Last Updated: April 20, 2014 

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2014 Home Run Derby

Congratulations to Home Run Princess Ellie Kanda, Prince Tommy Long and Queen Joy Flores!  The Home Run King will be decided in an encore performance by Dan Giddings, Ted Sutherland and Bill Fitzhugh who were tied with 6 each at the end of regulation competition!

The San Marino Fire Department claimed the Chili Cook-Off title in a fierce and delicious battle!  Thank you to all of our participants, event chairs and judges, including Dodger legend Tommy Davis and SMNLL President Nam Jack.


Kade Wentz of the Cubs (Majors Baseball) hit his first career grand slam to make it #7 for the season on Thursday, April 17th.  Wow!










Matt Ng of the Brewers (Majors Baseball) hit a 2 run bomb in the 1st inning to lead the Brewers to a victory on Wednesday, April 17th.  Yeah Matt!









Newly crowned Home Run Derby Prince Tommy Long of the Dodgers (Majors) blasted out home run #1 and #2 - both over the center field fence on Sunday, April 13 to help the Dodgers to a victory.  Valiant work, Prince!











Lachlan Streeter of the Reds (Juniors) hit his 1st homerun at Del Mar Field on Saturday, April 12th.  Lachlan hit a grand slam over the right field fence onto Del Mar Avenue.  Way to go Lachlan!











Ian Glasse of the Cubs (Majors Baseball) hit a 2 run bomb over the center field fence for his first home run of the season on Saturday, April 12th!  Kade Wentz, also of the Cubs continued his hot streak at the plate hitting a 3 run blast to left for his 6th dinger of the season and 5th homerun in the last 5 games!  Way to go boys!!!











Andy Sutherland of the Brewers (Majors Baseball) hit his 1st homerun in Majors to help the Brewers to a 5-4 victory.  Congrats Andy!










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Upcoming Games

Monday,  Apr 21
BB Juniors
Red Sox @ Orioles 4:45pm Del Mar
BB Farm
Reds @ Mets 4:30pm Valentine
SB Majors
Fierce Turtles @ Goobers 4:30pm HMS West
SB Minors
Red Hawks @ Pink Storm 4:45pm HMS East
Tuesday,  Apr 22
BB Juniors
Mets @ A4 Mets 6:30pm Bonita Park - Arcadia
BB Majors
Phillies @ Dodgers 4:30pm HMS West
BB Minors
Royals @ White Sox 4:30pm HMS East
BB Farm
Marlins @ Diamondbacks 4:30pm Valentine
SB Minors
Mighty Bruins @ Red Sox 4:45pm HMS Middle
Wednesday,  Apr 23
BB Juniors
Reds @ A1 White Sox 6:30pm Bonita Park - Arcadia
BB Majors
Cubs @ Brewers 4:30pm HMS West
BB Minors
Rangers @ Twins 4:30pm HMS East
BB Farm
Rockies @ Giants 4:30pm Valentine
SB Majors
Battitude @ Bandits 5:30pm SMHS Upper West
Thursday,  Apr 24
BB Juniors
West/East Alta @ Orioles 6:30pm Bonita Park - Arcadia
BB Majors
Pirates @ Dodgers 4:30pm HMS West
BB Minors
A's @ Tigers 4:30pm HMS East
BB Farm
Nationals @ Padres 4:30pm Valentine
SB Juniors
Elite @ Foothill LL 7:30pm TBD

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