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Select Season 2014 Guidelines

Game Card procedures:
Mail the game cards to:
Steven Morihara
PO Box 372215
Honolulu, Hawaii 96837

Any game incidents - yellow/red cards must be emailed to Steven ( within 48 hours of the game using the referee game incident form.

 Important Reminders:

Game cards – You will be emailed your game card by this weekend.  If you don’t get your card, check your SPAM mail, and if it’s not there, please let me know.  You must print your game card and bring it to your game.  No handwritten game cards or handwritten changes are allowed.   Although this is strict, we have had roster issues in the past and we want to ensure everyone is on the same level playing field.

    1. If you need to make any changes to your roster, including jersey numbers, you must contact your region’s registrar to make the change in eAYSO.  Once they make the changes, they will contact me and you will be emailed an  updated game card.  (I don’t have update access to the rosters.) 

    2. If you don’t provide your pre-printed game cards it will be an automatic five (5) point deduction of sportsmanship points.  Discrepancies could lead to a forfeit.

  1. Game card procedures:

    1. Both coaches must email their scores to the select coordinator following the game (

    2. Every center referee will mail the cards for the refereed game to the select coordinator (Steven Morihara PO Box 372215 Honolulu, Hawaii 96837) within 24 hours of the end of game.

  2. Field Set-up and take down:

    1. All teams that are scheduled for either the first or last game of the day, please kokua and assist the home region set up/take down the field.

  3. Forfeits – Game Issues:

    1. If you need to forfeit or have any other game issues, call the coaches AND referee teams impacted.  Do NOT email, make sure that you get a live person, even leaving a voice mail does not guarantee the persons received the message.  Make sure that you talk to directly to the coach/referee.

  4. Weather issues and field changes:

    1. The RCs for the home field will contact me two (2) hours prior to the first game to let me know if there are any weather related issues/cancellations/delays or field changes.

    2. I will directly contact the first coaches and referee teams of the day by phone.

    3. I will update the select season website for the rest of the coaches.  Please ensure you check the website prior to leaving for your game.  (

 Game switches – ONLY as long as it's agreeable with both coaches:
           -  The teams need to make arrangements with the field & get their own referees.
           -  Both teams must fulfill their assigned referee responsibilities, as scheduled. 
Forfeits - If game change is not agreeable with the other coach and the game is forfeited:
           Per Section Rules& Regs dated August 30, 2009:  Article 6 Game Conduct
           A.  Competition   2.  (last sentence)  In case of a failure to play a regularly scheduled
            game, the offending team shall lose said game by a score of 1-0.