Last Updated: October 17, 2014

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  • Welcome to Rosemont Little League!

Registration Dates for the 2015 Season will be posted soon!  Please check back often for updates!



Welcome 2015 Board Members!


 President - Keith Warmack

Vice President - Jennifer Villapando

Secretary - Christy Franks

Treasurer - Dennis Gallagher

Player Agent - Anissa Hussman

Coaches Coordinator - Tim Franks

Safety Coordinator - Keith Lane


There are still positions available for the 2015 Board. 

If you are interested in helping make Rosemont Little League a great league for our kids to be in we would love to hear from you. 

Drop us an email at

RLL Boundaries

Rosemont Little League boundaries:
North of Jackson Road
East of South Watt Avenue
South of Folsom Boulevard
West of Routier Road, Mather Airfield and Excelsior Road

Pitch Count Rule Change

Little League has changed the pitch count rule for purposes of days rest when one of the pitch count thresholds has been reached during an at time at bat.

If a pitcher reaches a pitch count threshold during an at time at bat and continues to pitch to that batter until he reaches base, is retired or the third out is made elsewhere during that at bat, he will only be charged for the threshold pitches made during that at bat so long as he does not throw a pitch to another batter before being removed from the mound.

Example: the pitcher reaches 20 pitches during an at bat and throws 3 more pitches before the batter is retired. If the pitcher does not throw any pitches to another batter, he will only be charged for 20 pitches for threshold purposes and may pitch the next day.

This rational applies to any threshold the pitcher reaches during the game.

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