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Thanks For Visiting our Website!

We look forward to providing fun and competitive competition with one of the best facilities in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex.

We realize you have a choice in where you choose to participate and appreciate the fact that you have chosen Rowlett Adult Softball.

We strive to offer a well-run, competitive slow-pitch softball program for the entire scope of softball players, from the recreational player to the experienced competitive tournament player. All Leagues and Tournaments are played at Rowlett Community Park located at 10200 St. Andrews Lane in Rowlett, 75088. Our mailing address is P. O. Box 592, Rowlett, Texas 75030.  If you have any questions, or cannot find the information on this website you are seeking, please feel free to email or call us at 972-475-9988.





Rowlett USSSA Softball offers 5 Seasons - Winter, Spring, Summer I, Summer II and Fall Seasons play for Men, Mixed and Women's teams in 2015.

2015 Winter 250' Doubleheader Season - Deadline is Wednesday, December 31st. Men's and Mixed Leagues played on Tuesday and Thursday. Play begins Tuesday, January 6th and Thursday, January 8th.

2015 Spring Season - Deadline is Saturday, February 14th. Schedule pickup day is Thursday, February 19th from 5:00 - 9:00 p.m. at the park. Play begins the week of Sunday, February 22nd..

2015 Summer I Season - Deadline is Saturday, May 2nd. Schedule pickup day is Thursday, May 7th from 5:00 - 9:00 p.m. at the park. Play begins the week of Sunday, May 10th.

2015 Summer II Season - Deadline is Saturday, July 11th. Schedule pickup day is Thursday, July 16th from 5:00 - 9:00 at the park. Play begins the week of Sunday July 19th.

2015 Fall Season - Deadline is Saturday, September 12th. Schedule pickup day is Thursday, September 17th from 5:00 - 9:00 p.m. at the park. Play begins the week of Sunday, September 20th.

Men's Leagues on Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday.
Mixed Leagues on Sunday, Thursday and Friday.
Women's Leagues on Monday.

Team registration fee is $375.00, (8 game, 6 week season) for each league. Team registration fee for the Winter League is $350.00 (8 game, 4 week season). There will be a $20.00 late fee if registering after the deadline. Additional information, deadline and schedule pickup dates can be found on the calendar page. You can register online by going to Online Forms. For more information call at 972-475-9988.




Effective January 1, 2014 for League and Tournament Play
* Have the new permanent USSSA mark on it's taper or
* Be a USSSA approved wood bat with a taped handle

All of the above must be manufactured by an approved USSSA Bat Licensee




Rowlett USSSA Softball along with Baden Sports and DrPepper sponsors several USSSA sanctioned tournaments throughout the year. The 2015 Tournament schedule is listed below. Click on the Tournament icon at the left then choose 2015 tournaments for more information on each tournament. You can register for any tournament by completing a registration form on the Online Forms Page to the left.

January 10 - Rowlett Winterfest 250 - Men C/D/E
January 24 - Southwest Winter 250 - Men C/D/E
January 31 - Super Bowl Saturday 250 - Men C/D/E

February 7 - Baden Sports 250 - Men C/D/E
February 21 - USSSA NTX Winter State - Men C/D/E, Mixed 
March 7 - Spring Fever Qualifier - Men C/D/E
March 14 - Rowlett Spring Ironman - Men D/E, Mixed
March 21 - March Madness Ironman - Men D/E, Mixed 
April 4 - Baden Sports Ironman - Men D/E, Mixed
April 18 - Backyard Brawl Ironman - Men D/E, Mixed
May 2 - Throwdown Qualifier - Men C/D/E, Mixed
May 9 - DrPepper Ironman - Men D/E, Mixed
May 30 - Tournament Players Qualifier - Men C/D/E
June 13 - Fun In The Sun Qualifier - Men C/D/E, Mixed
June 16 - Tuesday Open NIT #1 - Men B/C/D/E

June 20 - Top Dawg Summer Qualifier - Men D/E, Mixed
June 20 - Military World Qualifier - Men - Military

June 30 - Tuesday Open NIT #2 - Men B/C/D/E
July 11 - Rowlett Merchants Qualifier - Men D/E, Mixed
July 14 - Tuesday Open NIT #3 - Men B/C/D/E

July 25 - USSSA North Texas State Warmup - Men C/D/E
July 28 - Tuesday Open NIT #4 - Men's B/C/D/E
August 1/2  - USSSA North Texas Men's D State - Men D
August 8 - Summer Shoot Out - Men D/E, Mixed
August 29 - Rowlett Ironman 250 - Men C/D/E, Mixed

September 12 - Best Of The Southwest 250 - Men C/D/E, Mixed
September 26 - Fall Slugfest Ironman 250 - Men C/D/E, Mixed
October 10 - Grip It & Rip It 250 - Men D/E, Mixed
October 24 - Fall Mayhem 250 - Men C/D/E, Mixed
November 7 - Southwest Fall 250 - Men C/D/E, Mixed
November 14 - Yard Dawg 250 - Men C/D/E, Mixed

November 21 - King Of The Hill 250 - Men C/D/E, Mixed






Are you new to the area or a player looking to play another night? Go to Online Forms and complete the Individual Player Registration Form and press send. We will display your name and phone number on our Free Agent List for coaches looking for additional players.




Rowlett USSSA Softball is looking for those who would like to become a USSSA umpire and call games in Rowlett and Garland. Earn top pay by umpiring league games Sunday through Friday evenings. Tournaments vary throughout the year on Saturdays and Sundays. To be included in our 2015 umpires class that begins in January, please email us or call 972-475-9988.




Rowlett USSSA Softball is looking for those who want to earn extra money by working our concession stand in 2015 for league nights and weekend tournaments. You must be 18 or older. For concession opportunities, please contact us via email or call 972-475-9988.



Upcoming League Games

Sunday,  Mar 29
Abatix @ Cool Arrows 4:00pm Field 1
Disaster @ Enough Said 4:00pm Field 2
Lollygaggers @ Probable Cause 4:00pm Field 3
Mighty Moose Knuckles @ Elevate A 4:00pm Field 4
The Naturals @ DWC 4:55pm Field 1
Stone Creek Gang @ Mixed Crew 4:55pm Field 2
Mighty Moose Knuckles @ Shockers 4:55pm Field 3
Disaster @ Elevate A 4:55pm Field 4
Licks and Sticks @ Unathletics 5:50pm Field 1
Splits Grill & Bar @ Mixed Crew 5:50pm Field 2
Disaster @ Elevate B 5:50pm Field 3
Back Sliders @ The Loan Rangers 5:50pm Field 4
Licks and Sticks @ Yard Art 6:45pm Field 1
The Replacements @ The Hitmen 6:45pm Field 2
Shockers @ Elevate B 6:45pm Field 3
Back Sliders @ Pitch Slap 6:45pm Field 4
Where My Pitches At? @ Stone Creek Gang 7:40pm Field 1
Balls Deep @ Pillar Church 7:40pm Field 2
Oddballs @ Rodents 7:40pm Field 3
Sons of Pitches @ Pitch Slap 7:40pm Field 4
Where My Pitches At? @ McLain's RV Rockwall 8:35pm Field 1
Pillar Church @ The Hitmen 8:35pm Field 2
Balls Deep @ The Replacements 8:35pm Field 3
Sons of Pitches @ Crazy Nut Jobs 8:35pm Field 4
Monday,  Mar 30
Reapers @ Drinking Class 7:00pm Field 1
Red Shirts @ No Matter What 7:00pm Field 2
TCC @ FBCR 7:00pm Field 3
Misfits @ Drinking Class 7:55pm Field 1
Tornadoes @ No Matter What 7:55pm Field 2
Four Bros @ Eden Landscape 7:55pm Field 3
Misfits @ Eden Landscape 8:50pm Field 1
Tornadoes @ FBCR 8:50pm Field 2
Thursday,  Apr 2
BDS @ Clean Shavin 7:00pm Field 1
The Benchwarmers @ Hoof Hearted 7:00pm Field 4
Suck It Up @ HGH 7:55pm Field 1
FBC Rowlett @ Where My Pitches 7:55pm Field 4
BDS @ HGH 8:50pm Field 1
The Benchwarmers @ Where My Pitches 8:50pm Field 4
Friday,  Apr 3
Desperados @ Team Carpet 7:00pm Field 1
Arby's @ Train Wreck 7:00pm Field 2
PWI @ Balls and Chains 7:00pm Field 3
Orange Crushers @ Throwbacks 7:00pm Field 4
Desperados @ Scrubs 7:55pm Field 1
Arby's @ Splits Lumberjacked 7:55pm Field 2
PWI @ Outlawz 7:55pm Field 3
Orange Crushers @ Sucker What Pony 7:55pm Field 4
Scrubs @ Smash 8:50pm Field 1
Swamp Donkeys @ Splits Lumberjacked 8:50pm Field 2
Balls and Chains @ Bottoms Up 8:50pm Field 3
Throwbacks @ Green Machine 8:50pm Field 4
Hit That Pitch @ PWI 9:45pm Field 1
Swamp Donkeys @ Kratos 9:45pm Field 2
Bottoms Up @ Outlawz 9:45pm Field 3
Green Machine @ Sucker What Pony 9:45pm Field 4
Friday,  Apr 10
Hit That Pitch @ Desperados 7:00pm Field 1
Splits Lumberjacked @ Kratos 7:00pm Field 2
PWI @ Bottoms Up 7:00pm Field 3
Throwbacks @ Sucker What Pony 7:00pm Field 4
Smash @ Scrubs 7:55pm Field 1
Splits Lumberjacked @ Train Wreck 7:55pm Field 2
PWI @ Team Carpet 7:55pm Field 3
Orange Crushers @ Green Machine 7:55pm Field 4
Team Carpet @ Scrubs 8:50pm Field 1
Smash @ Hit That Pitch 8:50pm Field 2
Swamp Donkeys @ Arby's 8:50pm Field 2
Balls and Chains @ Outlawz 8:50pm Field 3

For a complete schedule listing, click here!