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PSA Instruction

**Individual Membership** $150 monthly membership includes: (these are NOT drop in sessions, so please schedule your instruction ASAP) we offer discounts for siblings

Call 925-480-PERK (7375), email or login at to sign up or schedule instruction.

If you have any questions please call 925-480-PERK (7375)

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Perk's Sports Academy in Antioch, CA is comprised of the following components: Baseball/Softball & Sports Training, Education, Character Development, and Physical & Nutritional Development.


Baseball/Softball & Sports Training
The focus of Perk's Sports Academy is to help young men and women in the Bay Area reach their full potential as students, role models, and leaders, but also as baseball/softball players and athletes. Our goal is to provide the necessary baseball/softball training, coaching, mentorship and education needed for all of our athletes to reach their maximum potential.


Perk's Sports Academy understands that the top priority for many of the young men, women and families is to ensure that each athlete has the best opportunity to reach their dream of playing in High School, College and the Professional Leagues. For many, the number one factor of whether or not they will join PSA is how the program directly compares to other programs, solely on the quality of the baseball/softball training provided. This is a challenge Perk's Sports Academy accepts.
With such a strong commitment towards education, character, leadership, and spiritual development, Perk's Sports Academy is aware that the amount of time available each day to devote specifically towards practicing baseball/softball is limited. For this reason it is imperative that we use our instruction and practice each day as efficiently as possible.


When the athletes are in the facility or on the field, Perk's Sports Academy strives to maximize their time and be intentional about getting better the entire time. Each practice focuses on developing fundamentals as well as specific skills for specific positions and players. It also provides drills, coaching, and practice for all athletes, for the full duration of practice, and uses the entire field, including batting cages, and resources available.


Perk's Sports Academy strives to provide each athlete a diverse education in a safe, supportive environment that promotes self-discipline, self-motivation, and excellence in learning. The program seeks to join with the parents and community to assist the athletes in developing skills to become independent and self-sufficient young men and women, who will succeed and contribute responsibly to their community.
Perk's Sports Academy requires its athletes to attend school each day and maintain good grades, in order to participate in daily baseball/softball practice, training and games.
The goal of the educational component of Perk's Sports Academy is to help the athletes achieve career goals, in addition to their baseball/softball goals. If a career in baseball/softball is not accomplished, Perk's Sports Academy wants our athletes to continue their education in order to better serve their communities and serve as examples to future generations.
Character Development
From the very beginning our teachings of integrity, character, honor and competition have been cornerstones in the creation and purpose of Perk's Sports Academy. PSA believes that each one of us was created with a wonderful plan for each of our lives. It is the goal of Perk's Sports Academy to demonstrate, through our actions, what it means to have a relationship with each athlete and facilitate opportunities to have them become productive members in their communities.


Nutritional & Physical Development
Malnourishment in America is common and the physical effects are obvious. Lack of nutrition also severely affects mental development and long-term learning ability. Malnutrition is known to stunt IQ up to 40 percent and affects attention span, concentration, and even vision.


 With the amount of focus and energy required from our athletes to perform and excel in the classroom, added on top of training to become a High School, College or Professional athlete, it is essential that all athletes in the PSA program receive the necessary food and nutrition to train, practice and get educated at the highest level.
The current structure of the program guarantees our athletes an education in nutrition and physical development.