Last Updated: July 5, 2015
PAL Championship Results:  Congratulations to the Winners and Runner Up's 
Boys High School:  Champion: Moselle; Runner Up: Murillo
Boys 12/13's: Champion: Soles; Runner Up: Hearn
Boys 10/11's:  Champion: Boisvert; Runner Up: Miller
Boys 9's:  Champion: Secular; Runner Up: Boerger
Boys 8's:  Champion: Pacini;  Runner Up:  Rose
Girls High School: Champion: Deidrick; Runner Up: Horland
Girls 12/13's:  Champion:  Matarazzo; Runner Up:  Day
Girls 10/11's:  Champion: Steinberg; Runner Up:  Chenet
Girls 9's:  Champion: Rusnak; Runner Up: DiMaggio
Girls 8's:  Champion: E. Muirhead; Runner Up: B. Muirhead

For field closure status due to inclement weather, go to home page.  If your cell phone accepts text messages, please sign up for text alerts.


PAL Soccer

The PAL recreational soccer program for children ages 4 through 18 runs from mid-November  through mid-February.   Online registration for players previously registered for PAL Sports will be open on August 1st at

In-person registration for new and returning players will take place at the Central Park gym on Saturday August 29th from 9am to 2pm.

Resident: $110.00 (league ages 6, 7, 8, 9, 10-11, 12-13, and high school); $60 (Clinic ages 4 and 5)

Non-Resident: Add $50 to resident fee

Late fee: $25, after September 15th.

Participation: Maximum of 3 times per week for league ages 6 through high school (two weekday evenings and Saturday morning).  Two times per week, Friday nights and Saturday mornings, for Clinic.


Referee Information:

If you are a certified referee and would like to officiate PAL Soccer matches, please contact the referee assignor, Scott Tripp, 954-579-6374

Certified referees will not have to attend a re-cert course to get certified for 2015-2016.  On-line re-cert for grade 8 referees is available at

New referees must attend a grade 8 certification course available at  First you will have to take the on-line video course, about 4 hours.  Then you can register for the 10 hour grade 8 course in any city.  

If you have any questions about certification, please email Scott.