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We want to thank those individuals who had taken the time to come out and vote for our annual Board of Directors elections.  Also we want to thank Stuart Bernstein who took the time out to help in the voting process.  We want to congratulate the following individuals who now will either continue in their previous roles or taken new roles on with POBSC.

  • Andrew Feldstein - President (re-elected)
  • Tracy Slavsky - VP of Travel (new role - previous role of VP of Girls Intramurals)
  • Lisa Bloom - Secretary (newly elected)
  • Scott Witz - VP of Girls Intramurals (new role - previous role of Trustee - fundraising)
  • Jeff Knoll - Trustee (Fields) (re-elected)
  • Jen Reamer - Trustee (new role - previous role Secretary)
  • Lorin Bocian - Trustee (newly elected - current Division Head within POBSC)
  • Brian Katz - he will serve as a non-voting member in an assigned Trustee capacity until a fall special election is held - replacing the vacant Trustee position held by Scott Witz.

With that being said we truly want to thank, as well as show our deepest appreciation to following individuals who will be missed as they have decided to step down from their positions within POBSC.

Russell Willens - the longest tenured board member, he will be finishing up this year after holding several key roles within our organization including: Intramural Coach, Travel Coach, Division Head, VP of Boys Intramurals, Trustee (Referees) and finally working on our Little Nugget Program.  Russell has coached a very successful POB United team from U10 all the way to U19, something that we should all be very proud of.  Though he is stepping down, Russell has ensured us that he will stay involved to help support the children and the POB community.

John Horenstein - he is another fixture for many years around the POB soccer world (having three children play for our club), in between cutting the travel field grass and  working on the POB equipment storage facility, John  has taken the POBSC Travel Program to new heights.  Starting as a Intramural Coach, Travel Coach and Division Head, John took on the role as our Vice President of Travel and helped take POBSC to a whole new level.   With over 40 travel teams, he was instrumental in helping to restructure our Travel Program starting with our Tryout procedures & selections from  U9  to our oldest U19 levels.  As the travel world keeps evolving John  was on top of each and every change.  His relationship with LIJSL and other travel leagues has allowed POBSC to become a very prominent member in the soccer landscape of New York.  We wish John nothing but the best and as with other individuals will continue to be involved in some capacity within our organization. 

Tom Beattie - a relatively short-timer compared to both Russell and John, but no less important and hard working.  Tom truly carried the NDP program on his back and helped build an avenue for intramural children can have the opportunity to play "friendlies" against other towns as well as having the opportunity to improve their soccer skills during game play.  Tom also has Coached Intramurals, Coaching Travel, held a Trustee position (NDP Coordinator) within the framework of POBSC.  He also works as a Referee and gives his time to both Eastern New York and LIJSL soccer organizations.  As he moves on to bigger and better things, we will continue to see Tom around the pitch or in ShopRite trading coupons with Russell and John.

Again we want to give all three a very big THANK YOU for all they had done to help ALL the children associated with POBSC.  They will be sorely missed but NEVER forgotten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you all at the Coaches Dinner.


POBSC Boys and Girls Travel Team Tryouts 

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All You Need to Know About POBSC - Please Review

Registration for both intramural & Travel play is completed online only which is contained in the Menu Section to the left under "Online (click here) Registration" .


Please view the website fully as most of the answers that you are looking for, i.e. scheduling, game play, fields, and much more are all located here.  

  • Registration for the 2014 FALL/2015 SPRING intramurals are now open.  All fees are located on the Home Page of SportsSignup which can be accessed to the left side in the menu section marked ONLINE (click here) REGISTRATION.
  • Intramural Program - this is for children from Little Nuggets (3 year old) to 3rd Grade.  All times, dates and locations are here for all to see in the menu section under INTRAMURAL (click here) INFORMATION.
  • Travel Program - this is for children entering 4th Grade to 18 years of age.  Including LIJSL, SSI, 135 League and US Club Soccer.
  • Within POBSC, we have a very strict Zero Tolerance (click here) Policy for ALL those individuals (players, parents, siblings, and any individuals) who are spectators at all games, practices and gatherings for POBSC purposes.  This policy can be seen in the "Menu Section" for all to view.  Please review them prior to visiting our fields.
  • Cleanliness - please note when visiting our fields, there are plenty of trash cans, please use them as we are only guests on the fields.
  • Each location associated with POBSC are equipped with AED (click here) units.
  • Remember - all coaches, division heads and board members are volunteers, so please treat them with respect as they are taking time out of their schedules to work to make POBSC the number one soccer organization on Long Island.
  • Please respect the play of the children - all spectators are forbidden to view games from behind the goals.  When watching a game, please stand /sit a minimum of 3 - 4 yards from the sidelines for the protection of the children playing the game.
  • NO Smoking on or near any of the fields including parking lots.
  • NO Alcohol on or near any of the fields including parking lots and all areas connecting with playing and spectating areas.
  • NO Dogs on or near any of the fields including parking lots, including in carry bags or even held in arms of owner.
  • Any adult (Coach, Board Member or Referee) who has any contact with the children MUST have completed and passed Risk Management.
  • Please note that TOPSoccer registration is also open and as always, volunteers are welcome.  In the past we have had several teams each week working in what we call "the truest sense of soccer" there is, just for the love of the game.

POBSC has a long standing tradition of placing the welfare and growth of a child over the need for intense competition.  With that being said, our intramural program is designed for all children who register to play at "grade" level and to grow both as children and soccer players under as stress-free environment as possible.  Since 1974, POBSC has helped develop children to gain both a love for the sport as well as a true sense of belonging within a community.
Please review the following information below to have a better understanding of how all children who participate in POBSC are registered and placed in a particular division.
  • Little Nugget Program -
    • For all children who be of 3 years of age by January 1st of the registration season of Fall/Spring of that same year
  • (U5) Pre-K Division -
    • For all children who be of 4 years of age by January 1st of the registration season of Fall/Spring of that same year
  • (U6) Kindergarten Division - 
    • For all children who be of 5 years of age by January 1st of the registration season of Fall/Spring of that same year
  • (U7) 1st Grade Division -
    • For all children who will be enrolled in 1st grade at an educational institution of the registration season of Fall/Spring of that same year
  • (U8) 2nd Grade Division -
    • For all children who will be enrolled in 2nd grade at an educational institution of the registration season of Fall/Spring of that same year
  • (U9) 3rd Grade Division -
    • For all children who will be enrolled in 3rd grade at an educational institution of the registration season of Fall/Spring of that same year
  • NDP Program - 
    • For children registered in POBSC in either the U8 or U9 Divisions ONLY.  Please visit the NDP tab in the "Main Menu" section



Long Islanders Voted Plainview Old Bethpage Soccer Club in Old Bethpage Best Soccer Club on Long Island!


Plainview Old Bethpage Soccer Club is surely going in the right direction. The club grabbed the top spot after claiming the third-place prize in 2013 and the second place spot in 2012 & 2011. From the start, the club has always put kids first, focusing on the development of every child, no matter their skill-level or talent. The organization led by President Andrew Feldstein and Executive Vice President Joel Sklar who keep POBSC involved in several soccer associations in the New York region: along with their board of directors have set the tone of soccer success throughout the region.  The club boasts more than 1,400 children and dozens of parents, community members and coaches who devote their own free time to help these children get out onto the field and reach their full potential.  Innovative measures such as a "small-sided intramural program", the use of "sweeper-keepers", involvement in the NDP program plus providing 40+ travel teams from ages U10 and up clearly has set the path for success for now and into the future.

From a POBSC Board of Directors standpoint; we want to thank all the Players, Coaches, Division Heads, Referees, Parents, Top Soccer Volunteers and other volunteers that have made us Number One..................Thank You.

Let's keep it rolling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Risk Management Adult (click here) Registration System



Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association has a Risk Management Policy to: communicate guidelines and related materials that are intended to foster safe experiences, and initiate risk management registration and background checks for adults participating in US Youth Soccer activity through its affiliated member organizations. Therefore adults (18 years and older) participating in ENYYSA sanctioned activities must have a background check.

With that being said, any individual (coach, assistant coach, administrator, board member, division head) MUST have an updated and positive Risk Management registration on file with POBSC to have any affiliation with the children in a POBSC capacity.

Thank you for your assistance.


TopSoccer Program - POBSC & LIJSL

Come On Out And Support This Heart-Warming Program.....................................

This program was initiated to accommodate those children and young adults who are not able to participate in a regular or mainstream soccer activities. The program provides an opportunity for children and young adults with special needs to enjoy participating in soccer games and related activities.  In addition to weekly games and practices, our teams participate in various indoor & outdoor tournaments and attend an annual awards dinner.  LIJSL also hosts a tournament with a BBQ in June of each year.

Our program is very flexible as we try to accommodate everyone's needs.  There are no minimum ability and/or attendance requirements, each child and young adult is free to participate as much and as often or as little as they like.  Our practices and games take place Saturday mornings at 9 am at the Long Island Soccer Park, 1425 Old Country Road Plainview, NY

POBSC is very proud to be a part of The TopSoccer Program since it's inception over 32 years ago and will continue to support this wonderful program for many years to come. 
For further information regarding this program, including dates and times to help volunteer your time, please go to the TopSoccer Section in our Main Menu.

 No matter how cute they are, please NO pets are allowed on the POBSC Travel Fields or parking area.  Thank you for all your support in this matter.