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  • 2014-2015 Season
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The 2014-2015 season is upon us and I wanted to send out some last minute reminders before practice Monday to ensure that everyone is ready. First an update on a change to the schedule I mentioned at the Winter Sports Meeting, on 12/23 we were scheduled to go and wrestle a Quad in Marshfield. We will now be wrestling this Quad in Duxbury on 12/23 instead of wrestling in Marshfield on 12/24 (for those parents who attended the Winter Sports meeting). 12/23 - now @Duxbury. 


I have had a few parents ask about what to bring to practice the first day, and what time practice starts and ends, so here is a rundown for everyone:

  • ALL wrestlers must be in the "Wrestling Locker Room" in the High School changed into practice gear and ready to go by 245
  • Do not change into your wrestling shoes before leaving the high school. Don't wear your wrestling shoes outside. Don't wear them off the mat. 
  • At 245 all of the wrestlers will move together over to the elementary school. If you have a car at the school DO NOT drive it to Hobomock Elementary School (HES) where we practice.
  • Wrestlers will move the mats from the storage container to the inside of the building
  • Once the mats are set up wrestlers can then change into their wrestling shoes and begin warming up
  • Mat sanitation will be handled by coaches
  • Practice will run from 3-5:00 PM at the Elementary School. 
  • At the conclusion of practice, wrestlers will change back into sneakers and we will move from HES back to the high school locker room
  • Wrestlers will be required to shower before weighing out for the evening
  • I would estimate that wrestlers wont be ready for pickup at the high school any sooner than 5:30 PM 

This is the timeline for wrestling practice until further notice. Over the course of the year practice times will be shortened to allow for more recovery or more targeted workouts (strength training in the weight room/running or cardio). I will send out an email updating parents, and I will also be updating wrestlers at practice of any changes to the length of practice times. 


For the first day of practice every wrestler will need:

  • Shorts and t-shirt/tank top -I prefer compression tops/bottoms if possible, but clothes should at least be "form fitting" and have no raised logos or decoration, and most importantly NO ZIPPERS OR PLASTIC CLIPS - it is a safety concern to wear baggy clothing or rigid items
  • Sneakers - for movement from HS to HES and back
  • Wrestling Shoes - wrestlers need to acquire wrestling shoes as soon as possible. I will do my best to outfit anyone who doesn't have a pair, but I only have a few extras lying around at this point. Shoes should be left at the school in the lockers.
  • Extra plastic bag/Laundry bag - Wrestlers MUST NOT be putting their dirty laundry (or sweaty wrestling shoes) back into their workout bags that they will be putting their "clean" practice gear in for the next day. This is a safety hazard
  • Hygiene Stuff - Wrestlers will be expected to shower at the school before leaving practice. They will need at the minimum a towel, soap, shampoo, and shower shoes (pair of flip flops)
  • **Mouth guard required for those wrestlers with braces**

If any wrestler or parent has any issue getting any of the necessary equipment or needs guidance on where to find wrestling shoes, please contact me. Similarly, contact me if there are any issues with showering at the school. There are separate, private stalls at the high school, so I don't see this being much of an issue. 


I hope that his is a thorough outline of what is expected the first day of practice. With that being said, the first day (and perhaps the first two or three) there will be plenty of kinks to work out, meaning wrestlers may not be ready to leave until 545-600, but I will do my best to stick to this timeline. I will post all of this information on the website as well.


I could not be more excited for the start of the season on Monday, as always if there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly, I am more than happy to answer them.