Last Updated: May 1, 2016 
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It's that time of year again, PRYB is looking for coaches interested in taking one our teams on the road to compete in various tournaments. Please click here if your interested in becoming an all-stars coach.




PRYB Families:

PRYB will be hosting Scotts "Pitch, Hit & Run" competition this year. The event will take place just before our family movie night. Please check back, we will be updating the site as more information becomes available.

Click here to fill out a registration form for this years competition.

Click here to learn more about this event.




PRYB Families the 2016 Tournament Brackets have been released. Once the season is finished out teams will be populated based upon their standings. Click below to view the bracket of your choice.

       Bronco Bracket                                          Mustang Bracket                                                 Pinto Bracket


PRYB Families we still have Homerun Cards for sale by one get one free. Please contact Heather Alspach at


PRYB Families we would like to congratulate the following players on joining the 2016 PRYB Home Run Club.

Logan Stout - Bronco Angels - 4/6/2016            



Devin Mowreader - Bronco Angels - 4/6/2016  



Chris Contreras - Pinto Giants - 4/9/2016       



Nicolas Bender - Mustang Dodgers - 4/9/2016  



Blayne Lowry - Pinto Astros - 4/11/2016          



Chris Contreras - Pinto Giants - 4/13/2016      



Aron Espinoza - Bronco Giants - 4/16/2016     



Chris Contreras - Pinto Giants - 4/20/2016       



Chris Contreras - Pinto Giants - 4/23/2016     




Chris Glover - Pinto Astros - 4/27/2016         


Apparel will be available for order at the Sherwood Field Snack Bar this Season.  



Paso Robles Youth Baseball  -  501-c3 Non Profit Organization - Tax Id # 26-1325781

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, May 4
General Board Meeting6:30pmPaso Robles Inn
Saturday, May 21
Closing Day8:30amSherwood Park
Wednesday, Jun 1
General Board Meeting6:30pmPaso Robles Inn

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

Upcoming Games

Monday, May 2
Dodgers @ Angels5:30pmBynum Field
Orioles @ Tigers5:00pmHernandez Field
Mets @ Angels5:00pmTom Silva Field (Sherwood Park)
Pirates @ Dodgers5:00pmShetland Field
Tuesday, May 3
Dodgers @ Mets5:00pmBarney Schwartz 3
Royals @ Yankees5:30pmBynum Field
Red Sox @ Royals5:00pmHernandez Field
Yankees @ Royals5:00pmShetland Field
Wednesday, May 4
Giants @ Angels5:00pmBarney Schwartz 3
Red Sox @ Mets5:30pmBynum Field
Astros @ Dodgers5:00pmHernandez Field
Yankees @ Orioles5:00pmTom Silva Field (Sherwood Park)
A's @ Orioles5:00pmShetland Field
Thursday, May 5
Indians @ Giants5:30pmBynum Field
Red Sox @ Angels5:00pmHernandez Field
Giants @ Orioles5:00pmTom Silva Field
Angels @ Cubs5:00pmShetland Field
Friday, May 6
A's @ Yankees5:00pmBarney Schwartz 3
Yankees @ A's5:30pmBynum Field
Mets @ Royals5:00pmHernandez Field
Red Sox @ Yankees5:00pmTom Silva Field
Tigers @ Redsox5:00pmShetland Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!