Last Updated: January 25, 2016
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Powdersville Baseball 2 Day Try Outs

Monday, Feb. 1st and Tuesday, Feb. 2nd

Middle School Students-3:30-5:00

High School Students-4:30-6:30


1.   Try outs are for anyone in grades 7-12 who is interested in trying out for the Baseball Program.


2.   Each athlete trying out will be Evaluated in 2 days. 

     Those days are: Monday, Feb. 1st and Tuesday, Feb. 2nd ONLY. 

*If you miss one of the try out days, you will not be given an extra day*


3.   Try outs are for any athletes who are not currently playing a Winter Sport. 


4.   Each athlete trying out will be Evaluated by all 3 coaches. 

     The evaluation process consists of: speed time test, throwing/arm strength, catching and hitting.


5.   The Coaching Staff will meet with each athlete individually after Tuesday’s final try out day and go over the evaluation.  Each athlete will be told on Tuesday whether they will make the program or not.


6.   Equipment you will need: hat, cleats, glove, long sleeves, baseball pants, BBCOR Bat if you own one.


7.   Please make sure your ride will be here to pick you up on time.


8.   Players should be picked up at the student parking lot and not at the baseball field


9.   Try outs are closed.  Parents/Grandparents need to stay in the parking lot.


Dates for Baseball Try outs:

Monday, Feb. 1st and Tuesday, Feb. 2nd ONLY

Location- Baseball Field

Time-Middle School Students-3:30-5:00

Time-High School Students-4:30-6:30

*Try outs are subject to change or cancellation. If Try outs are canceled an announcement will be made at the Middle and High School.


If there are any questions please contact:

Coach Smith, Head Baseball Coach-Powdersville High School