Last Updated: June 4, 2014

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2014 Run with the Rams Overall Results

Overall Results:

1. Nathan Beamguard

2. Tiana Sanders

3. Heather Courts-Tysinger

4. Steven Mosteller

5. Timothy Pruitt

6. Matthew Miller

7. Ryan Norman

8. Amanda Adams

9. Steven Tysinger

10. Tracy Vestal

11. Ruth Vanhoy

12. Alicia Billings

13. Linda Laughlin

14. Danielle Mosteller

15. Rosanna Teal

16. Crystal Reid

17. Gary Haynes

18. Heather Whitley

19. Ethan Sizemore

20. Sarah Wagoner

21. Nicole Miller

22. Olivia Holbrook

23. Christina Silvers

24. Roger Norman

25. Corban Pruitt

26. Amanda Pruitt

27. Ricky Vanhoy

2014 Mixed Age Group Results for Run with the Rams

Male Overall Winner Nathan Beamguard

Male Runner-Up - Steven Mosteller


Femail Overall Winner - Tiana Sanders

Female Runner-Up - Heather Courts-Tysinger


Birth to 10

1. Ethan Sizemore

2. Corban Pruitt



1. Sarah Wagoner



1. Danielle Mosteller

2. Olivia Holbrook



1. Matthew Miller

2. Crystal Reid


1. Timothy Pruitt

2. Ryan Norman

3. Amanda Adams

4. Alicia Billings

5. Rosanna Teal

6. Nicole Miller


1. Steven Tysinger

2. Tracy Vestal

3. Heather Whitley



1. Ruth Vanhoy


1. Gary Haynes


1. Ricky Vanhoy


1. Linda Laughlin

2. Roger Norman

2014 Race Route



Run with the Rams

Race Route

We will begin at the front circle drive of Boonville Elementary.

Turn left onto East Main Street

We will continue on East Main Street until the sidewalk ends at Woodruff Road (approximately 1.1 mile)

We will cross the street and continue back up West Main Street

Turn right on Boonville Avenue

At the end of Boonville Avenue turn left onto Baptist Church Road

Turn right onto Carolina Avenue (approximately 2 miles)

Continue on Carolina Avenue, you will cross the road at Marview Road and  continue back up Carolina Avenue

Turn right onto East Main Street

Turn right into Boonville Elementary  and continue around the circle drive and finish at the steps (starting/finish line)

This route runs through beautiful Boonville and should be straight and fast.

Run with the Rams 5K Race

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