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Last Updated: March 30, 2015
  • Get Ready for Spring 2015
  • Opening Day March 7, 2015
Pflugerville Baseball League
Pflugerville Baseball League
Our mission is to provide competitive baseball experiences for Pflugerville youths between the ages of 4 - 14. We provide the baseball youth of our community an experience that promotes sportsmanship, instruction, teamwork, respect for, and enjoyment of the game of baseball.

To provide our players with volunteer coaches who work with players of all ability levels, and who remember that winning games is secondary to the development of players and to providing our players with positive examples and a positive baseball experience.

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 Registration is closed for all age groups EXCEPT 14U.

If you would like to register your child for our 14U division please contact Richard Work at


 Get Ready for Picture Day Saturday April 11th



Important Dates:

Picture DaySaturday April 11th

Season EndsSaturday May 16th


Important Updates:

Head Coach Discount: If you are going to be the head coach of a team, you will receive 50% off your child's registration (only applies to Head coach).  If you are going to be Head Coach you will need to register your child at one of the Walk-up registration dates to receive your discount.

Pflugerville Elite Division: We are also excited to announce our NEW Pflugerville Elite Division!  

  • Bring your entire team
  • Kids pay same registration (not a team fee)
  • Flexible League schedule that will allow your team to play tournaments as well
  • We are only excepting a limited number of teams per division



Questions regarding rules or other team info contact your division commissioner:

4U/6U - Jesse Saldana
8U - Mike Deckard
10U - Jim McGuire
12U/14U - Harvey Fierro

If you have any other questions about the spring season contact us at

Nations Baseball Rules
Pflugerville Baseball League Rules


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We are now accepting advertising for the Spring 2015 season.


Custom Car Crafters

Pflugerville Baseball League partners with CTX Sports to manage our Select tournaments, allowing our Board Members to focus on our Recreation Youth League and still run quality tournaments to raise money for the league.

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Upcoming Games

Wednesday,  Apr 1
PF Manny @ PF Brent 5:45pm NEM Field 2
PF Heath @ PF Steven 5:45pm NEM Field 4
PF Browning @ PF Satterwhite 7:00pm NEM Field 2
NAO Dodgers @ PF Young Guns 6:45pm NEM Field 1
Monday,  Apr 6
PF Brent @ PF Steven 5:45pm NEM Field 2
PF Luke @ PF Heath 5:45pm NEM Field 4
PF Browning @ PF Heath 7:00pm NEM Field 2
PF Shelby @ PF Michael 5:30pm NEM Field 3
Hutto Royals @ PF Young Guns 7:15pm NEM Field 3
Tuesday,  Apr 7
PF Jody @ Liberty Hill Red Sox 6:00pm Liberty Hill
Wednesday,  Apr 8
PF Luke @ PF Brent 5:45pm NEM Field 2
PF Steven @ PF Manny 5:45pm NEM Field 4
PF Satterwhite @ PF Browning 7:00pm NEM Field 2
PF Young Guns @ PF Mitch 7:00pm NEM Field 3
Thursday,  Apr 9
PF Jody @ Liberty Hill Astros 6:00pm Liberty Hill
Saturday,  Apr 11
Hutto Braves @ PF Nels 9:30am NEM Field 4
Hutto Angels @ PF Lloyd 10:30am NEM Field 4
Hutto Giants @ PF Carlos 11:30am NEM Field 4
Hutto Astros @ PF Luke 10:00am NEM Field 2
Hutto Bandits @ PF Luke 11:15am NEM Field 2
NAO Rangers @ PF Brent 12:30pm NEM Field 4
PF Brent @ PF Steven 1:45pm NEM Field 4
Elgin Wildcats @ PF Steven 3:00pm NEM Field 4
NAO Giants @ PF Manny 4:15pm NEM Field 4
PF Manny @ PF Heath 5:30pm NEM Field 4
NAO Astros @ PF Heath 6:45pm NEM Field 4
NAO Yankees @ PF Browning 12:30pm NEM Field 2
PF Heath @ PF Browning 2:00pm NEM Field 2
PF Satterwhite @ PF Heath 3:30pm NEM Field 2
NAO Reds @ PF Satterwhite 5:00pm NEM Field 2
TBD @ PF Crush 6:30pm NEM Field 2
Manor @ PF Mitch 1:00pm NEM Field 3
PF Michael @ PF Mitch 2:45pm NEM Field 3
PF Shelby @ PF Young Guns 4:30pm NEM Field 3
Hays @ PF Young Guns 10:00am NEM Field 1
Hays @ PF Young Guns 11:45am NEM Field 1
Liberty Hill Rangers @ PF Jody 1:30pm NEM Field 1
Liberty Hill Rangers @ PF Jody 3:15pm NEM Field 1
Liberty Hill @ PF Eric & Brian 10:00am NEM Field 6
Marble Falls 1 @ PF Eric & Brian 12:00pm NEM Field 6
Marble Falls 1 @ Liberty Hill 2:00pm NEM Field 6
Marble Falls 2 @ Lago Vista 1 4:00pm NEM Field 6
Lago Vista 2 @ Marble Falls 2 6:00pm NEM Field 6
Monday,  Apr 13
PF Steven @ PF Manny 5:45pm NEM Field 2
PF Heath @ PF Luke 5:45pm NEM Field 4
PF Browning @ TBD TBA TBD
PF Crush @ PF Heath 7:00pm NEM Field 4
PF Mitch @ PF Michael 7:00pm NEM Field 3
Liberty Hill White Sox @ PF Jody 6:45pm NEM Field 1
Tuesday,  Apr 14
PF Satterwhite @ Manor 1 7:15pm Manor
PF Shelby @ Manor 6:30pm Manor
Wednesday,  Apr 15
PF Brent @ PF Heath 5:45pm NEM Field 2
PF Luke @ PF Manny 5:45pm NEM Field 4
Manor 2 @ PF Heath 7:00pm NEM Field 2
PF Young Guns @ PF Michael 7:00pm NEM Field 3
Balcones Tide @ PF Polk 6:45pm NEM Field 6
Saturday,  Apr 18
PF Lloyd @ Hutto Rangers 9:00am Hutto
PF Nels @ Manor 1 10:00am Manor
PF Carlos @ NAO Rangers 10:00am NAO Shetland
PF Brent @ NAO Astros 11:00am NAO Shetland
PF Steven @ Hutto Crush 11:15am Hutto
PF Manny @ NAO Rangers 12:15pm NAO Shetland
PF Steven @ Hutto Astros 12:30pm Hutto
PF Heath @ NAO Giants 1:30pm NAO Shetland
PF Luke @ Hutto Angels 1:45pm Hutto
PF Satterwhite @ NAO Reds 3:00pm NAO Pinto
PF Browning @ Hutto 4:15pm Hutto
PF Heath @ NAO Yankees 4:30pm NAO Pinto
PF Shelby @ Elgin Avalanche 3:00pm Elgin
PF Mitch @ Elgin Young Guns 5:00pm Elgin
PF Michael @ Elgin Avalanche 7:00pm Elgin
PF Jody @ Lago Vista Nationals 10:30am Lago Vista
PF Jody @ Lago Vista Nationals 12:15pm Lago Vista
PF Young Guns @ Taylor 1 2:00pm Taylor
PF Young Guns @ Taylor 2 4:00pm Taylor
PF Eric & Brian @ Taylor 1 10:00am Taylor
PF Polk @ Taylor Warbirds 12:00pm Taylor

For a complete schedule listing, click here!