Last Updated: July 18, 2014

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  • The 2014/15 Palomar League Schedules for JV and Varsity are now posted

Carmel Mountain Oral and Facial Surgery

Coach Fisher Requests Players Watch the Following Videos


Guard skills:


ISU Drill


23 ways to destroy your defender

Part 1


Part 2   


Steph Curry


More Steph.



Guard / wing skills:


ISU lay ups


Euro step


More good stuff from ISU


Good wing series




More Ginobili.  Splitting a hedge, eurostep, and more.



Post skills:


Everyone needs to watch and listen how this ends


From 1:30 on.   Short.


Hakeem.  Great stuff! 


Hakeem and Lebron.  Take what works for you.



Strength / conditioning / vertical jump exercises:


18 exercises


Vertical / explosiveness exercises


Dumpster jumping



Basketball to admire / emulate:


Spurs playing beautiful basketball




Michael Jordan


Behind the scenes of the spurs success  



Upcoming Events

Tuesday,  Jul 22
No Contact Period
Wednesday,  Jul 23
No Contact Period
Thursday,  Jul 24
No Contact Period
Friday,  Jul 25
No Contact Period
Saturday,  Jul 26
No Contact Period
Sunday,  Jul 27
No Contact Period
Monday,  Jul 28
No Contact Period

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Carmel Mountain Oral and Facial Surgery

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