Last Updated: May 25, 2015 


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2015 RBSA Picture Day Schedule - May 9

The following is the schedule for RBSA Picture Day on May 9.  Please have your team there on time so we can stay on schedule!!!

Saturday, May 9

8:00am: Sand Gnats (3-4) and Yankees (3-4)
8:20am: Cardinals (3-4) and Pirates (3-4)
8:40am: Athletics (3-4) and Rangers (3-4)
9:00am: Cubs (5-6) and Scrappers (5-6)
9:20am: Giants (5-6) and Rangers (5-6)
9:40am: Yankees (7-8) and Bulls (7-8)
10:00am: Reds (7-8) and Hooks (7-8)
10:20am: Marlins (7-8) and Orioles (9-10)
10:40am: Tigers (9-10) and Red Sox (9-10)
11:00am: Pirates (9-10) and Diamondbacks (11-12)
11:20am: Orioles (11-12) and Reds (11-12)
11:40am: Twins (13-14) and Cardinals (13-14)
12:00pm: Orioles (13-14) and Ponytails (6U)
12:20pm: Diamond Divas (6U) and Pink Sox (6U)
12:40pm: Crossfire (8U) and Diamond Divas (8U)
1:00pm: Chaos (8U) and Crush (10U)
1:20pm: Eagle Chicks (10U) and Diamond Divas (10U)
1:40pm: Ball Hawgz (12U) and Stitch Rippers (12U)
2:00pm: Bomb Squad (15U) and Pride (15U)

Upcoming Schedule

Saturday,  May 30
Boys 7-8 Machine Pitch
Alto Rangers @ Rusk Bulls 10:00am Rusk Top Field
Rusk Hooks @ Rusk Marlins 12:00pm Rusk Top Field
Rusk Reds @ Rusk Yankees 2:00pm Rusk Top Field
Girls T-Ball 6U
Rusk Ponytails @ Rusk Pink Sox 10:00am Rusk Softball Field
Pre T-Ball
Rusk Sand Gnats @ Rusk Pirates 9:00am Rusk Middle Field
Rusk Cardinals @ Rusk Athletics 9:00am Rusk Softball Field
Rusk Yankees @ Rusk Rangers 9:00am Rusk Top Field
Monday,  Jun 1
Boys 13-14
Whitehouse Crushers @ Alto Jackets 6:00pm Rusk Middle Field
Rusk Twins @ Rusk Cardinals 8:00pm Rusk Middle Field
Rusk Orioles @ Troup Rattlers 8:00pm Troup Baseball Field
Boys 7-8 Machine Pitch
Rusk Hooks @ Alto Rangers 6:00pm Alto Baseball Field
Rusk Bulls @ Rusk Reds 6:00pm Rusk Top Field
Rusk Marlins @ Rusk Yankees 8:00pm Rusk Top Field
Girls 10U
Rusk Crush @ Rusk Diamond Divas 6:00pm Rusk Softball Field
Rusk Eagle Chicks @ Slocum 6:00pm Slocum Softball Field
Girls 12U
Rusk Stitch Rippers @ Rusk Ball Hawgz 8:00pm Rusk Softball Field
Alto Lady Jackets @ Slocum 8:00pm Slocum Softball Field
Girls 15U
Rusk Pride @ Troup Angels 6:00pm Troup Baseball Field
Girls 8U Coach Pitch
Jacksonville Heartbreakers @ Jacksonville Pixies 8:00pm Jacksonville Baseball Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!