Last Updated: May 3, 2016

Spirit Night at Whataburger

Mark your calendar to join us at Whataburger on Hwy 78 in Sachse from 5-8pm next Tuesday, May 10th.

Enjoy a great meal, and 20% of your purchase will be donated to SBA.  Plus, no dishes to wash that night!


Rescheduled Games

There have been a number of games rained out over the last couple weeks.  If you have been impacted by a rained out game, please review your game schedule for any changes.

We understand that rescheduled games can sometimes cause an inconvenience, but we appreciate your patience as we make every effort to get these games back on the calendar.


 Sachse Baseball is proud to have Dick's Sporting Goods as a community partner.  

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  Sachse Baseball Association Mission Statement:

To provide a quality; structured youth sports activity to the children of our community.  To teach sports fundamentals, good sportsmanship, character, discipline, competitiveness, and teamwork in a positive, caring and safe environment.  To give all an equal opportunity to learn and compete while having fun doing it.


Upcoming Games

Thursday, May 5
Giants @ Pirates6:00pmSalmon #2
A's @ Roughriders6:30pmSalmon #2
10u Kid Pitch
Red Hawks - Velazquez @ Cardinals6:00pmSalmon
Orioles @ Rangers7:45pmSalmon
Wylie Cardinals @ NG Rangers7:00pmNorman Groves / Patterson
Saturday, May 7
Pirates @ Heat9:00amHeritage Blue Field North
Hammers @ Rockies9:00amSalmon #2
Roughriders @ Giants9:45amSalmon #2
Astros @ Sharks10:30amSalmon #2
Yankees @ A's11:15amSalmon #2
6u T-ball
Cubs @ Brewers10:00amHeritage Blue Field North
Brewers @ Roughriders11:15amHeritage Blue Field North
Mayhem @ Roughriders12:30pmHeritage Blue Field North
Tigers @ Jays1:45pmHeritage Blue Field North
8u Coach Pitch
Roughriders @ Blue Jays9:00amHeritage Blue
Blue Jays @ Rangers10:30amHeritage Blue
Royals @ Thunder12:00pmHeritage Blue
Thunder @ Rockies1:30pmHeritage Blue
Rockies @ Dodgers3:00pmHeritage Blue
10u Kid Pitch
Tx Heat @ The Good Guys9:00amSalmon
Tx Heat @ Wylie Sox10:45amSalmon
Red Hawks - Carroll @ Orioles12:30pmSalmon
Rangers @ Red Hawks - Velazquez2:15pmSalmon
Cardinals @ Texas Rampage4:00pmHeritage Red
A's @ Thunder4:00pmSalmon
Royals @ A's5:45pmSalmon
Jays @ Warriors9:00amHeritage Green
Astros @ Cubs11:00amHeritage Green
Muckdogs @ Astros1:00pmHeritage Green
NG Reds @ Sachse Rattlers10:00amHeritage Red
NG Royals @ NG Rangers10:00amNorman Groves / Patterson
Wylie Braves @ Wylie Orioles10:00amWylie Community Park field #4
Sachse Rangers @ Wylie Mudcats12:00pmHeritage Red
Wylie Rangers @ Sachse Rampage2:00pmHeritage Red
Monday, May 9
Padres @ Hammers6:00pmHeritage Blue Field North
Rockies @ Astros6:30pmHeritage Blue Field North
6u T-ball
Jays @ Rangers6:00pmHeritage Blue
Cubs @ Roughriders6:00pmHeritage Green
Brewers @ Tigers6:00pmHeritage Red
8u Coach Pitch
Rampage @ Thunder7:15pmHeritage Blue
Rangers @ Blue Jays7:15pmHeritage Green
Roughriders @ Royals7:15pmHeritage Red
Tuesday, May 10
Roughriders @ Astros6:00pmHeritage Blue Field North
Sharks @ Yankees6:00pmSalmon #2
6u T-ball
Tigers @ Roughriders6:00pmSalmon
Mayhem @ Rangers6:30pmHeritage Blue Field North
8u Coach Pitch
Rockies @ Rangers7:15pmSalmon
10u Kid Pitch
Royals @ Cardinals6:00pmHeritage Blue
Texas Rampage @ Red Hawks - Velazquez7:45pmHeritage Blue
Wylie Rangers @ Sachse Mustangs7:00pmHeritage Green
Wylie Cardinals @ Sachse Rattlers7:00pmHeritage Red
Sachse Rangers @ NG Astros7:00pmNorman Groves / Patterson
NG Mets @ Wylie Braves7:00pmWylie Community Park field #4
Wednesday, May 11
Pirates @ Hammers6:00pmHeritage Blue Field North
8u Coach Pitch
Thunder @ Roughriders6:00pmHeritage Blue
Rockies @ A's7:30pmHeritage Blue
10u Kid Pitch
The Good Guys @ Cardinals6:00pmHeritage Red
Texas Rampage @ Tx Heat6:00pmSalmon
Thunder @ Royals7:45pmSalmon
Muckdogs @ Jays6:00pmHeritage Green
Sachse Rangers @ Sachse Rampage8:00pmHeritage Green
Thursday, May 12
Wylie Cardinals @ NG Reds7:00pmNorman Groves / Patterson
Friday, May 13
NG Mets @ Wylie Orioles7:00pmWylie Community Park field #4
Saturday, May 14
Rockies @ Padres9:00amHeritage Blue Field North
Heat @ Roughriders9:00amSalmon #2
Sharks @ Hammers9:45amSalmon #2
Giants @ Yankees10:30amSalmon #2
A's @ Astros11:15amSalmon #2
6u T-ball
Brewers @ Mayhem10:00amHeritage Blue Field North
Roughriders @ Brewers11:15amHeritage Blue Field North
Jays @ Cubs12:30pmHeritage Blue Field North
Cubs @ Rangers1:45pmHeritage Blue Field North
8u Coach Pitch
Dodgers @ Royals9:00amHeritage Blue
Dodgers @ Blue Jays10:30amHeritage Blue
A's @ Blue Jays12:00pmHeritage Blue
Thunder @ A's1:30pmHeritage Blue
Rampage @ Rangers3:00pmHeritage Blue
10u Kid Pitch
Thunder @ Orioles9:00amHeritage Red
Red Hawks - Velazquez @ Red Hawks - Carroll9:00amSalmon
Rangers @ The Good Guys10:45amHeritage Red
Royals @ Red Hawks - Velazquez10:45amSalmon
Wylie Sox @ A's12:30pmHeritage Red
Cardinals @ Tx Heat12:30pmSalmon
Muckdogs @ Cubs9:00amHeritage Green
Warriors @ Muckdogs11:00amHeritage Green
Warriors @ Jays1:00pmHeritage Green
Wylie Mudcats @ NG Mets10:00amNorman Groves / Patterson
NG Astros @ Wylie Braves10:00amWylie Community Park field #4
Sachse Rattlers @ NG Royals12:00pmNorman Groves / Patterson
Monday, May 16
8u Coach Pitch
Dodgers @ Rampage6:00pmHeritage Blue
A's @ Roughriders7:30pmHeritage Blue
10u Kid Pitch
Texas Rampage @ Wylie Sox6:00pmHeritage Red
Rangers @ A's7:45pmHeritage Red
Cubs @ Jays6:00pmHeritage Green
Astros @ Muckdogs8:00pmHeritage Green
NG Mets @ NG Astros7:00pmNorman Groves / Patterson
Sachse Rampage @ Wylie Mudcats7:00pmWylie Community Park field #4
Tuesday, May 17
8u Coach Pitch
Rockies @ Roughriders6:00pmHeritage Blue
NG Rangers @ Sachse Rampage7:00pmHeritage Green
Sachse Rangers @ Sachse Mustangs7:00pmHeritage Red
Sachse Rattlers @ NG Mets7:00pmNorman Groves / Patterson
Wylie Braves @ Wylie Rangers7:00pmWylie Community Park field #4

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Saturday, May 7
Umpire Appreciation Day
Tuesday, May 10
Spirit Night @ Whataburger on 785:00pmWhataburger (Hwy 78)
Saturday, May 21
End of Regular Season
Monday, May 23
End of Season Tournament Begins
Sunday, Jun 5
End of Season Tournament Ends
Monday, Jun 6
Closing Ceremonies

For a complete calendar listing, click here!