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Monday nights 9pm till 10 pm

Hi All

We are recruiting players with a view to entering the league in 2014/15, training will commence Monday 6th January 14.

Until then we are playing bounce games which anyone who is looking to join the club is more than welcome to come along to. 

We play on Monday nights from 9pm until 10pm at Ladywood Leisure Centre in Penicuik 




AGM @ the Crown July 2nd - 8pm

June 27, 2012

How time flies. Penicuik Basketball AGM to be held in the usual venue of The Crown in Penicuik on the 2nd of July, 8pm kick off.

Pleasance Pace v Penicuik

June 1, 2012

Pleasance Pace 28 v Penicuik 47

Fraser 19
Mike 10
Grant 4
Gary 3
Mark 3
Adam 2
Doug 2
Neil 2
Ross 2

What a great start for the first four minutes of the game, we moved the ball exceptionally well and created lots of space to score easy baskets. Pleasance called a timeout with around four minutes to go with us leading 10-0, for the remainder of the quarter we didn't score and Pleasance scored 9 points, guys lesson learnt we can't let our guard down as it can come back to haunt us!! From the 2nd quarter onwards, we did not let our guard down again, we continued to move the ball well throughout the rest of the game, not taking an outside shot until after 16 seconds as instructed and when we did, we made most of the shots. There were some great fast breaks in this game where we made three or four quick passes for someone to get an easy basket from.
In defence, we worked hard and covered each other when we found ourselves out of position or stopping a fast break, this was a great team effort and a good way to finish off the season, well done guys!!

Man of the match has to be Fraser with his contribution in offence and for the basket he made from an offencive rebound from his launch from just about the free throw line!!

Penicuik v Masters

May 21, 2012
Penicuik 33 v Masters 52

Mike 10
Jigs 6
Grant 5
Graham 4
Neil 2
Fraser 2
Ross 2
Doug 2

The Masters caught us off guard in the first quarter and scored an amazing 21 points in a shooting blitz that was a shock to the system. We changed to a 3-2 defence for the remainder of the game and this restricted their scoring to 10 points per quarter for the remaining quarters. In offence, as with previous weeks we continued to move the ball well in offence and made good scoring opportunities scoring well in each quarter apart from the last where the ball just would not drop for us.

Our man of the match is Mike for his contribution in offence where he drove to the basket regularly and scored from most of them, keep looking to drive like this in every game!

Wolves v Penicuik

May 18, 2012
Wolves 60 v Penicuik 28

Fraser 7
Tweed 7
Doug 6
Graham 4
Gary 2
Ross 2

The Wolves turned up with their shooting boots for this game, scoring six three pointers in and missing very few shots throughout the game. We changed defences a couple of times but the Wolves continued to make space to take a shot from and made most of the shots. In offence we moved the ball fairly well and created space to take shots from and almost reached our scoring target in the 1st, 3rd and 4th quarters but the ball just wouldn't drop for us in the 2nd quarter at all
Man of the match was Fraser for his contribution in offence.

Peregrines v Penicuik

May 11, 2012
Peregrines 38 v Penicuik 54

Doug 17
Fraser 17
Ross 7
Grant 4
Graham 4
Mark 4
Andy 1

With Penicuik winning the last game against the Peregrines and with them only having five players available this game, we went into this game confident of a win, what we came up against was a much improved Peregrines team who matched us point for point in the 1st and 4th quarters.
In defence we worked hard to stop the Peregrines from getting an easy shot and we succeeded in this for the most part and we boxed out fairly well to stop them from getting rebounds. In offence we moved the ball fairly well throughout the game but were at times taking shots too quickly ie we made three or four passes then took a shot from the outside. Most of these shots were made or we got the rebounds and scored from them.

Our man of the match is Fraser with his big contribution in offence scoring 14 of his 17 points in the 2nd and 3rd quarters where we scored more than double of the Peregrines points in those quarters.

Penicuik vs Tigers

April 27, 2012
Tigers 47 - Penicuik 33

Doug 7
Graham 6
Gary 5
Mark 5
Mike 5
Ross 5

With Penicuik having so few numbers for this game and the Tigers having a full bench this was always going to be a hard game. Despite this, Penicuik played well throughout the game, we moved the ball well in offence and got some good baskets and did a few fast breaks to score some easy baskets. In defence, we worked hard and made it difficult for the Tigers but unfortunately they had their shooting boots on and made most of their shots.
Man of the match was Graham for efforts in defence and for his big performance on offence where he made some good baskets and good passes for others to score an easy basket.
April 20, 2012
Penicuik 28 Pleasance 47's 52

Ross 5
Mark 4
Mike 4
Doug 4
Fraser 4
Gary 3
Andy 2
Graham 2

Despite the score, I really enjoyed this game, we all turned up with the correct attitude and moved the ball well throughout the game in offense, the only problem we had was the ball just wouldn't drop for us! We worked hard in defence but the Pleasance found the space to get their shots from and made a high percentage of them.
Man of the match was Ross for his contribution in offence.

Penicuik vs Police

March 22, 2012
Police 70 Penicuik 19

Doug 7
Mark 4
Neil 2
Fraser 2
Andy 2
Ross 2

What a game, the Police showed us why they are top of the league!!
I can't remember them missing many shots in the game, we change defence a few times but the Police adapted and moved the ball quickly into where there was space to take a shot from. We moved the ball well in offence and got some good shots away unfortunately most of them didn't drop for us and the Police boxed out very well so we couldn't get anywhere near the basket for rebounds.
Man of the match was Doug due to his efforts in offence, moving the ball very well and scoring some good baskets for us.

Penicuik v Basketeers

February 24, 2012
Basketeers 65 - Penicuik 25

Penicuik went into this game knowing this was going to be a hard game, with three of our guards not able to make this game and with a couple of players playing out of position and with us only having seven players including myself on the night.
The Basketeers played an exception first quarter where they made just about every shot they took. As with the previous week Penicuik struggled to create space to take an easy shot from and most of our shots didn't drop for us. In the 2nd half we played much better, passing the ball well, setting screens and the shots started to drop for us. In defence we worked a lot harder to stop the Basketeers from having an easy shot and we boxed out very well to keep the Basketeers from getting an easy rebound.
Guy's, we need to take the 2nd half performance from this game, we all have to box out every shot from the start of the game, move the ball well and set screens for our team in offence. My man of the match is Rob who scored an amazing 16 points, who played most of the game working tirelessly to create space to get a shot from, well done.

Rob 16
Fraser 4
Ross 2
Graeme 2
Gary 1

Penicuik v Madness

March 16, 2012
Madness 48 - Penicuik 25

Despite the score, I enjoyed this game, it makes such a difference having refs who explain calls you don't understand and call fouls that are fouls! As with the previous week we struggled to score in the first quarter but almost reached our score target in the other three quarters. Unfortunately we came up against a Madness team that were making most of their shots from the three point line so they built a large gap on us fairly quickly. We used our movement offence for almost the full first half of the game but we didn't create much space to get an easy basket from so we switched to playing our "called plays" which we were successful in getting some easy baskets from.

Fraser 10
Mike 9
Ross 4
Graeme 2

Penicuik v Lions

March 9, 2012
Penicuik 37 - Lions 47

Despite the final score, this was a fairly even game, in the end this game was won and lost from the free throw line, unusually we missed most of our free throws but the Lions scored almost all of theirs.
Both teams struggled to score in the first quarter, we managed to create space to take a shot but were unable to convert into points and we didn't manage to get a lot of rebounds from the missed shots. We moved the ball well throughout the game and drove to the basket when we had the opportunity. In defence, we gave away too many cheap fouls which put us under a lot of pressure with team fouls which the Lions scored 18 points from the free throw line.

Rob 11
Graeme 6
Doug 6
Mike 5
Fraser 4
Mark 4
Ross 1

Penicuik v Jags

February 17, 2012
Penicuik 20 Jags 60

With the performance from the previous week, Penicuik were full of confidence and looking forward to this game, unfortunately we came up against a Jag's team who played some of the best basketball we have seen all season.
We changed our defence regularly to unsettle the Jag's offencive plays but the Jag's adapted to create space to take an easy shot from which they scored from on most occasions. In the first half we found it difficult to create space to get an easy shot from and the shots we did take just wouldn't drop for us, in the second half we worked harder in offence to create space to take an easy shot from which either dropped for us or we got the rebound which we scored from.
Guys, well done for not letting the heads drop after the first half and for trying till the end of the game.

Graeme 5
Ross 4
Fraser 4
Mike 4
Rob 2
Mark 1

Victory over Wolves

February 10, 2012
Penicuik 59 - Wolves 28

A well deserved win where we all played to our potential. Our defence efforts set the tone of the game, we worked very hard to regain the ball asap from the Wolves once we had scored, so much so that we managed to regain the ball in the Wolves defence on several occasions which we made some easy baskets from. In offence we moved the ball well with good passes drawing the Wolves out of position which created spaces for us to score an easy basket. Well done guys, this is the sort of display we want to see every week!!

There were a lot of big performances to choose a man of the match from but Mike "The Bullet" Kerracher is my choice due to his overall performance with his breakaway offencive runs which he either scored or passed to someone else to score an easy basket and his defencive efforts where he regained the ball from the Wolves in their defence on several occasions. Well Done Mike!!

Fraser 14
Doug 13
Mike 8
Mark 8
Ross 7
Graeme 6
Andy 3

Penicuik v Pleasance Pace

Penicuik 26 - Pleasance Pace 30

In the first half Penicuik tried difference defences to try and stop the Pace from scoring from the 3 point line. In offence we didn't move the ball at high enough tempo and the chances we did create didn't drop for us.
At halftime we found ourselves 12 points down and changed the defence to full court man for the remainder of the game. From then Penicuik controlled the tempo of the game and outscored the Pace in the remaining two quarters, in the last couple of minutes the ball just wouldn't drop for us, a loss but with the second half performance I did feel we deserved more from the game.

Mike 9
Fraser 9
Doug 4
Tweed 2
Ross 2

Penicuik v Perigrins

Penicuik 47 - Peregrins 13

A well deserved win where everyone played to their full potential. Penicuik worked very hard in defence where we managed to stop the Peregrins scoring for the full 2nd and 4th quarters respectively. Penicuik played consistently well in offence, moving the ball at a high tempo, making good passes throughout the game and taking the correct shot at the correct time. In our last quarter we played particularly well where we scored an amazing 20 points with our man of the match (F Gibson) scored 9 points in 4 minutes, well done Fraser!!

Fraser 14
Rob 11
Doug 5
Mark 4
Tweed 4
Fraser B 3
Graham 3
Gary 2
Mike 1

Penicuik 33 - 36 Pleasance 47's

November 17, 2011
Historically this is always a tough game for Penicuik with only one win against the 47's in the last few years. This game looked like it might have a different outcome with Penicuik racing to a six point lead after the first quarter. Penicuik worked hard for the whole game and made the 47's fight for everything they got. It took Pleasance until the start of the fourth quarter before their more experienced and physically stronger centers started taking advantage in the low post. With Penicuik defending so well and out rebounding the 47's on both offense and defense it is hard to see why we came up short again.
Penicuik 33 - 36 Pleasance 47's.


D.Gibson - 13
G.Watson - 7
F.Gibson - 5
M.Kerracher - 4
R.Barrett - 2
N.Johnston - 2

Penicuik 31 - 47 Boroughmuir Blaze Masters

November 11, 2011
What a game! Penicuik turn up for this match with the intention of making it difficult for the Masters to get into their normal passing/shooting game, but in the first quarter what actually happened was a little off plan. Penicuik had the misfortune to witness some of the most accurate outside shooting they are likely to see all season with the Masters hitting 11/14 from the floor. The resulting assault on Penicuikā€™s basket left the Masters with a very healthy lead at the end of the first.
Penicuik tried different defences to try and slow down the scoring monster that was the Masters before settling on something that seemed to have balanced things out. Unfortunately for Penicuik this was the start of the second quarter and it was full court man.
All credit to Penicuik for managing to stick with this D until the end of the game. For the next three quarters it was a much more even game with Penicuik edging Masters by two over the next three quarters. The lead that the Masters had created in the first was in the end too much and a brave, battered and tired Penicuik went down 31-47

Well played lads for not letting those heads drop and fighting to the end.


M.Kerracher - 13
D.Gibson - 5
M.Holden - 4
G.Watson - 3
N.MacKay - 2
A.Conner - 2
F.Gibson - 2

Penicuik 28 - 49 - L&B Police

November 4, 2011
Penicuik faced L&B with a big advantage in numbers but still struggled to cope with with the physical presence of the opposition. The first quarter was quite even for the most part with both teams trading baskets shot for shot. Penicuik had the better of the first but failed to convert a number of shots into points. This stat would come back to bite Penicuik.
In the second quarter Penicuik struggled to put the ball in the hoop and unfortunately L&B did not have the same problem. This led to Penicuik trailing by 13 points at the half. In the end there was no recovery from this poor quarter and even a number of defensive changes could not knock L7B out of their scoring rhythm. Final score Penicuik 28 - 49 L&B.


M. Kerracher - 10
M.Holden - 4
N. MacKay - 4
D. Gibson - 4
R. Barrett - 2
F. Gibson - 2
N. Tweedale - 2

Penicuik 41 - 43 Midlothian Madness

This game was played at a very high tempo for the majority and on the whole Penicuik coped quite well with the pace. After the first quarter Penicuik found themselves down by six.
With hard work for the next two quarters a lead of three was carved out going into the third quarter. Midlothian got back in front and held on to the dying seconds where N.Tweedale sunk a 3 point attempt at the buzzer to send the game into over time.
The stage was set for a grandstand finish but unfortunately Penicuik could not deliver. Poor shooting and sloppy passing led to only one point scored for the home team. The game was tied until late when a poor pass led to an uncontested breakaway lay up for the Madness leaving a dagger in the hearts of Penicuik.
A very disappointing end after working so hard.

Final Score Penicuik 41-43 Midlothian Madness.


M. Kerracher - 11
N. Tweedale - 11
M.Holden - 6
G. Watson - 4
R. Barrett - 4
F. Gibson - 3
D. Gibson - 2

Win! Lions 15 - 28 Penicuik

October 14, 2011
Victory over the Lions!

M.Holden - 8
D. Gibson - 8
R. Barrett - 3
F. Gibson - 2
G. Watson -2
N. MacKay - 2
G. Collins - 2

October 14th Friday Night Preview

October 10, 2011
This Friday Penicuik take on The Edinburgh Lions A team.

The Lions are 1.1 against Midlothian Madness and L&B Police respectively.
This will be a tough test for Penicuik who have had a difficult start to the season with tough games against the Jags and Basketeers. Although coming off the back of a defeat the signs are there that Penicuik are starting to come into some form.

Will this Friday see the first W of the season for Penicuik?

Stay tuned.

Penicuik 38 - 58 Basketeers

October 7, 2011
A much improved Penicuik, with an unusually full bench, turned up to face the Basketeers. Penicuik started this game well with a lot of energy and desire. It took free throws at the end of the quarter for Basketeers to see them lead by two.
In the second quarter the Basketeers went up a couple of gears and took a healthy lead aided by two buckets from downtown that were so far out they were released from the changing rooms.
The second half was all quite even but the Basketeers edged each quarter by a couple of points.
It was good to see Penicuik turn up for this game and a little bit of pride was restored. Congratulations to Andy getting on the score sheet on his Penicuik debut.
Final score Penicuik 38 - 58 Basketeers.

Scorers on the night:

Frazer - 11
Doug - 8
Tweed - 6
Ross - 6
Mark - 4
G Man Watson - 2
Andy Conner - 1

Morpeth MVP

September 22, 2011
Congratulations to Mike Kerracher for wining the Morpeth Tour Penicuik MVP 2011.

More Morpeth Media to follow. Stay tuned.

Opening day Defeat to Jags

September 23, 2011
A new season has begun and first up for Penicuik was a difficult encounter against the Central Jaguars. This has always been a problem match up for Penicuik in recent years with several games going to the wire with Penicuik narrowly missing out on the spoils each time.

Would this prove to be a similar affair?

Penicuik started the game quite well controlling the tempo of the game and trying to execute their offense which for the most part was looking quite good. Unfortunately they could not get the ball to drop and the first quarter became a very low scoring affair for both sides. The Jags managed to make a few baskets just before the end of the quarter to give themselves a reasonable score line.

In the second quarter the Jags found their scoring touch and Penicuik continued to struggle. By half time Central had carved out a significant lead.

Penicuik to their credit did not let the heads go down and continued to work hard throughout the second half but the damage had already been done. In the third and fourth quarters the Jags only outscored Penicuik by 5 points. A better start next game will see a much closer competition.

Final score 23 - 49.

Back to the gym guys but not the drawing board.

Fixtures Online now

Check the schedules for this seasons fixtures!!

2011/12 League Kick Off Date!

August 31, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen the 2011/12 Lothian Basketball League will begin on Friday 23rd of September. No fixtures have been posted yet so watch this space for updates. If Penicuik have a game that night we have a mere 3 training sessions left before the campaign begins.

Best start brushing up on those plays chaps!

Pre Season Morpeth Tour

August 25, 2011

Saturday 20th of August saw Penicuik travel down to Morpeth to take part in a 4 team tournament over the weekend. This consisted of 2 games on Saturday and 1 on the Sunday, with the winners taking home the Northumberland plate.

Game 1
Penicuik v Ashington Celtics

Despite the jetlag and the fact that this game was started with 4 of the Penicuik players still in the changing room, Penicuik started the game well and edged a small lead at the end of the 1st quarter. The game was then very tight up until 2 minutes before the end of the half when a series of defensive lapses gifted the Celtics 10 points without reply. Penicuik continued their poor defence against a quick and eager Celtics and paid the price by trailing at the end of the 3rd by 20. What happened next was that Penicuik showed great fight and determination to limit the Celtics to 5 points in the 4th and record their heaviest scoring of the game. Unfortunately the damage had been done earlier and Penicuik went down by 60 to 51.
Well done lads for showing some fighting spirit and nearly staging the great escape.

Top scorers were
Mark 12 points
Mike 12 points
Ross 8 points.

Game 2
Penicuik v Morpeth Magic

This game saw Penicuik match up with the team much fancied to win the tournament.
Again Penicuik started well, considering this was their second game of the day. They managed to take a slender lead into the 2nd quarter. This quarter was quite evenly matched with Penicuik putting in a great defensive shift. Penicuik managed to grab a few steals and crashed the boards well. It was at the other end of the floor that went quiet. At the end of the half Penicuik trailed by 8.
It was now that the Mavs went up a few gears with the crowd being treated to a 2 handed jam by way of an alley-oop. The Mavs were quick and strong and ran the fast break easily past a tiring Penicuik. The end result was that Penicuik were well beaten and even a mini revival in the fourth was not enough. The final score was 42-72.

Top scorers were
Mark 11 points
Niall 8 points
Ross 9 points

There were a lot of positives from this game and Penicuik did compete well for 3 quarters.
And so it was off to the pub to get ready for Sundays game.

Game 3
Penicuik v Morpeth Magic

This game started at 12:00 on Sunday and it is fair to say that Penicuik were not at their best.
It also started with Mark playing guard( as promised by the coach towards the end of Saturday night or early Sunday morning, the details are not quite as clear as they should be.)
Against all odds Penicuik came storming out the blocks and took a 7 point lead at the end of the 1st in doing so scoring the most points in a quarter out of all three games. 21.
Penicuik continued to dominate the game despite the Magic being the younger, faster and fitter team and that they benched 13 players for this game compared to Penicuiks 8. Penicuik controlled the ball well and made smart use of the shot clock. As with the pattern with the other 2 games, Penicuik had their strong quarters in the 1st and the 4th and so ran out winners by 56-42. Penicuik pick up their first win abroad for a number of years.

Well done to all who put in the effort. It really shows great progress has been made already this season.

Top scorers
Frazer 19 points
Niall 9 points
Ross 9 points
Gary 7 points.

And so that ended a really worthwhile trip.

Full scorers list for the tournament.
Mark 29 pts
Frazer 27 pts
Ross 26 pts
Niall 19 pts
Mike 15 pts
Adam 9 pts
Gary 9 pts
Neil 9 pts
Graham 6 pts

Penicuik had a great time in Morpeth and there were some really good moments that can be built on for the coming season.
Thank you to all the guys who went to Morpeth. You went there with Penicuik Basketball Club on you top for all to see and did us proud. Bring on next pre-season tour.

Let 2011/12 BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!

August 3, 2011
Welcome welcome one and all! The 2011/12 Lothian Basketball league fast approaches and Penicuik Basketball have begun pre season training in earnest.

Between the hours of 8pm and 10pm every Monday night Ladywood Leisure Center is now alive with the sounds of pounding feet, swishing nets and the (odd) foul call.

With a few sessions under his belt it is now high time to introduce our new commander and chief for the year Mr Rob (3 point champ) Paton (soon to be pictured) who has stepped up to take the reigns.

We wish him all the best for the coming year and remember chaps, heed his words.... or the beard WILL get you!!

AGM Time

AGM monday night, upstairs in the crown in penicuik 8pm prompt please.

Penicuik Versus Midlothian Madness

Penicuik hosted new local team Midlothian Madness in a pre season friendly. After Coach Tweedale stepped down Adam stepped in to take temporary charge while we wait to appoint a new coach. Penicuik came out of the blocks quick taking the first quarter with some great inside play from Ross Barrett. Madness slowly ground back into the game with some high intensity defence and quick breaks. Penicuik switched up to man at the half to raise the bar and after trading baskets throughout the 3rd and the 4th penicuik opened up a lead and held on to the end running out 53 to 49 winners.
Scores on the night were:
Ross - 9
Rob - 11
Doug - 14
Adam - 4
Mark - 6
Mike - 7
Neil - 2

Adam steps down with a 100% record and good luck to the new coach whoever he/she may be.