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  • 2014 Spring Babe Ruth Baseball registration opens Dec. 2nd, 2013
  • Register early to secure your spot!!!
  • Register at Chase Park or the Rec Dept at City Hall
  • For more info call 407-302-1021 or 407-688-5120
  • Follow us at

  Concession Stand Hours of Operation

Mondays                        5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Tuesday to Thursday    5:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Saturdays                       9:00 am to 3:00 pm


Wed 4/16- fields currently open, tuesdays rainouts have been updated on the website - scroll down to "Upcoming Games" for updated field assignments.


Welcome to the primary information center for Sanford SPORTS and the City of Sanford Youth baseball program. 


Follow us on Facebook at for timely registration alerts, weather delays/cancellations and general updates to parents, players and coaches.


Regular Season Game Schedules (as of 2/16/14)

Tee Ball Division

Rookie Division

Minor Division

Major Division

Junior Division



Concession Stand


Mondays                 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Tuesday to Thursday 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Saturdays                 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Skip the fast food drive-thru line on the way to Chase Park and visit our very affordably priced concession stand.

We will be serving hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled chicken sandwiches and turkey sandwiches with all the fixins as well as refreshments such as soda, Gatorade and water.


All proceeds go back into the league to support our programs. If anyone is interested in volunteering their time to earn Bright Futures credit, please contact Michael Gaudio at


Upcoming Games

Thursday,  Apr 17
Tee Ball
Blue Jays @ Royals 6:00pm Chase Park Field #1
Red Sox @ Phillies 6:00pm Chase Park Field #2
Yankees @ Giants 6:00pm Chase Park Field #3
Pirates @ Athletics 6:00pm Chase Park Field #4
Saturday,  Apr 19
Athletics @ Giants 10:00am Chase Park Field #4
Phillies @ Pirates 11:45am Chase Park Field #4
Red Sox @ Yankees 1:30pm Chase Park Field #4
Red Sox @ Braves 10:00am Chase Park Field #2
Twins @ Mets 12:30pm Chase Park Field #4
Dodgers @ Rays 10:00am Chase Park Field #3
Tigers @ Cubs 12:30pm Chase Park Field #3
Red Sox @ Astros 1:00pm Zinn Beck Field
Phillies @ DeBary Babe Ruth 3:30pm Debary
Rays @ Reds 3:30pm Zinn Beck Field
Monday,  Apr 21
Tee Ball
Braves @ Yankees 6:00pm Chase Park Field #1
Cardinals @ Rockies 6:00pm Chase Park Field #2
Pirates @ Athletics 6:00pm Chase Park Field #3
Royals @ Red Sox 6:00pm Chase Park Field #4
Phillies @ Rays 7:00pm Zinn Beck Field
Tuesday,  Apr 22
Tee Ball
Marlins @ Blue Jays 6:00pm Chase Park Field #2
Giants @ Pirates 6:00pm Chase Park Field #4
Wednesday,  Apr 23
Red Sox @ DeBary Babe Ruth 7:00pm Debary
Reds @ Astros 7:00pm Zinn Beck Field
Thursday,  Apr 24
Phillies @ Yankees 6:00pm Chase Park Field #2
Athletics @ Red Sox 6:00pm Chase Park Field #4
Saturday,  Apr 26
Pirates @ Red Sox 10:00am Chase Park Field #4
Yankees @ Athletics 12:00pm Chase Park Field #4
Giants @ Phillies 1:30pm Chase Park Field #4
Reds @ Phillies 1:00pm Zinn Beck Field
Rays @ Red Sox 3:30pm Zinn Beck Field
Sunday,  Apr 27
Sanford Seniors @ Oviedo White 1:00pm Oviedo
Oviedo White @ Sanford Seniors 3:00pm Oviedo
Monday,  Apr 28
Tee Ball
Royals @ Pirates 6:00pm Chase Park Field #1
Yankees @ Cardinals 6:00pm Chase Park Field #2
Athletics @ Blue Jays 6:00pm Chase Park Field #3
Rockies @ Marlins 6:00pm Chase Park Field #4
Astros @ Phillies 7:00pm Zinn Beck Field
Tuesday,  Apr 29
Red Sox @ Giants 6:00pm Chase Park Field #4
Rays @ DeBary Babe Ruth 7:00pm Debary

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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