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Pinellas Park Baseball
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Registration Spring 2015






Registration is now open.

You can now pay online for your convenience.

Please see form link to the right or on the menu under "Online Forms"


Early registration DISCOUNT ($10) only applies through Dec 31.

A volunteer fee is now added to the registration and must be paid upon registering. Once the hours have been completed there will be a process to be reimbursed ( to be posted on website soon). Read about the new program Here.


Select divison by age

Now Through Dec 31

Through Jan

After Feb 1

PreT age (age 3 or 4 prior to 5/1/2015)Shetland (age 5 or 6 prior to 5/1/2015)

Pinto (age 7 or 8 prior to 5/1/2015)

Mustang (age 9 or 10 prior to 5/1/2015)

Bronco (age 11 or 12 prior to 5/1/2015)

Pony (age 13 - 15 prior to 5/1/2015)





















Plus  $25 Fundraiser Fee and the New $50 Volunteer Fee (both refundable through sales and volunteer hours completed).

Additional siblings recieve $5 discount






We are always looking for SPONSORS and

Don't forget that every team is required to be sponsored,

so start now and be ahead of the game.





Your team mom and/or coach have been given a password so that they can update their team page and their game results. This is mandatory for all teams! If your coach or team mom is not updating the website in a timely manner, please ask them nicely if they plan on doing so. If not, volunteer to do the updates yourself, or ask around to see what parent would be willing to take on the task.

If you need the instructions, have forgotten your user ID or password, or need assistance of any type, please send an email to the league by using the email form on the Contact page, and we will help you in any way possible.






The Guestbook is a great place to leave good luck messages to players, thank a coach/team mom for a great job done, congratulate a player on a nice play, send a positive message to your team, etc. Take advantage of it by clicking on guestbook icon on the left.

We look forward to reading all the compliments and inspiring words about our players/coaches.

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