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We at St. B Little League are proud of our continuing partnership with the Montgomery County Parks & Recreation Department. We commend County Mayor Durrett and former Mayor Bowers for their cooperative efforts with St B Little League to provide not only a safe but aesthetically pleasing environment for our community’s youth and their families. Through this partnership Civitan Park has undergone numerous capital improvements and needed repairs, most of which would not have been accomplished without the dedicated resolve of both entities.  St. B Little League has contributed over Fifty Thousand dollars and solicited and received many thousand dollars’ worth of services and raw materials just in the past few years to help reduce the expenditures for the Montgomery County Parks & Recreation department.   Countless volunteer hours are spent every year working to improve Civitan Park, for our Little League and our community. St. B Little League members are devoted to the safety of our players as well as tax paying citizens of Montgomery County and we take both into consideration on all capital and improvement projects at the park.  We will on occasion spend more on the front end to reduce maintenance or replacement costs in the future and will continue to do so if necessary for the betterment of the park. We have an outstanding facility at Civitan Park and St. B Little League is devoted to keeping it this way for our league and the community for many years to come.

Neither time nor money is ever wasted if spent on the welfare, advancement or mentoring of our greatest and most precious resource our children.

Make-Up Picture Days:

May 14, 15 & 22nd

from 5:15 - 6:30pm

with Meri Crisp Photography

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St Bethlehem Little League is proud to host


The 1st annual Play it Again Sports
Clarksville Orioles Baseball Camp
The Clarksville Oriole baseball program is hosting their 1st ever baseball camp May 26-27. This mid-week camp will be held from 8-12 both days at Civitan Park and costs $50. All players ages 8-12 are welcome and will receive a free t-shirt. Please reserve your spot by May 5th as we expect this camp to fill up quickly.


Registration forms available at: 



Want to Volunteer at St. B? 

Here is a link to the 2015 application:

Please give completed applications to your child's coach



Upcoming Games

Monday,  May 25
Braves @ White Sox 5:00pm Field 2
White Sox @ Braves 7:00pm Field 2
Reds @ Astros 5:30pm Field 4
Dodgers @ Mets 5:30pm Field 6
Rangers @ Yankees 7:00pm Field 8
Tuesday,  May 26
Mets @ Rangers 5:30pm Field 6
Phillies @ Pirates 5:00pm Field 2
Pirates @ Phillies 7:00pm Field 2
Yankees @ Cardinals 5:30pm Field 3
Braves @ Giants 7:15pm Field 3
Mayhem @ Vipers 6:00pm Field 5
Bombers @ Dirt Devils 7:30pm Field 5
Diamondbacks @ Yankees 5:45pm Field 1
Rangers @ Cardinals 7:45pm Field 1
Orioles @ Giants 5:30pm Field 4
Rangers @ Athletics 5:30pm Field 6
Yankees @ Braves 7:00pm Field 4
Orioles @ Giants 7:00pm Field 4
Rebels @ Dynamites (CN) 7:30pm CN - Dick Holt
A's @ Astros 6:45pm Field 6
Wednesday,  May 27
Reds @ Diamondbacks 5:30pm Field 6
White Sox @ Indians 7:00pm Field 2
Dodgers @ Indians 5:30pm Field 3
Rays @ Yankees 7:15pm Field 3
Yankees @ Braves 5:45pm Field 1
Rangers @ Diamondbacks 7:45pm Field 1
Cardinals @ Astros 5:30pm Field 4
Orioles @ Mets 5:30pm Field 6
Pirates @ Reds 7:00pm Field 4
Smash City @ Rebels 6:00pm Field 8

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

The Youth Academy