2015 Registration in April See Below for More Information.  
  • 2014 Season Schedule Available Labor Day Weekend - at www.rivercitysoccerleague.org

Club Information and 2015 Calendar

Sierra Oaks Youth Soccer serves recreational Under 6 through Under 16 players on 30+ teams in the Sierra Oaks, Sierra Oaks Vista, Campus Commons, Arden Manor, and Wilhaggin neighborhoods of Sacramento. We are affiliated with the River City Youth Soccer League and the California Youth Soccer Association.

The 2015 Season will run the approximate schedule:

April 1st - Registration Opens

Approx. July 31st - Team Assignment Notifications

Mon. August 10th, 6pm - Club Coaches meeting at Sierra Oaks School Soccer Fields
Mon. August 18th 7pm - League-wide Coaches Meeting, Sierra Oaks School MP room
Sat. August 29nd - U8 and above seeding tournament (various fields)
Fri. September 4th - First U6 games
Sat. September 12th - First U8 and above games
Thurs. September 17th - Picture Day BBQ at Sierra Oaks School - Note: Club-wide practices canceled for the day
Sat. October 10th - Season bye date for U8 and above/optional tournament play date
Sat. October 19th - Season play resumes for U8 and above
Fri. November 14th - Final U6 games
Sat. November 14th - Final U8 and above games
District Cup and SoccerFest play dates - TBD (usually first week of December)

Club Board Meetings

The Club Board of Directors meetings are scheduled for the first Tuesday of each month at 7pm, located at La Riviera Family Pizza on La Riviera Drive.  All Club members are welcome to attend Board meetings. Please submit items for the agenda via Email.

The 2015 Annual General Meeting will be held January 7th at 7pm, at La Riviera Family Pizza.  2015 elections will be held December 9th, at 7pm at 2224 Fair Oaks Blvd, 95825

Support our Sponsors!

Sierra Oaks Soccer is pleased to welcome Extreme Soccer and Rugby and Off the Wall Indoor Soccer as sponsors. The new Extreme Soccer and Rugby store is located at 2381 Fair Oaks Blvd, between Howe and Fulton. The store provides discounts for Sierra Oaks Soccer players. Click on the link to the right for more information on the Extreme Store and programs at the Off the Wall Indoor Soccer Arena.


We are pleased to announce that uniforms for the season will be available from the Extreme Soccer and Rugby Store, 2381 Fair Oaks Boulevard Sacramento. Sierra Oaks Soccer will again use our Navy Blue uniforms this season. All players who don't already have the Club's Navy Blue uniform will need to buy one from Extreme. The uniform set includes jersey, shorts and socks.

Great News!

Sierra Oaks Soccer Club will be transitioning into a new uniform in this year, that will become the standard uniform in 2015.  The colors will be the same, but this year it will feature bold "Sierra Oaks" lettering across the chest.  The pricing should stay about the same, and the socks/shorts will not change.

During this transition period the "old" uniform is still okay to use, as is the new uniform.  So, there might be some teams that have a mix of new and old uniforms and that is OKAY.  In 2015, the new uniform will be required.

(The Club is very sensitive to the cost of participating in youth soccer.  Transitioning to a new uniform was unavoidable because the "old" uniform was no longer being manufactured.  The "new" uniform should be available for 5-6 years before it will be phased out which is a typical life cycle for sports jerseys.)

If you have any questions, please Email the Club.

Field Directions

RCYSL Field locations For a text version, click here

Sierra Oaks Soccer cannot guarantee the accuracy of directions provided on the above links. Parents are encouraged to confirm directions for away games with the host Club website or through their team's coach.


Check out Sierra Oaks Soccer on Facebook. Check us out at Sierra Oaks Soccer's Facebook Page.

Offside Information for Coaches

To help familiarize players, coaches and parents (especially new U10's) with the offside rule, we recommend that you watch this video

Check out the Links page

We have added links to videos of soccer drills on the links page. Click here.

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