SEPA10 Retiring

May 25, 2017




May 25, 2017


Thank you for a good 7 year run with the SEPA10 league.  I will be retiring from running the league and will be retiring the league itself unless someone wants to take over.  If you are interested, contact me at

Thanks and good luck, good baseball to all of you!









May 22, 2016

Update 5/22/2016:  

SEPA10 is still accepting registrations for 2016 SPRING/SUMMER Baseball Teams. If you are already registered with SEPA10, you have already been bumped into the next age for the 2016 SPRING/SUMMER season.  If you have any changes regarding field time, etc. please send an email (but check yours first - you should have a note).

If you would like to advertise your summer tournament here, simply register your team with SEPA10 and you will receive instructions on how to add your tournament (free, of course).

3 Divisions for 2016 SPRING/SUMMER: 9/10, 11/12 and 13/14. Your team name will identify your age.

Please note: Adding teams to the website is a manual process.  Thanks in advance for your patience.



Welcome to the SEPA10 Travel Baseball League

SEPA returns in 2016 for our 7th year of the SouthEast PA Travel Baseball League (SEPA10). Please see below for details on this league.

e-mail for more information or to enter a team.

Please see the "Friends of SEPA10" link on the left for discounts and other great opportunities brought to you by local businesses.  If you would like your information posted under "friends", just send a note with details.  Discounts are always welcome and encouraged.

The SEPA10 2016 Spring League is forming NOW. If you are interested, please complete the online registration form.

What is the SEPA10 Baseball League?

The SEPA10 is an informal league formed in 2010 for the purpose of providing additional competitive baseball opportunities for tournament teams looking to hone their skills prior to their tournament and district/state seasons.

SEPA10 is not affiliated with Cal Ripken, Little League, American Legion, Babe Ruth, Club or AAU, and it is open to teams from all origins. It is a grouping of teams from SouthEast PA (NJ and DE, too) who are interested in more playing baseball and more competitive baseball. SEPA10 simply facilitates the pairing of teams looking for a good game.

There are no dues or fees to join SEPA10. It is the responsiblity of the home (hosting) team to provide a quality field for play and to arrange for an umpire. The umpire is paid at the game with the cost SHARED between the two teams.

SEPA10 rosters are open. Ages are defined as in Little League/Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth / Legion.

SEPA10 has 10u (9/10), 12u (11/12) and 14u (13/14) divisions - the age will be shown in the team name.

Please use the ONLINE FORMS link on the left sidebar to submit a registration request for your team.

More Information About the SEPA10

Teams may join SEPA10 at any time during the season.

The SEPA10 Spring-Summer league will run from early-April to mid-June. SEPA10 will generally complete prior to the start of the summer tournament season (roughly mid-June), however, with the contacts made here, teams are welcome to continue scrimmaging each other throughout the summer. Some organizations do not select their tournament teams until May. Those teams are welcome to join the SEPA10 as soon as they are ready to play - there is not a issue with joining play mid-season or even later.  SEPA10 will also have a Fall League for those organizations who are interested.

For ages 9-12, Cal Ripken Majors rules will apply with a few modifications:
- Live ball, kid pitch baseball
- 10u plays 46/60 and 12u plays either 46/60 or 50/70 depending on the hosting team's field. If you only want 46/60, please be sure to specify that request in your registration.
- Stealing of any base, including home, is permitted (no leads on 46/60)
- For 10u and 12u, Little League approved bats 2-1/4" diameter, 1.15 BPF. Composite bats are okay. No big barrel bats.

For ages 13-14:
- 14u plays 60/90
- For 14u, I would suggest you coordinate with your opponent in advance.  Generally, bats should be BBCOR.  Wood or metal is your call.  American Legion is generally wood while Babe Ruth is BBCOR composite/metal.

For everyone:
- Free substitution although a pitcher once removed cannot return to mound
- Bat the entire line-up although there is no "must play" requirement.
- OR, play straight 9 or 9 + an EH and use tournament sub and re-entry.
- We suggest 6 innings games for 10u and 12u and 7 inning games for 14u.  Feel free to try to squeeze in a double header if daylight permits or even a 9 inning game. 
- Pitchers may pitch up to 3 innings (10um 12u) and 4 innings (14u).  Be careful with where else your pitchers are pitching!
- Host team is HOME. Host team arranges for umpire and teams split cost.

League guidelines can be found below (they are geared more towards the 9-12 crowd) and under HANDOUTS.

I Want To Join In - What Do I Need To Do?

Use the ONLINE FORMS link on the left sidebar or the link in the upper right corner of the home page to submit a registration.

Work with your home league to ensure you can get a field for home games. If you do not have a home field, you can play all of your games "away" - not a problem - please note that on your registration.

For 10u and 12u, it is recommended that everyone in the SEPA10 have their home field reserved for Sunday nights around 4-5pm. This way we can guarantee that teams will be available for at least one game a week and this seems to be a time when we would be least likely to conflict with "in-house" games.

You should also try to coordinate another timeslot for a week day if it is at is possible. Teams who can reserve 2 timeslots within a week are likely to be able to play more games than teams who can only support one time during the week. Field time is precious and rare - get what you can get. If you are willing to play a lot of games on the road, that will help you get more games.

If you are traveling a significant distance, feel free to arrange with the other team to play a double-header.

Teams are required to maintain their own insurance or be insured under their league's umbrella.

Need help getting started or still a little confused, please see the "How Does This Work?" link under the menu bar on the left of the page.

SEPA10 Guidelines

2012 SEPA10 Guidelines    
For 10u and 12u.

For 14u, you are playing regular baseball with the exception of utilizing free substitution.

The purpose of the SEPA10 league is not to run up scores and go undefeated.  Use SEPA10 to prepare your players, refine your lineup, get playing time to those who might play less in tournaments, experiment with different positions, but most of all, have fun.  If you are a great team, then play up and challenge your kids.  If you are a young and/or developing team, play down and let your guys be competitive.