Last Updated: September 3, 2015
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  • The top hand middle knuckle inbetween middle and bottom knuckle of lead hand
  • Parallel stance feet wider than shoulders feet turned in bend at knees and waist
  • Power position push front foot back weight on back foot hands behind back foot
  • Stride 6 to 8" land on ball of front foot lifting heel of back foot hands forward 5"
  • The swing knob of bat at pitcher barrel close to back shoulder wrists cocked


A reminder the pancake breakfast is Sunday at the American Legion Hall 725 Henry St. in Lake Geneva from 7:30am to 11:30am. Spread the word and sell tickets.

We will need players to sign up for shifts:

Games this week

16u - Tuesday at Whitewater 6:00pm 534 S. Elizabeth St. Whitewater, Wi. 53190. They are also willing to play DH on Saturday  vs. our 16u at Whitewater. I  have emailed coaches attempting to makeup rainouts and other coaches for games and will call them again today.

17u- Tuesday Janesville at home 6:00pm; Thursday away Union Grove  7:30pm; home Richmond 6:00pm.

18u- Tuesday Racine Mudcats away 7:30; Wednesday Kenosha Rake home 7:45pm. at Jonas.

June 23rd concession helpers- Michele Kutsch; Scoreboard-Tony C.

We could use one more person for concession and scoreboard.

We need sign ups for Friday June 26th - Concessions and Scoreboard.

We need concession and scoreboard/announcing for Wednesday and Friday. We will set up concessions for the Junior Badger game at 6:00pm.