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It's time to get ready for Soccer at Port Crane Youth & Civic....

Practice will begin August 19th and games the beginning of September.

At the end of the season, each team has pizza party complete with Award ceremony.

Forms will be available at the Fenton Town Hall and online here

Our soccer program is Co-ed, Ages 4-11,

How our teams are organized:

Developmental: ages 4 - 6 Under 8, U8: ages 6 - 7 Under 10, U10: ages 8 - 9 Under 12, U12: ages 10 - 11

For the Developmental teams we focus on fun while slipping in the basics of Soccer, this group uses ball size number 3. This group won't have games with other teams.

The U8 team is more advanced while still focusing on fun and learning more basics and team work, this group uses a number 4 ball.

The U10 team is even more advanced, this group will focus more on teamwork and plays, this group uses a number 4 ball.

The U12 team is our most advanced group, they will learn more complicated plays and keep focusing on working together as a team, this group uses a number 4 ball.

U8, U10, U12 teams will have regularly scheduled games and practices.

Although, subject to change: Below is our practice/game schedule from the past:

Practice: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs.

Games: Wed 5:30 – 6:30
Sun 2:45

Practice: Tues, Wed, Thurs.

Games: Sun 1:00
Thurs. 5:30

Practice: Coach choice

Games: Sun 1:30 – 2:30

Practice: Coach choice

No Games

All players will need to have cleats and protective gear, ie. shin guards.

For more info: Port Crane Civic Contact