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Sunday, April 19   1:10 PM Gametime



SMNLL tickets can be purchased from your Team Parent!  Hurry while supplies last!


Andy Sutherland of the Pirates (Majors Baseball) hit a 3 run bomb to center for the first San Marino victory over a Pasadena American Cardinals team 7-6 on Wednesday, March 25th! Right on, Andy!










2015 Home Run Derby

Congratulations to SMNLL's 2015 Home Run Court!  King Liam McGuinness, Queen Cathy Giddings, Prince Mark Edmonds, Princess Grace Sadahiro, Lord Jayan Anvekar and Lady Tylie Pellant!

Debi Cribbs and Rob Feidler claimed the coveted Chili Cook-Off title in a close and delicious competition!  Thank you to all of our participants, event chairs and judges, including Dodger legend Tim Leary, Julienne's own Julie Campoy, Award Winning Actress Jane Kaczmarek and SMNLL President Jules Buenabenta.


Must have been those pesky leprechauns helping out when that rare phenomenon known as a Farm Home Run occurred yesterday, March 17th!  Nathan Chao of the Giants (Farm Baseball) hit an out of the park home run, the ball soaring over the left field fence and landing on the cement walkway behind the field.   Nathan scored the final run for the inning and tied up an exciting game!!










SMNLL Past Presidents 2015

2015 Past Presidents' Luncheon

SMNLL Opening Day 2015!

Rain rain, you went away!


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Upcoming Games

Monday,  Apr 6
BB Juniors
Orioles @ Oregon 6:00pm Bonita Park - Arcadia
Tuesday,  Apr 7
BB Majors
Cubs @ Pirates 5:00pm HMS West
BB Minors
Rangers @ Angels 4:30pm HMS East
BB Farm
Padres @ Giants 5:00pm Valentine
SB Majors
Tweenage Ninja Turtles @ SPLL - Takasugi 7:15pm Orange Grove Park
SB Farm
Tar Heels @ Aztecs 4:30pm HMS Middle
Wednesday,  Apr 8
BB Juniors
Yankees @ APU 6:00pm Bonita Park - Arcadia
BB Majors
Phillies @ PALL - Tigers 5:00pm Hamilton Park
BB Minors
Royals @ Tigers 4:30pm HMS East
BB Farm
Diamondbacks @ Mets 5:00pm Valentine
SB Farm
Rams @ Sun Devils 4:30pm HMS Middle
Thursday,  Apr 9
BB Majors
Cardinals @ PALL - Cardinals 5:00pm Hamilton Park
Pirates @ Dodgers 5:00pm HMS West
BB Farm
Marlins @ Reds 5:00pm Valentine
SB Minors
EALL-1 @ Fireworks 5:30pm SMHS Upper East

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