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Last Updated: March 2, 2015 
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Shark River Lacrosse Registration Form
Spring 2015 SOFT Lacrosse registration form


  New Registration System for 2015 (For 1st -8th  grade "Equipment" Programs, )

1) You need to set up a Shark River Lacrosse Account w/ your own password.  This account will provide us with all your base information. 

2) Register for available programs.


Boy's & Girls 3-8th grade sign ups for Spring 2015 are now closed.


Grades K-2 programs (Boy's and Girl's) -  We will open registration for our K-2 programs on January 1st.


Soft Lacrosse , this non-contact program is open to Boy's and Girl's grades K -1. Participants are taught the fundamentals of lacrosse via station drills and relay races. The only equipment players need is a stick (we have sticks to borrow if needed).  Soft lacrosse will take place on Sunday mornings (10-11:00) starting in April and run 5 consecutive Sundays (skipping Mother's Day). Location: Boy's @ Maclearie Park in Belmar, Girl's @ Marucci Park in Spring Lake.  Participant's get a Shark River Lacrosse T-Shirt.  (Note- if your child is in 1st grade and want to get into actual game play we strongly suggest the 1/2 grade equipment program.)


Cost: $35.00   (online registration form for SOFT Lacrosse is on the right side of this page)

1) 1&2 Grade Equipment,


(Boy's and Girl's), as the name suggest, particpants in this program wear full equipment(not provided).


Similar to Soft Lacrosse the focus here is fundamentals as well as gets into game play. Game play is mostly in-house, that said during the season will also try and play against some surrounding towns. Season rins April through May and will be held mostly on Sunday mornings with occsisional practices thrown in during the week.


Location: Boy's @ Maclearie Park in Belmar, Girl's @ Marucci Park in Spring Lake.

Cost: $100.00 register for 1/2 grade equipmet program you must first sign up for an account with Shark River Lacrosse registration form (on right hand side) , then sign up for program. (+ your child has to sign up as a member with US Lacrosse for insurance purposes, $25.00 annual fee)   Click on link for US Lacrosse membership:



Uniforms (Boy's and Girl's)- If you need a Uniform for the Spring 2015 season we will be taking those orders starting 12/15/14  



  SRL Motto: "It is not what you do at practice that makes you a great Lacrosse's what you do in between practices that makes you Great!!"

"The vision of a champion is someone who is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion when no one else is watching.”