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Scores needed....It is the winning teams responsibility to email scores for the games to:  Please try to do within 48 hours after your game.  Thanks!

Important Dates

Turn in Fundraiser Money, Sat 4/19 2:30-4:30 at Heritage Park
Picture Day Sat, April 26th


Come join us Sunday May 4th at 2:05pm for SBA Day with the Frisco Roughriders!!!

Click here for the form

More Information available from your Team Mom!!




Teams are no longer required to provide a sponsor.  Each team is responsible for their own uniforms.  SBA recommends the following supplier but suggest allowing  at least 4 weeks lead time.  Please contact our Uniform Coordinator for any assistance.  (Team names & uniforms may be subject to SBA Board approval.)

Sports Distributors
Don - 972-235-8223
580 W. Arapaho Rd.
Richardson, TX 75080
Total Ad Graphics (TAG)
Darrell Pinkerton - 972-835-6988
6525 Industrial Dr.
Sachse, TX 75048
3 Core Graphics
Matthew Ellison



Attention Players!!!

All registered players will be assigned to a team.  Individuals not already on a team are asked to attend Player Evaluations.  Those not in attendance will be blindly placed on a team.  All players will be required to participate in the league fundraiser or opt to buyout at face to face registration only.  Your Registration fee includes Practice Field Reservations, 10 Games Guaranteed, Participation Trophies, and Double Elimination Tournament. (regular season standings will determine seeding for the Tournament and the final two teams are awarded Tournament trophies)



Show your Sachse Baseball Spirit

Buy one of our new "We're Sachse and We Know It" SBA League T-Shirts for only $15 during registration times

Available in Red, Blue and Grey



Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Apr 19
Ninjas @ Canchola Hammers 9:00am Heritage Blue North
Rangers @ Lil Pups 9:30am Heritage Blue North
Coyotes @ TX Heat 10:00am Heritage Blue North
Stars @ Mustangs 10:30am Heritage Blue North
Wolves @ Pirates 11:00am Heritage Blue North
6u T-ball
Rangers @ Tigers 9:30am Heritage Green
Pirates @ Blue Jays 10:45am Heritage Green
Bucks @ Royals 12:00pm Heritage Green
8u Coach Pitch
Blue Jays @ Marlins 9:00am Heritage Red
NTX Fury @ Blue Jays 10:30am Heritage Red
Angels @ Mustangs 12:00pm Heritage Red
Cardinals @ TX Heat 1:15pm Heritage Green
Rangers @ Geodes 1:30pm Heritage Red
NTX Fury @ White Sox 2:45pm Heritage Green
10u Kid Pitch
Yellow Jackets @ Red Sox 10:00am Heritage Blue
Red Sox @ Rangers 11:45am Heritage Blue
Astros @ Rangers 1:30pm Heritage Blue
Cubs @ Astros 3:15pm Heritage Blue
Bobcats @ Rangers 10:00am Salmon
Astros @ Rangers 12:00pm Salmon
Red Sox @ Astros 2:00pm Salmon
Pirates @ Dodgers 4:00pm Salmon
Monday,  Apr 21
Wolves @ Rangers 6:00pm Heritage Blue North
Mustangs @ Pirates 6:30pm Heritage Blue North
TX Heat @ Coyotes 7:00pm Heritage Blue North
6u T-ball
Royals @ Tigers 6:00pm Heritage Green
Bucks @ Blue Jays 7:15pm Heritage Green
8u Coach Pitch
Rangers @ Blue Jays 6:00pm Heritage Blue
Cardinals @ White Sox 6:00pm Heritage Red
Saturday,  Apr 26
TX Heat @ Wolves 9:00am Heritage Blue North
Rangers @ Stars 9:30am Heritage Blue North
Lil Pups @ Mustangs 10:00am Heritage Blue North
Pirates @ Athletics 10:30am Heritage Blue North
Canchola Hammers @ Coyotes 11:00am Heritage Blue North
6u T-ball
Tigers @ Blue Jays 9:30am Salmon
Rangers @ Royals 10:45am Salmon
Rangers @ Pirates 12:00pm Salmon
Bucks @ Pirates 1:15pm Salmon
8u Coach Pitch
Mustangs @ NTX Fury 9:00am Heritage Red
Marlins @ Blue Jays 10:30am Heritage Red
Geodes @ Marlins 12:00pm Heritage Red
Geodes @ White Sox 1:30pm Heritage Red
Cardinals @ Rangers 3:00pm Heritage Red
10u Kid Pitch
Yellow Jackets @ Astros 10:00am Heritage Blue
Cubs @ Mustangs 11:45am Heritage Blue
Rangers @ Red Sox 1:30pm Heritage Blue
Pirates @ Red Sox 10:00am Heritage Green
Rangers @ Dodgers 12:00pm Heritage Green
Dodgers @ Astros 2:00pm Heritage Green
Bobcats @ Astros 4:00pm Heritage Green
Monday,  Apr 28
Stars @ TX Heat 6:00pm Heritage Blue North
Canchola Hammers @ Pirates 6:30pm Heritage Blue North
Athletics @ Rangers 7:00pm Heritage Blue North
6u T-ball
Tigers @ Rangers 6:00pm Heritage Green
Blue Jays @ Pirates 7:15pm Heritage Green
8u Coach Pitch
TX Heat @ Angels 6:00pm Heritage Red
Marlins @ TX Heat 7:30pm Heritage Red
10u Kid Pitch
Yellow Jackets @ Mustangs 6:00pm Heritage Blue
Cubs @ Rangers 7:45pm Heritage Blue
Saturday,  May 3
Wolves @ Mustangs 9:00am Heritage Blue North
Coyotes @ Ninjas 9:30am Heritage Blue North
Rangers @ Canchola Hammers 10:00am Heritage Blue North
Athletics @ Lil Pups 10:30am Heritage Blue North
Pirates @ TX Heat 11:00am Heritage Blue North
6u T-ball
Tigers @ Pirates 9:30am Heritage Red
Blue Jays @ Royals 10:45am Heritage Red
Bucks @ Rangers 12:00pm Heritage Red
8u Coach Pitch
White Sox @ Blue Jays 9:00am Salmon
White Sox @ NTX Fury 10:30am Salmon
Geodes @ NTX Fury 12:00pm Salmon
Mustangs @ Cardinals 1:15pm Heritage Red
Angels @ Rangers 1:30pm Salmon
Mustangs @ Marlins 2:45pm Heritage Red
10u Kid Pitch
Red Sox @ Mustangs 10:00am Heritage Blue
Astros @ Cubs 11:45am Heritage Blue
Yellow Jackets @ Rangers 1:30pm Heritage Blue
Bobcats @ Dodgers 10:00am Heritage Green
Astros @ Pirates 12:00pm Heritage Green
Red Sox @ Pirates 2:00pm Heritage Green
Rangers @ Red Sox 4:00pm Heritage Green
Monday,  May 5
Coyotes @ Athletics 6:00pm Heritage Blue North
Mustangs @ Ninjas 6:30pm Heritage Blue North
Lil Pups @ Rangers 7:00pm Heritage Blue North
8u Coach Pitch
NTX Fury @ Rangers 6:00pm Heritage Red
Cardinals @ Geodes 7:30pm Heritage Red
10u Kid Pitch
Red Sox @ Yellow Jackets 6:00pm Heritage Blue
Rangers @ Astros 7:45pm Heritage Blue
Pirates @ Rangers 6:00pm Heritage Green
Red Sox @ Dodgers 8:00pm Heritage Green
Saturday,  May 10
Stars @ Athletics 9:00am Heritage Blue North
TX Heat @ Canchola Hammers 9:30am Heritage Blue North
Ninjas @ Pirates 10:00am Heritage Blue North
Coyotes @ Rangers 10:30am Heritage Blue North
Lil Pups @ Wolves 11:00am Heritage Blue North
6u T-ball
Royals @ Tigers 9:30am Heritage Red
Pirates @ Bucks 10:45am Heritage Red
Rangers @ Blue Jays 12:00pm Heritage Red
8u Coach Pitch
Geodes @ White Sox 9:00am Heritage Green
White Sox @ TX Heat 10:30am Heritage Green
TX Heat @ Blue Jays 12:00pm Heritage Green
Rangers @ Marlins 1:15pm Heritage Red
Mustangs @ NTX Fury 1:30pm Heritage Green
Cardinals @ Angels 2:45pm Heritage Red
10u Kid Pitch
Astros @ Red Sox 10:00am Salmon
Astros @ Mustangs 11:45am Salmon
Mustangs @ Cubs 1:30pm Salmon
Yellow Jackets @ Rangers 3:15pm Salmon
Pirates @ Bobcats 10:00am Heritage Blue
Pirates @ Rangers 12:00pm Heritage Blue
Dodgers @ Rangers 2:00pm Heritage Blue
Astros @ Red Sox 4:00pm Heritage Blue
Monday,  May 12
Pirates @ Mustangs 6:00pm Heritage Blue North
Ninjas @ Lil Pups 6:30pm Heritage Blue North
Wolves @ Stars 7:00pm Heritage Blue North
6u T-ball
Rangers @ Bucks 6:00pm Heritage Red
Tigers @ Royals 7:15pm Heritage Red
10u Kid Pitch
Mustangs @ Red Sox 6:00pm Heritage Blue
Rangers @ Cubs 7:45pm Heritage Blue
Dodgers @ Astros 6:00pm Heritage Green
Bobcats @ Red Sox 8:00pm Heritage Green
Saturday,  May 17
Mustangs @ TX Heat 9:00am Heritage Blue North
Wolves @ Athletics 9:30am Heritage Blue North
Coyotes @ Lil Pups 10:00am Heritage Blue North
Canchola Hammers @ Stars 10:30am Heritage Blue North
Rangers @ Ninjas 11:00am Heritage Blue North
6u T-ball
Rangers @ Royals 9:30am Heritage Green
Bucks @ Tigers 10:45am Heritage Green
Pirates @ Blue Jays 12:00pm Heritage Green
8u Coach Pitch
Blue Jays @ Cardinals 9:00am Heritage Red
Blue Jays @ Angels 10:30am Heritage Red
Angels @ White Sox 12:00pm Heritage Red
TX Heat @ Geodes 1:15pm Heritage Green
NTX Fury @ Marlins 1:30pm Heritage Red
Rangers @ Mustangs 2:45pm Heritage Green
10u Kid Pitch
Mustangs @ Astros 10:00am Heritage Blue
Rangers @ Red Sox 11:45am Heritage Blue
Cubs @ Yellow Jackets 1:30pm Heritage Blue
Astros @ Bobcats 10:00am Salmon
Rangers @ Pirates 12:00pm Salmon
Dodgers @ Red Sox 2:00pm Salmon

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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