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  • Please - No Dogs at the Soccer Complex on Game Days
  • Please check the Sponsor Section and Please Patronize them.
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Open positions for the Officers of the Board of Trustees are as follows:
President - Current Nomination(s) are Greg Heinz
Vice President - Current Nomination(s) are Tracy Martin
Secretary - No Current Nominations
To qualify to be nominated to a position as an Officer of the Board of Trustees, the candidate shall have served at least one term as a Trustee. Please let current President Scott Niswonger know if you qualify and are interested in being nominated
  • One term consists of one year which would have begun Fall season 2013.
  • A Trustee consists of the Directors and the 5 Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Past President)

Voting on the Nominees will be held on September 27th, 2014 at Ward Field at 11:45 a.m.

Members eligible to vote consist of:

General Members: Parent or Legal Guardian of a child registered with Northmont SAY
Special Members: Head Coach or Assistant Coach of a Northmont SAY team
Executive Member: Member of the Board of Trustees

 Tournament dates start October 11th for all Divisions except Lollipops. Be prepared to play more than one game in a day. After the first round, there is a possibility that you may not have a game on the next game day depending on the number of teams and fields. We will communicate information as soon as possible so you can plan your days 


Upcoming Games

Sunday,  Sep 21
2-Lime-Big Bad Bounce @ 6-Texas Orange-Rapp Jewelers 1:00pm Field 1
4-Tropic Blue-Penn Station @ 1-Forest Green-Frye's Soccer Shoppe 2:30pm Field 1
3-Silver-Northmont Animal Clinic @ 5-White-Ault, Henderson & Lewis 4:00pm Field 1
Boys Passers
6-Silver-Northmont Animal Clinic @ 7-Forest Green-Frye's Soccer Shoppe 1:00pm Field 2
5-Red-Dillard Electric @ 8-Orange-Northwest Dayton Pediatrics 2:30pm Field 2
3-Green-Boord-Henne Insurance @ 1-Tropic Blue-Penn Station 4:00pm Field 2
2-Lime-Big Bad Bounce @ 4-White-Ault, Henderson & Lewis 4:00pm Field 3
Girls Passers
4-Green-Boord-Henne Insurance @ 3-Lime-Land Aid 1:00pm Field 3
2-Purple-Schwabe Studios @ 1-Neon Orange-Ladman & Son 2:30pm Field 3
Boys Wings
5-Maroon-AllPest Pest Control @ 8-Green-Boord-Henne Insurance 1:00pm Field 4
6-Lime-Big Bad Bounce @ 7-Texas Orange-Rapp Jewelers 2:30pm Field 4
3-Forest Green-Frye's Soccer Shoppe @ 1-Silver-Northmont Animal Clinic 4:00pm Field 4
2-White-Ault, Henderson & Lewis @ 4-Red-Dillard Electric 4:00pm Field 5
Girls Wings
4-Tropic Blue-Penn Station @ 3-Light Blue-Northwest Dayton Pediatrics 2:30am Field 5
2-Red-Dillard Electric @ 1-Purple-Schwabe Studios 1:00pm Field 5
Boys Strikers
2-Forest Green-Frye's Soccer Shoppe @ 6-Green-Boord-Henne Insurance 2:30pm Field 6
3-Texas Orange-Rapp Jewelers @ 5-Tropic Blue-Penn Station 4:00pm Field 6
4-Maroon-AllPest Pest Control @ 1-Lime-Big Bad Bounce 4:00pm Field 8
Girls Strikers
2-Purple-Schwabe Studios @ 1-Neon Orange-Ladman & Son 4:00pm Field 7
4-Hot Pink-All About Insurance @ 3-Light Blue-Northwest Dayton Pediatrics 5:30pm Field 7
Boys Kickers
4-Texas Orange-Rapp Jewelers @ 3-Maroon-AllPest Pest Control 1:00pm Field 7
2-Neon Orange-Ladman & Son @ 1-Tropic Blue-Penn Station 2:30pm Field 7
Girls Kickers
2-Light Blue-Northwest Dayton Pediatrics @ 1-Hot Pink-All About Insurance 1:00pm Field 6
4-Lime-Land Aid @ 3-Maroon-AllPest Pest Control 5:30pm Field 6
4-Tropic Blue-Penn Station @ 3-Hot Pink-All About Insurance 1:00pm Field 8
2-Lime-Land Aid @ 1-Texas Orange-Rapp Jewelers 2:30pm Field 8

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Saturday,  Sep 27
Election of Board of Trustees Officers 11:45am
Saturday,  Oct 11
In House Tournament Begins
Wednesday,  Oct 15
Board Meeting (Parents/Coaches Welcome) 7:00pm Englewood Gov Center

For a complete calendar listing, click here!


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