Last Updated: September 26, 2016
 Field Update All fields are closed due to wet field conditions.  

Fall Season Game Schedules Posted

Please see the "Schedules" section of this website for more information on your team's game schedule for the current season.

Coaches, as a reminder, it is the responsibility of the winning team to update this site with the final score of your game.  Thank you for your assistance.


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  Sachse Baseball Association Mission Statement:

To provide a quality; structured youth sports activity to the children of our community.  To teach sports fundamentals, good sportsmanship, character, discipline, competitiveness, and teamwork in a positive, caring and safe environment.  To give all an equal opportunity to learn and compete while having fun doing it.


Upcoming Games

Sunday, Oct 2
Astros @ Bats1:00pmHeritage Blue Field North
Rangers @ Little Legacies1:45pmHeritage Blue Field North
Impact @ Rockies2:30pmHeritage Blue Field North
6u T-ball
Cubs @ Broncos3:15pmHeritage Blue Field North
8u Coach Pitch
Legends @ A's1:00pmHeritage Blue
Titans @ Rampage2:30pmHeritage Blue
Bobcats @ Cubs4:00pmHeritage Blue
Cubs @ Bobcats5:30pmHeritage Blue
10u Kid Pitch
Red Hawks - Shindle @ Rangers1:00pmHeritage Green
A's @ Thunder1:00pmSalmon
The Good Guys @ American Pastime2:45pmHeritage Green
Wylie Pirates @ Wylie Sox2:45pmSalmon
Red Hawks - Velazquez @ Red Hawks - Carroll4:30pmSalmon
12u Kid Pitch
Astros @ Warriors1:00pmHeritage Red
Cardinals @ Tx Heat3:00pmHeritage Red
Muckdogs @ Rangers4:30pmHeritage Green
Sunday, Oct 9
Little Legacies @ Astros2:15pmHeritage Blue Field North
Bats @ Impact3:00pmHeritage Blue Field North
Rockies @ Pirates3:45pmHeritage Blue Field North
6u T-ball
Mayhem @ Cubs1:00pmHeritage Blue Field North
8u Coach Pitch
Cubs @ Legends1:00pmHeritage Blue
Rampage @ Bobcats2:30pmHeritage Blue
A's @ Texas Smoke4:00pmHeritage Blue
10u Kid Pitch
American Pastime @ Texas Rampage1:00pmHeritage Green
Red Hawks - Carroll @ Wylie Pirates1:00pmSalmon
Rangers @ The Good Guys2:45pmHeritage Green
Wylie Sox @ A's2:45pmSalmon
Red Hawks - Shindle @ Thunder4:30pmSalmon
12u Kid Pitch
Rangers @ Royals1:00pmHeritage Red
Jays @ Astros3:00pmHeritage Red
Tx Heat @ Muckdogs4:30pmHeritage Green
Sunday, Oct 16
Astros @ Rangers1:00pmHeritage Blue Field North
Pirates @ Bats1:45pmHeritage Blue Field North
Impact @ Little Legacies2:30pmHeritage Blue Field North
6u T-ball
Mayhem @ Broncos3:15pmHeritage Blue Field North
8u Coach Pitch
Bobcats @ Titans1:00pmHeritage Blue
Texas Smoke @ Cubs2:30pmHeritage Blue
Legends @ Rampage4:00pmHeritage Blue
10u Kid Pitch
Texas Rampage @ Red Hawks - Shindle1:00pmHeritage Green
Thunder @ Rangers1:00pmSalmon
A's @ American Pastime2:45pmHeritage Green
The Good Guys @ Red Hawks - Velazquez2:45pmSalmon
Wylie Pirates @ Red Hawks - Carroll4:30pmSalmon
12u Kid Pitch
Rangers @ Astros1:00pmHeritage Red
Royals @ Tx Heat3:00pmHeritage Red
Jays @ Warriors4:30pmHeritage Green
Muckdogs @ Cardinals5:00pmHeritage Red
Sunday, Oct 23
Little Legacies @ Bats2:15pmHeritage Blue Field North
Astros @ Pirates3:00pmHeritage Blue Field North
Rangers @ Rockies3:45pmHeritage Blue Field North
6u T-ball
Broncos @ Cubs1:00pmHeritage Blue Field North
8u Coach Pitch
A's @ Cubs1:00pmHeritage Blue
Legends @ Titans2:30pmHeritage Blue
Texas Smoke @ Rampage4:00pmHeritage Blue
10u Kid Pitch
Rangers @ Wylie Sox1:00pmHeritage Green
Red Hawks - Carroll @ A's1:00pmSalmon
Red Hawks - Velazquez @ Wylie Pirates2:45pmHeritage Green
Thunder @ Texas Rampage2:45pmSalmon
Red Hawks - Shindle @ American Pastime4:30pmHeritage Green
12u Kid Pitch
Rangers @ Jays1:00pmHeritage Red
Cardinals @ Royals3:00pmHeritage Red
Tx Heat @ Astros5:00pmHeritage Red
Muckdogs @ Warriors6:15pmHeritage Green
Sunday, Oct 30
Pirates @ Impact2:15pmHeritage Blue Field North
Bats @ Rangers3:00pmHeritage Blue Field North
Rockies @ Astros3:45pmHeritage Blue Field North
6u T-ball
Cubs @ Mayhem1:00pmHeritage Blue Field North
8u Coach Pitch
Titans @ Texas Smoke1:00pmHeritage Blue
Bobcats @ Legends2:30pmHeritage Blue
Rampage @ A's4:00pmHeritage Blue
10u Kid Pitch
American Pastime @ Rangers1:00pmHeritage Green
Wylie Sox @ Red Hawks - Shindle1:00pmSalmon
A's @ Red Hawks - Velazquez2:45pmHeritage Green
The Good Guys @ Texas Rampage2:45pmSalmon
12u Kid Pitch
Warriors @ Muckdogs1:00pmHeritage Red
Astros @ Jays3:00pmHeritage Red
Tx Heat @ Cardinals4:30pmHeritage Green
Royals @ Rangers5:00pmHeritage Red
Sunday, Nov 6
6u T-ball
Broncos @ Mayhem1:00pmHeritage Blue Field North
8u Coach Pitch
Texas Smoke @ Legends1:00pmHeritage Blue
Cubs @ Titans2:30pmHeritage Blue
A's @ Bobcats4:00pmHeritage Blue
10u Kid Pitch
Thunder @ Wylie Pirates1:00pmSalmon
Wylie Sox @ The Good Guys2:45pmHeritage Green
Texas Rampage @ A's2:45pmSalmon
Rangers @ Red Hawks - Carroll4:30pmSalmon
American Pastime @ Red Hawks - Velazquez5:00pmHeritage Red
12u Kid Pitch
Rangers @ Cardinals1:00pmHeritage Red
Warriors @ Tx Heat3:00pmHeritage Red
Jays @ Royals4:30pmHeritage Green

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