Last Updated: May 26, 2016

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  • May 13th
2016 Softball League Age Chart
2016 Baseball League Age Chart
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All Star Selection Process

2016 Pitch Hit and Run Winners

Congratulations to these winners, they all advance to the sectional competition on May 22nd. (see below for more information)

Boys 7/8

Pitch:               Christopher Manger/Brady Marabell
Hit:                  Bobby Ehrmann
Run:                Justin Williams
Overall:           Brayden Smith
Boys 9/10
Pitch:              Rocco DelGiudice/Joseph Napoli/Ike Tscherne
Hit:                  Riley Calemmo/Anthony Palmieri     
Run:                Adam Horvath
Overall:           Rocco DelGiudice
Boys 11/12
Pitch:               Jason Marabell
Hit:                  Nicholas Taborelli
Run:                 Tyler Grebb
Overall:           Ethan Kauffman
Boys 13/14
Pitch:              Buck Evans
Hit:                  Brettney Ramsour
Run:                Brettney Ramsour
Overall:           Brettney Ramsour
Girls 7/8
Pitch:               MacKenzie Van Winkle
Hit:                  No one
Run:                 Brianna Kelly
Overall:           MacKenzie Van Winkle
Girls 9/10
Pitch:               Jade Holovacko
Hit:                  Alexa DelGiudice
Run:                 Lillian Mazza
Overall:           Jade Holovacko
Girls 11/12
Pitch:               Emma Bourgal/Gina Litts/Gianna Palmieri  
Hit:                  Zoe Cruz
Run:                 Zoe Cruz
Overall:           Gina Litts
Girls 13/14
Pitch:               Aylssa Hooten
Hit:                  Lea Martz
Run:                 Madison Kice
Overall:           Aylssa Hooten
Winners will need a completed Pitch, Hit and Run registration form and  birth certificate with them at the sectional competition.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday, May 28
Coach Pitch Baseball
PME10-Formica PRACTICE10:00amMt. View Lower
Minor Baseball
PME17-Schmon PRACTICE3:00pmTannersville Fire House Fields
Major Softball
East Stroudsburg St. Paul @ PME33-Van Winkle1:00pmReeders Softball Field
Tuesday, May 31
Coach Pitch Baseball
PME10-Formica @ PME7-Stirr6:00pmMonsignor McHugh (Middle)
PME8-Pezzuti @ PME13-Ferguson6:00pmMt. View Lower
Minor Baseball
PME14-McCoy @ W46:00pmBlanch (Front Field)
PME18- Rodriguez @ PME16-Dunlap6:00pmSeven Pines Park (Front Field)
PME15-Ehrmann @ PME17-Schmon6:00pmTannersville Fire House Fields
Major Baseball
T2 @ PME20-Kauffman6:00pmReeders baseball field
PME21- Napoli @ T16:00pmTobyhanna Field
50-70 Baseball
PME24-Perrine @ PME23-Argot6:00pmSeven Pines park (back field)
PME24-Perrine PRACTICE6:00pmTannersville Fire House Fields
Coach Pitch Softball
PMW @ PME28-Mancini6:00pmMonsignor McHugh (Lower)
Major Softball
West End @ PME32- Pyatt6:00pmESSA
PRACTICE PME33-Van Winkle6:00pmField of Dreams Upper
Wednesday, Jun 1
PME2-Dunlap @ PME5-Martin6:00pmRoof-LITTLE
Coach Pitch Baseball
PME8-Pezzuti PRACTICE6:00pmHigh Acres Park
PRACTICE PME13-Ferguson6:00pmMt. View Lower
Major Baseball
PME20-Kauffman @ PME19-Wescott6:00pmSeven Pines park (back field)
W2 @ PME22-Griffin6:00pmSeven Pines Park (Front Field)
Senior Baseball
PMW @ PME26-Cook6:00pmPMW High School
Dingman Delaware @ PME25-Barbush6:00pmReeders Fields
Coach Pitch Softball
PME28-Mancini @ PME29-Ash6:00pmMonsignor McHugh (Lower)
Minor Softball
PME30-Stover PRACTICE6:00pmMt. View Middle
Major Softball
PME32- Pyatt @ PMW6:00pmKeiper
PRACTICE PME33-Van Winkle6:00pmReeders Softball Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!