Last Updated: April 27, 2016

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Team Practice Schedules

Teams have been formed and practices have been scheduled.  Please click here for the schedules.



May 3 - Opening ceremony - 6pm
June 6 - High School league begins
July 7 - Recreational closing ceremony - 6pm
July 11 - High School season ends




Team pictures will be taken on by Interstate Studio on May 9, 11, and 24. They will be taken between fields 1 and 2.  The picture schedule is available HERE.



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Upcoming Games!

Tuesday, May 3
8U Recreational Division
Bryant Motor Company @ Wilson Toellner6:30pmField #4 (Dave Schick Field)
10U Recreational Division
Dairy Queen @ S&S Concrete6:30pmField #1
12U Recreational Division
Best Western @ Sonic Drive In6:30pmField #2
16U Recreational Division
Blue Demon Co. @ S&S Concrete6:30pmField #3 (Mandy Thomas Field)
Wednesday, May 4
8U Recreational Division
CED Phillips & Co @ Steak-n-Shake6:00pmField #4 (Dave Schick Field)
S&S Concrete @ Family Medicine7:20pmField #4 (Dave Schick Field)
10U Recreational Division
Ditzfeld Container @ Rick Ball6:30pmField #1
12U Recreational Division
Kim Tanner Att at Law @ S&S Concrete6:00pmField #2
Pittsburgh Corning @ Little Big Horn7:20pmField #2
16U Recreational Division
Central MO Credit Union @ Blue Demon Co.6:00pmField #3 (Mandy Thomas Field)
F&L Electric @ Matz Properties, LLC7:20pmField #3 (Mandy Thomas Field)
Thursday, May 5
8U Recreational Division
Forty Winks Sleep Shop @ McNeal Law Firm6:00pmField #4 (Dave Schick Field)
Family Medicine @ Bryant Motor Company7:20pmField #4 (Dave Schick Field)
10U Recreational Division
McDonald's @ Preferred Properties6:00pmField #1
F&L Electric @ Dairy Queen7:20pmField #1
12U Recreational Division
Little Big Horn @ Best Western6:00pmField #2
S&S Concrete @ Pittsburgh Corning7:20pmField #2
16U Recreational Division
Forty Winks @ Personal Finance Co6:00pmField #3 (Mandy Thomas Field)
Central MO Credit Union @ Arnolds Auto Body7:20pmField #3 (Mandy Thomas Field)

For a complete schedule listing, click here!