Last Updated: April 24, 2015

Sachse Baseball Association

All games for Saturday April 25th are cancelled. Sorry for the inconvenience. 


Picture Schedule for Saturday, May 2nd:  Click HERE

Schedules have been updated with all make ups in place.  Please note that with as many make ups that need to be scheduled, and, with a finite number of fields, we will be scheduling make up games on Sundays.  The earliest games will start will be 1pm.  Thanks for your understanding.


Coaches:  It is the responsibility of the winning team to send the final score to their Division Director so that they can in turn update the score on the website.  Please try to do this ASAP after the game.


Upcoming Events:

Team Pictures, Saturday May 2nd

Behind Sewell Elementary

Schedule posted HERE

Team Mom Appreciation Day, Saturday May 2nd

Umpire Appreciation Day, Saturday May 9th



Please click the below link for additional dates.  See you all on the fields soon!

Spring 2015 dates



ALL Coaches and Assistant Coaches must complete a Coaches Application and Coaches Code of Conduct forms (located under "Handouts" on the left of the screen.)  These forms need to be turned in together during In Person Registration.



Sachse Baseball is a proud supporter of our community partner, DICK'S Sporting Goods.  We are pleased to announce the Sachse Baseball/ DICK'S Sporting Goods In-Store Shopping days at the Firewheel Garland location on the following dates:
February 21, 2015
Shop at DICK's on either or both of those days and show them the Shop Day flyer linked below (or via your smartphone) and receive 20% off your ENTIRE purchase (exclusions apply)!  Please click HERE for additional coupons available for use through out the season. 

SBA Spring 2015 Dick's Shop Day Flyer


Sachse Baseball Association has adopted the following Mission Statement:

To provide a quality; structured youth sports activity to the children of our community.  To teach sports fundamentals, good sportsmanship, character, discipline, competitiveness, and teamwork in a positive, caring and safe environment.  To give all an equal opportunity to learn and compete while having fun doing it.

NEW SPRING 2014...

Teams are no longer required to provide a sponsor.  Each team is responsible for their own uniforms.  SBA recommends the following supplier but suggest allowing  at least 4 weeks lead time.  Please contact our Uniform Coordinator for any assistance.  (Team names & uniforms may be subject to SBA Board approval.)

Sports Distributors
Don - 972-235-8223
580 W. Arapaho Rd.
Richardson, TX 75080
Total Ad Graphics (TAG)
Darrell Pinkerton - 972-835-6988
6525 Industrial Dr.
Sachse, TX 75048
3 Core Graphics
Matthew Ellison



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Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Apr 25
4U Blastball
Hurricanes @ Sharks 9:00am Heritage Blue North
Rangers-Murphy @ Aggies 9:30am Heritage Blue North
Hammers @ Brewers 10:00am Heritage Blue North
Rangers-McIntire @ TX Heat 10:30am Heritage Blue North
Avengers @ Yankees 11:00am Heritage Blue North
6U T-Ball
Jays @ Roughriders 9:00am Heritage Blue
Dodgers @ Cubs 10:15am Heritage Blue
Royals @ Braves 11:30am Heritage Blue
8U Coach Pitch
Angels @ Tigers 1:00pm Heritage Blue
Dodgers @ Rangers 2:30pm Heritage Blue
Thunder @ Dodgers 4:00pm Heritage Blue
Bolts @ Tornadoes 4:00pm Heritage Green
Thunder @ Jays 5:30pm Heritage Blue
10U Kid Pitch
NTX Fury Elite @ Red Sox 9:00am Heritage Green
Rangers @ Astros 9:00am Salmon
Jays @ Cardinals 10:45am Heritage Green
All Stars (YBR) @ TX Heat 10:45am Salmon
Thunder (YBR) @ Yellow Jackets 2:15pm Salmon
Scorpions (YBR) @ Muckdogs 4:00pm Salmon
12U Kid Pitch
Aggies Rowlett (YBR) @ Astros 9:00am Heritage Red
Rowlett Misfits (YBR) @ Cubs 11:00am Heritage Red
14U Kid Pitch
Rockwall Yankees (YBR) @ Rangers 3:00pm Heritage Red
Texas Rampage (YBR) @ Nationals 5:00pm Heritage Red
Sunday,  Apr 26
4U Blastball
TX Heat @ Hammers 1:00pm Heritage Blue
Sharks @ Brewers 1:30pm Heritage Blue
6U T-Ball
Jays @ Braves 2:00pm Heritage Blue
Cubs @ Dodgers 3:30pm Heritage Blue
8U Coach Pitch
Jays @ Thunder 4:45pm Heritage Red
White Sox @ Dodgers 5:00pm Heritage Blue
10U Kid Pitch
Yellow Jackets @ TX Heat 1:00pm Salmon
NTX Fury Elite @ Jays 2:45pm Salmon
All Stars (YBR) @ Cardinals 3:00pm Heritage Red
Red Sox @ Yellow Jackets 4:30pm Salmon
14U Kid Pitch
Texas Rampage (YBR) @ Rangers 1:00pm Heritage Red
Monday,  Apr 27
4U Blastball
Rangers-McIntire @ Rangers-Murphy 6:00pm Heritage Blue North
Sharks @ Hurricanes 6:30pm Heritage Blue North
6U T-Ball
Jays @ Dodgers 6:00pm Heritage Blue
8U Coach Pitch
Tornadoes @ Angels 7:30pm Heritage Blue
10U Kid Pitch
Cardinals @ NTX Bashers (YBR) 6:00pm Community Red (YBR)
Yellow Jackets @ Muckdogs 6:00pm Heritage Green
Red Sox @ Scorpions (YBR) 7:45pm Community Red (YBR)
TX Heat @ Jays 7:45pm Heritage Green
12U Kid Pitch
TX Heat @ Aggies Rowlett (YBR) 6:00pm Community Blue (YBR)
NTX Bashers (YBR) @ Wylie Express (YBR) 8:00pm Community Blue (YBR)
14U Kid Pitch
Rangers @ Rockwall Yankees (YBR) 6:00pm Community Green (YBR)
Pirates @ Texas Rampage (YBR) 8:00pm Community Green (YBR)
Tuesday,  Apr 28
10U Kid Pitch
All Stars (YBR) @ NTX Bashers (YBR) 7:00pm Community Red (YBR)
Wednesday,  Apr 29
8U Coach Pitch
Jays @ Rangers 6:00pm Heritage Blue
Bolts @ Angels 7:30pm Heritage Blue
14U Kid Pitch
Texas Express (YBR) @ Rangers 6:00pm Heritage Red
Rowlett Texas Titans (YBR) @ Pirates 8:00pm Heritage Red
Thursday,  Apr 30
14U Kid Pitch
Texas Rampage (YBR) @ Rangers (YBR) 6:00pm Community Green (YBR)
Saturday,  May 2
4U Blastball
Avengers @ Sharks 9:00am Heritage Blue North
Yankees @ Hurricanes 9:30am Heritage Blue North
Aggies @ Hammers 10:00am Heritage Blue North
Rangers-Murphy @ TX Heat 10:30am Heritage Blue North
Rangers-McIntire @ Brewers 11:00am Heritage Blue North
6U T-Ball
Jays @ Cubs 9:00am Heritage Blue
Royals @ Roughriders 10:15am Heritage Blue
Roughriders @ Braves 12:00pm Heritage Red
8U Coach Pitch
Angels @ White Sox 11:30am Heritage Blue
Thunder @ Bolts 1:00pm Heritage Blue
Rangers @ Jays 5:30pm Heritage Blue
10U Kid Pitch
Thunder (YBR) @ Astros 10:45am Heritage Green
Yellow Jackets @ Scorpions (YBR) 12:30pm Community Red (YBR)
Rangers @ Jays 12:30pm Heritage Green
Red Sox @ Muckdogs 2:15pm Heritage Green
12U Kid Pitch
TX Heat @ Wylie Express (YBR) 9:00am Community Blue (YBR)
Astros @ Aggies Rowlett (YBR) 11:00am Community Blue (YBR)
NTX Bashers (YBR) @ Hornets (YBR) 1:00pm Community Blue (YBR)
Cubs @ Hornets (YBR) 3:00pm Community Blue (YBR)
14U Kid Pitch
Texas Rampage (YBR) @ Rockwall Yankees (YBR) 9:00am Community Green (YBR)
Rangers (YBR) @ Nationals 9:00am Heritage Red
Pirates @ Rowlett Texas Titans (YBR) 11:00am Community Green (YBR)
Sunday,  May 3
4U Blastball
Aggies @ Avengers 1:00pm Heritage Blue
Rangers-McIntire @ Hurricanes 1:30pm Heritage Blue
6U T-Ball
Braves @ Roughriders 2:00pm Heritage Blue
Jays @ Royals 3:30pm Heritage Blue
8U Coach Pitch
Bolts @ White Sox 4:30pm Heritage Red
Angels @ Jays 5:00pm Heritage Blue
10U Kid Pitch
Cardinals @ Muckdogs 1:00pm Heritage Red
NTX Bashers (YBR) @ Astros 1:00pm Salmon
Thunder (YBR) @ Jays 2:45pm Heritage Red
Scorpions (YBR) @ TX Heat 2:45pm Salmon
Rangers @ NTX Fury Elite 4:30pm Salmon
Monday,  May 4
6U T-Ball
Royals @ Cubs 6:00pm Heritage Blue
8U Coach Pitch
Tornadoes @ Tigers 6:00pm Heritage Red
Bolts @ Thunder 7:30pm Heritage Blue
10U Kid Pitch
Scorpions (YBR) @ Rangers 6:00pm Heritage Green
Jays @ Yellow Jackets 7:45pm Heritage Green
12U Kid Pitch
NTX Bashers (YBR) @ Rowlett Misfits (YBR) 6:00pm Community Blue (YBR)
Hornets (YBR) @ TX Heat 8:00pm Heritage Red
14U Kid Pitch
Texas Express (YBR) @ Rangers (YBR) 6:00pm Community Green (YBR)
Wednesday,  May 6
8U Coach Pitch
Tigers @ Thunder 6:00pm Heritage Blue
Rangers @ Bolts 7:45pm Heritage Blue
10U Kid Pitch
Scorpions (YBR) @ NTX Bashers (YBR) 6:00pm Community Red (YBR)
12U Kid Pitch
Cubs @ Aggies Rowlett (YBR) 6:00pm Community Blue (YBR)
Hornets (YBR) @ NTX Bashers (YBR) 8:00pm Community Blue (YBR)
14U Kid Pitch
Rowlett Texas Titans (YBR) @ Texas Express (YBR) 6:00pm Community Green (YBR)

For a complete schedule listing, click here!