Last Updated: July 15, 2014

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PAL Soccer 2014-2015

The PAL recreational soccer program for children ages 4 through 18 runs from November through February.  Registration will be held at the Central Park gym on Saturday, August 23, 2014 from 9am to 2pm.  After 8/23, you may register in person at the front desk Monday through Saturday.  The cost is $110 for ages 6 through High School leagues and $60 for the ages 4/5 clinic.  There is a $50 additional fee for non-residents, and a late fee of $15.  The late fee for ages 4-13 is effective on 9/28/14, and on 10/26/14 for high school. 

Summer 2014 Futsal starts July 22

All children aged 7 through 12 who played PAL soccer during the 2013-2014 season are invited to play futsal this summer at no cost at the Central Park hockey rinks. Futsal is a fast-paced, fun, and safe soccer game played on a small, hard surface with a heavier ball.  Free play starts Tuesday July 22nd and is scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6pm to 8pm.

 Player needs:

-Soccer Flats, Futsal shoes, Sneakers (recommend Soccer flats or futsal shoes).  NO CLEATS!!!!!!!

-ShinGuards / soccer apparel


Futsal is a great skill developer, demanding quick reflexes, fast thinking and pin point passing, it is an exciting game for children as well as adults. The game is very economical and safe, simple and fun to play. Just by playing with the ball develops precise ball control and technical skill, agility, lightening reflexes and decision making. As the balls have less bounce they tend to stay in play longer and promote close ball control. After playing in enclosed areas and learning to think and react quickly, players find when they play to the full game they react well under pressure. Playing in enclosed areas develops creativity; players are also constantly placed in demanding decision making situations in enclosed areas which is a major reason why Futsal is one of the finest teachers of the quick pass and move. In soccer it is very hard to defend against a team that is adept at this type of play. Playing the beautiful game of soccer is developed through Futsal.
Slide tackles and excessive bodily contact is forbidden in the modified game, which results in fewer injuries. It’s no surprise that the game is popular with children, teenagers and adults of both genders and is growing in popularity internationally.
Futsal quickly develop skills required for soccer: - balance, motor ability, agility and co-ordination, ball mastery, accurate and quick passing and receiving, perception insight and awareness. Children learn through repetition and practice in small areas this occurs naturally. As Futsal is fast and action packed, fitness is improved while learning and having fun. We find children love playing Futsal. It is exciting, many goals are scored and the game is devoid of complex rules such as off side. Children learn so much faster if they enjoy the game and spend a lot of time playing with the ball.
FUTSAL highlights


For field closure status due to inclement weather, go to home page.  If your cell phone accepts text messages, please sign up for text alerts.


Referee Information:

If you are a certified referee and would like to officiate PAL Soccer matches, please contact the referee assignor, Mike Weber, at





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