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Congrats to Tori Johnson and Aaliyah Johnson in being the Girls Doubles District Champion.  Congrats to Catherine Poates for winning 3rd Place Girl Singles.  Congrats to Braelynn Amber Seely and Aidan Gennuso for winning 3rd Place Mixed Doubles.  Congrats to Carlie Hagar and Brent McCall for winning 4th Place Mixed Doubles.  Congrats to the Girls team for winning 3rd as a team for District which consists of Braelynn Seely, Carlie Hagar, Tori Johnson, Aaliyah Johnson,  Catherine Poates, Bridgette Fly, Amy Muzquiz, Claire Growald.



1st in B Mix:         Shaeeka Thapa & Jacob Nicol 

2nd in A Boys’ Singles:     Ian Calvin

2nd in A Boys’ Doubles:   Marcel Hayek & Angle Zarate

2nd in B Girls’ Singles:      Shaelly Castro-Puertas

3rd in B Boys’ Singles:      John Huynh

3rd in B Girls’ Doubles:    Karoline Green & Anahi Ornelas

3rd in A Girls’ Singles:      Raelee Harrigan























































































































































































































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