediately, PCGSL will apply a $30.00 RETURNED CHECK FEE when a check is returned unpaid.

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