Last Updated: March 4, 2015
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The practice fields will not be available today 3/4 due to weather.


The most current teams and rosters have been uploaded to the website. We will do a final roster upload prior when we post the schedules.  Some team has duplicate players on their rosters, we will fix this on the final upload.



Teams and Players looking please use these forms.

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Herfurth Park Practice Schedule

Wednesday,  Mar 4
Field #3 - Rowlett Misfits 5:00pm
Field #3 - Hornets 7:00pm
Thursday,  Mar 5
Field #3 - Rangers 5:00pm
Field #5 - Heat Baseball 5:00pm
Field #6 - Stallions 5:00pm
Friday,  Mar 6
Field #6 - Blue Jays 5:00pm Herfurth Park
Field #3 - NTX Bashers 7:00pm
Saturday,  Mar 7
Field #6 - 8U Rampage 8:00am
Field #3 - Stallions 10:00am Herfurth Park Field #3
Field #4 - Fusion Select 12:00pm
Field #3 - Rowlett Misfits 2:00pm
Field #6 - Blue Jays 2:00pm Herfurth Park
Field #3 - Hornets 4:00pm
Sunday,  Mar 8
Field #4 Rangers 12:00pm Herfuth Park Field #4
Field #3 - Aggies 2:00pm Herfurth Park Field #3
Field #4 - Express 2:00pm Herfuth Park Field #4
Field #3 - 10U Draft team 4:00pm Herfurth Park Field #3
Monday,  Mar 9
Field #3 - Rebels 7:00pm
Tuesday,  Mar 10
Field #5 - Heat 5:00pm Herfurth Park
Wednesday,  Mar 11
Field #3 - Misfits 5:00pm Herfurth Park Field #3
Field #3 - Hornets 7:00pm Herfurth Park Field #3
Thursday,  Mar 12
Field #3 - Rangers 5:00pm Herfurth Park Field #3
Saturday,  Mar 14
Field #3 - Misfits 2:00pm Herfurth Park Field #3
Field #3 - Hornets 4:00pm Herfurth Park Field #3

For a complete calendar listing, click here!