Last Updated: February 18, 2017
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  • Canton South........East Canton........Fairless........Sandy Valley.......Tusky Valley
  • Canton South........East Canton........Fairless........Sandy Valley.......Tusky Valley

Canton South Wildcats - East Canton Hornets - Fairless Falcons - Sandy Valley Cardinals - Tusky Valley Trojans

Youth Basketball League for Boys 3-4th Grade, Boys 5-6th Grade, Girls 3-4th Grade & Girls 5-6th Grade
This is a developmental league focused on teaching children basketball fundamentals and sportsmanship.
Please respect our rules, game officials and especially our children!
         Tournaments Begin Saturday, February 11, 2017
The admission fee will increase to $2 for Adults & $1 for School-age Children.  
Get your hand stamped and it will serve at any of our schools throughout the day. 

Congratulations to those teams playing in the finals!

Time Division HOME   AWAY
9:00 AM 3-4 Boys TV Caldwell vs TV Congdon
10:00 AM 3-4 Girls TV Bourquin vs TV Ernst
11:00 AM 5 Boys Western SV Humphrey vs SV Rusk
12:00 PM 6 Boys Western FA C Summers vs CS Mackey
1:00 PM 5-6 Girls Western EC Lesher vs CS Blackeney
2:00 PM 5 Girls Eastern SV Sickafoose vs TV Sites
3:00 PM 6 Girls Eastern FA Brothers vs CS Robinson
4:00 PM 5 Boys Eastern TV Garber vs TV Leffler
5:00 PM 6 Boys Eastern FA Pumneo vs TV Miller


Click of the link below to access the division's tournament bracket:

Updated 2/18/2017

Boys 3-4

Girls 3-4

Boys 5  - Eastern & Western Divisions

Boys 6  - Eastern & Western Divisions

Girls 5-6   - Eastern & Western Divisions

Good luck to all teams!

As a reminder, all facilities will have a zero tolerance policy with unsportsmanlike behavior.  Any fan, coach, or player who is asked to leave will not be permitted back for the duration of the tournament. 

We appreciate everyone's cooperation in making this an enjoyable experience for these youth players.