Pine Bush Wrestling 2017-2018 Season

*Annual "Brian Wiley Memorial" Youth Tournament is Sunday 1/21/2018 !

***Must Register for Tournament online at : 

Sell tickets online with Ticketleap
***Grades K-8th (Our Modified Team will be there so come get some Mat-Time !) - LIMITED TO THE FIRST 200 PAID ENTRIES***!!!
When:  Sunday, January 21, 2018 . (Split-Session by Age)
Check in & Weights at 7-8am for Divisions I, II and III  /  Check In & Weights by 11:00am-12:00pm for Divisions IV, V
Where: Pine Bush High School - 156 Rte. 302, Pine Bush, NY 12566
Weigh-Ins :  *Honor Weigh-Ins*. Please be Honest on weights. Weight may be verified by Tournament Director. Wrestlers must be within 3 pounds of Registered weight. No Refunds of Disqualified. We will be using Madison Weight system.  (1 in 10 Randomly checked or obvious discrepancy will be weighed at Check-In).
Start Times: Divisions I, II and III Start 9AM sharp. Divisions IV, V Start 1:00PM *Do Not Be Late!
Wrestlers not Checked in by 8AM for Divisions I, II, and III, and 12:00PM for Divisions IV, V will not be able to wrestle, and will not receive a refund. No Walk-Ins will be accepted.  We must do this to assure no changes & prompt start.
Registration:  $30, and No USA nor NYWAY card needed  ***Must Register Online at : www.TicketLeap.com (Search “Brian Wiley”)
Register is Online at www.TicketLeap.com (Search “Brian Wiley”) / Registration Deadline is Saturday, January 20, 2018 at 6:00pm.  
Weight Classes: All Divisions will be determined by Age, Weight, & Experience. Random weigh-ins  at entrance (1in10 will be weighed at Check-In or any obvious discrepancy). Please be honest about Weight & Experience ! 
Experience as either : Less than 2 years Exp. = “Novice”, and Greater than 2yrs Exp. = Open” . *Madison Weights*.
 Session 1 = 9am-12pm: D I (5 & 6 year olds) - Novice & Open
                                     D II (7 & 8 year olds) - Novice & Open
                                     D III (9 & 10 year olds) - Novice & Open
Session 2 = 1pm-4pm: D IV (11 & 12 year olds) - Novice & Open
                                    D V (13 & 14 year olds) - Novice & Open
                          *Girls Division (Girls are FREE in this Div. if registered in above Divisions, but MUST advise me in advance).
 *Age is as of Date of Tournament, and may be challenged prior to 1st match: Birth certificate must be available if questioned.
No High School practice or match experience of any kind. Wrestlers who have tested up are ineligible for this Tournament.  
We reserve the Right to combine Weight Classes, Experience or Wrestle a Round Robin format with 5 Wrestlers or less.
Rules:  Must have Wrestling Shoes & Head gear.  K-8th grades , No JV Nor Varsity Experience
**Wrestlers may double enter in One Division**
Period Lengths: Divisions I, II and III are 1-1-1 . Divisions IV & V are 1:30-1:30-1:30. NFHS Overtime rules apply.
Awards: Trophies for  1st , 2nd , and 3rd Place as well as MOW , and Large “Top 3” Team Trophies. All others receive a Medal.
Admission: Adults $5.00 - Kids = Free
Vendors: Tournament Shirts, Wrestling Gear & Wrestling Supplies !
Concession: Delicious Food Served all day. Also RAFFLES: 50/50
 For any questions please email : PineBushWrestling@gmail.com  or call/text Nick at 845-421-3619


 “Once you've Wrestled, Everything Else in life is easy. “ - Dan Gable 

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