Last Updated: July 30, 2012
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2012 8U So Cal Sun Devils Travel Ball Team

Welcome to our new website, we are a new 8U Travel Ball Team based in Riverside, CA

Parents please check the Bulletin Board tab for Reminders and Team Updates.
2012 USSSA World Series - CHAMPIONS
USSSA World Series

8U Sun Devils participated in the 2012 USSSA World Series and after a week of baseball our boys came out on top and are your 2012 USSSA World Series CHAMPIONS!!!

We made it through pool play with a record of 3-0 and we secured the #2 Seed.

In bracket play we were matched up with the Oakley Stingrays and after a hard fought game our boys came away with a 6-2 victory, next up was the Tomateros and with timely hitting and a great game from Jesse on the mound we picked up another win by beating the Tomateros 8-4 which placed is in the Semi Final Game vs So Cal Bombers and one again timely hitting, great pitching from Austin and great defensive plays we picked up another win by beating the Bombers 6-5 to secure our spot in the Championship Game.

Since this was a double elimination tournament we only had to win 1 game but the Tomateros would have to win 2 to win the Championship so in the first game our boys came out a bit flat and maybe a little nervous and we fell to the Tomateros 9-0 so we had to play another game and it was winner take all, between games we tried to relax our kids and ensure them it was just another game and to let all their hard work they have put in get them through the next game. After a hard fought game where we were had timely hits, great pitching and excellent defensive plays our boys came out on top with a 7-3 win over the Tomateros to secure the championship.

Once again a big thank you to all of our wonderful parents who are one of the classiest bunch out there, thank you for always getting your boys to practice so they can put in the hard work to help them become Champions, without a dedicated bunch of parents this achievement would have been impossible so again Thank You.

To our players, thank you for a wonderful season you boys are so very special to all of the coaches on this team thank you for always giving 100% at practice and in games, thank you for being very respectful young men to all the coaches, parents, opponents etc.

We started this team less than 1 year ago and throughout this year we have had our highs and we have had our lows but without a doubt each and every player has improved in one way or another and will continue to improve on the baseball field and also continue to develop off the field as fine young men.

Jason, Ernie, Billy and Cameron thank you all for your hard work and dedication to each and every player on this team, these boys are lucky to have a coaching staff that cares so much about each of them and is always willing to do that little bit extra to help in any way possible.

I put together a quick run down of our year, I might have missed a few tournaments but this is what I came up with.

I could account for us playing in just over 100 Games with a record of 79-19-4 (79.5% Winning Percentage) we played about 26 Tournaments winning 13 of them and taking 2nd place in 7 of them we also played in 3 9U tournaments going 4-4 these totals don't count any scrimmage games we played so after a long hard season and a lot of baseball our 8U Season has come to an end so enjoy the next few weeks off and lets come back bigger better and stronger for the 2013 season and do some damage in the 9U Division.
USSSA Spring Training Super NIT - 4th Place
USSSA Arizona Trip

Our 8U So Cal Sun Devils team went out to Arizona to compete in the USSSA Spring Training Super NIT and we finished 4th out of 8 teams, we had hoped to do better but all in all it was a great experience for our boys to travel to another state and compete over 4 days and at the same time make great memories with all their buddies.

Our trip started on Wednesday night when we all arrived at the hotel and the boys were full of energy and were starting to have a great time by playing baseball and football in the hallways and unfortunately for some hotel guests they were placed on the 2nd floor next to a bunch of 8 year olds with a lot of energy but we calmed them down and got them to bed so we could be ready to play some ball on Thursday morning.

On Thursday we faced a tough Stingrays team and we ended up tying 4-4, we had our chances to win the game but it wasn't to be and on Friday we faced the Van Nuys Braves and our boys came out and took care of business and got the win with a score of 10-5. On Saturday morning we faced the Frijoleros and again took care of business and came out banging the ball around making plays and won the game 13-3.

In our first bracket game we faced the top 7U team around and we squeaked by with a 12-11 win to move into Sunday where we faced Easton Elite, our boys came out a bit flat with the bats and found ourselves in a hole which we couldn't get out of and we lost the game 12-3 so we were placed into the 3rd/4th place game where we faced the Van Nuys Braves and also lost by a score of 10-6 but our boys were having a good time with a few boys getting a shot to play different positions and ending the weekend on a fun note.

Besides the baseball we played this weekend our boys also had a blast off the field, on Friday night we all went to the ASU vs Cal Game and before the game we were given a tour of the stadium and baseball facility and got to meet a few of the players were allowed to be on the field during the national anthem. Our boys also picked up a new tradition which they will do before each game the same as the ASU Sun Devils, they all participate in an energy circle where all players stand in a circle and slowly work there way into a huddle and start jumping up and down and get each other fired up.

Our kids also stepped away from the baseball field and jumped into the K1 Go Karts for some racing and had a blast flying around the race track.

Almost all the boys caught 1 or 2 spring training games at many of the spring training facilities throughout the weekend and most of them got autographed balls, bats and other autographed items.

Our parents also all had a good time hanging out with each other and there were many many pictures taken which can be viewed on


Shutter Fly:

So even though we did not achieve our ultimate goal of coming back from Arizona with a championship trophy we did allow or boys to travel to Arizona and compete at the highest level and at the same time create memories which will last a lifetime so now its time to get back to work and shift our goal to the USSSA World Series in July and keep working hard to hopefully achieve our next goal which will be set.

Thank you parents and players for a great weekend and lets keep working hard!!!!!

The Baseball Legends Presidents Day
2nd Place
FCA Valentines Classic - Champions
FCA Valentines Classic

All Games will be at Orange Terrace Park in Riverside, CA

Saturday 2/11
Sun Devils vs Orangecrest Crush - 8:00 AM
Sun Devils vs Corona Angels - 11:30 AM

Sunday 2/12
Sun Devils vs Corona Angels

Van Nuys Braves 8U Tournament
Van Nuys Braves 8U Tournament

All Games will be at Birmingham High School in Van Nuys
Check for more info.

Saturday 1/7
Sun Devils vs SF Valley Cats - 1:15 PM
Sun Devils vs Easton Elite - 3:00 PM

Sunday 1/8
Sun Devils vs Easton Elite

Sun Devils will be playing in the Van Nuys Braves tournament this weekend, this tournament will be a great test and challenge for our boys. There are 10 teams in this tournament and most of with are some of the best in Southern California.

Sun Devils will need to come ready to play this weekend.

Parents make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to get there since it is about 80 miles from Riverside and you need to go through LA traffic to get there, please have the boys to the field 1 hour before game time.

We will be wearing our Maroon Jerseys on Saturday and we will decide Sundays Jerseys after Saturdays games.

FCA Christmas Classic
FCA Christmas Classic

Saturday 12/10
Sun Devils 9 vs Pass Heat 1
Sun Devils 12 vs Chino Hills Thunder 3

Sunday 12/11
Sun Devils 13 vs Pass Heat 0
Sun Devils 1 vs So Cal Bombers 0

Sun Devils took to the field this weekend in the FCA Christmas Classic, we came out a little flat in our first game but by the 4th inning our bats woke up and we went on to beat the Pass Heat 9-1 next up we played the Chino Hills Thunder and our bats kept on ticking and we were able to put up 12 runs to win the game 12-3. We had great pitching in both of these games from Ethan, Marcos, Masen and Brandon to only allow 4 runs over 10 Innings.

On Sunday we faced the Pass Heat again and once again our bats were on fire, we put up 13 runs and gave up 0 to secure our spot in the SHIP, we then faced a very tough Bombers team who had a great pithing performance from their #7 but we had an equally impressive performance behind our big guns in Jesse and Brandon and we were able to shut them out and win the game 1-0 to secure another Sun Devil Championship.

Every single player contributed in one way or another this weekend however if we want to continue our goal of getting better each week we are going to have to come out and practice hard over the next few weeks to get ready for our next tournament which will be January 7-8 in Van Nuys.

Great Job Sun Devils, keep up the hard work!!!!!
USSSA Thanksgiving Super NIT
USSSA Thanksgiving Super NIT
All Game at Mile Square Park - Fountain Valley, CA
Friday 11/25
Sun Devils 4 vs Torrance Tribe 3
Sun Devils 4 vs Van Nuys Braves 2

Saturday 11/26
Sun Devils 0 vs Oakley Stingrays 4

Sunday 11/27
Sun Devils 1 vs Oakley Stingrays 3

Sun Devils had a rough weekend this past weekend, we opened up well on Friday by beating the Tribe 4-3 then we faced a very good Van Nuys Braves team who we beat 4-2. On Saturday morning we played the Stingrays and fell to them 5-0 after pool play we seeded #3 into the Gold Bracket where we again faced the Stingrays. Sunday morning we played the Stingrays and again our bats were asleep and we made a few key errors to take ourselves out of the game, we made a few rallies but couldn't seem to cash them in for any runs and we ended up losing to a tough Stingrays team 3-1.

This weekend was a good wake up call to our team that we don't just make it to championship games by just showing up, we have to put in the hard work at practice and bring that hard work and determination to the field everytime we play. This was our first tournament in which we did not make it to the Championship game so we are going to get our boys on the field for a few good practices over the next couple of weeks and we will come back stronger than ever and be back on top of the mountain real soon.
12U GX3 & 8U So Cal Sun Devils Tournament
GX3 & Sun Devils Fundraiser Tournament
All Game at Noble Creek Park in Beaumont, CA
Saturday 11/19
Sun Devils 9 vs Perris All Stars 2
Sun Devils 21 vs South Bay Krushers 1
Sun Devils 17 vs Tomateros 12

After two weeks of rain outs we finally got back on the field and got down to business.

We played 3 games this weekend on our way to another Championship, we started with the Perris All Stars and behind good pitching and timely hits we were able to secure a 9-2 win next up was the SB Krushers and our bats came to play, we put up 21 runs to secure our spot in the Championship game against a very good Tomateros team.

Championship game was a great game with 29 runs scored, both teams came out swinging the bat very well and were able to get runs on the board, both teams also had a few errors and mistakes causing the score to keep going up. We had a 6 run lead in the bottom of the 6th but we allowed the Tomateros to fight their way back into the game and tie it at 11-11 so we had to go extra innings and our boys came out in the top of the 7th and put another 6 runs on the board and the Tomateros answered back with only 1 run in the bottom of the 7th to secure the Championship for the Sun Devils.

What a great example of never giving up, we had the lead a few times in this game and the Tomateros would battle back into the game and our boys never gave up, they never felt defeated or down they just kept battling.

Every player had a hit this weekend, and every player contributed in one way or another. Great team effort but we need to shift our focus to our next goal which is the USSSA Thanksgiving Super NIT, we need to have a good week of practice and be prepared to play since this tournament will have some of the top 8U teams participating.

Great Job Sun Devils.
Tomateros Fundraiser Tournament
2nd Place
Tomateros Fundraiser Tournament
All Game at Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley, CA

Saturday 10/29
Sun Devils 5 vs San Diego Show 3
Sun Devils 7 vs Fountain Valley Bombers 6
Sunday 10/30
Sun Devils 11 vs Temecula Longhorns 4
Sun Devils 6 vs San Diego Show 4
Sun Devils 3 vs Van Nuys Braves 7

Another great weekend of Sun Devils baseball, we came out Saturday and faced the San Diego Show and Fountain Valley Bombers we went 2-0 and secured the #3 seed.

Sunday morning we faced the Temecula Longhorns and our bats came out and put up 11 Runs to go on to win 11-4 and secure a spot in the Semi Final Game where we faced the San Diego Show again, we jumped out to a lead then let them back in the game before getting a couple of late runs to secure our spot in the Championship game with a 6-4 win over the Show.

In the Championship game we played a very solid Van Nuys Braves team, they weren't the biggest or most powerful team but they are a team who plays solid fundamental baseball with very few mistakes and we came out very flat and didn't play our best game, we made a few errors early and gave up 6 runs in the first 2 Innings with our bats dead asleep we were shut out for the first 3 Innings but then in the 4th we sparked a rally to get a couple then another one in the 4th but in the end we came up short and lost the game 7-3 to a very good Braves team. I'm very sure we will see the Braves a few more times this year as we are both very talented teams who will be playing in a lot of the same tournaments coming up in the next few months.

Great Job Sun Devils and Congratulations to the Braves!!!!
So Cal Bombers 7U Fundraiser Tournaemnt
So Cal Bombers 7U Fundraiser Tournament
Saturday 10/15
Sun Devils 13 vs Toluca Thunder 3
Sun Devils 6 vs Easton Elite 3
Sunday 10/16
Sun Devils 9 vs Bombers 0
Sun Devils 8 vs Easton Elite 8

Another great weeked of Sun Devils baseball, we went 3-0-1 and we split the Championship with Easton Elite.

Game 1 our boys came out flat and looked pretty tired but they were able to battle through the heat and put up 13 runs to go on to a 13-3 win over the Toluca Thunder.

Game 2 we faced Easton Elite and behind great pitching from Jesse and Luis and some very timely hits we were able to take care of business and win the game 6-3 and secure the # 3 Seed going into Sunday.

Game 3 we faced the So Cal Bombers and behind a great pitching performance by Masen & Marcos and some great hitting by all the boys we were able to come out on top by a score of 9-0 to secure our spot in the Championship Game.

Game 4 we faced Easton Elite again we battled back and forth, we put up 8 runs but then gave up 8 runs and while we were tied the umpire and tournament director decided it was getting too dark to finish the game since there was no way Easton was going to get their at bats and also allow us as the home team to get our at bats so we ended the game in a tie.

This was another great weekend of baseball and another opportunity to show the Sun Devils mean business and whatever tournament we play in we are going to be a tough team to play, Easton Elite is a really good team and I'm sure we are going to see a lot of each other through out this upcoming season.

Great Job Sun Devils, enjoy your weeked off next weekend and be ready to roll the following weekend in the Tomateros Tournament.
FCA - Columbus Day Classic
FCA Tournaments - Columbus Day Classic

Saturday 10/8
Sun Devils 3 vs Murrieta Stars 6
Sun Devils 10 vs Pass Heat 2
Sunday 10/9
Sun Devils 11 vs Prospects 3
Sun Devils 10 vs Murrieta Stars 1

Another great weekend of baseball for our Sun Devil boys, we wend 3-1 putting up 34 Runs and allowing only 12 on our way to another championship.

Game 1 we came out a bit sluggish and our bats were still asleep, we tried a few different kids on the mound. Andrew, Ben and Marcos did an excellant job pitching and we had few good plays in the field but in the end we fell to the Murrieta Stars 6-3.

Game 2 our bats woke up and we had some timely his and great pitching from Stevie, Cole and Ethan to go on to a 10-2 victory over the Pass Heat

Game 3 we came ready to play on Sunday, we faced the Prospects and behind a great pitching performance from our little lefty Masen we were able to shut them down and move on the Championship game with a 11-3 victory.

Game 4 we faced the Murrieta Stars again, this time we had our Big Dog Jesse on the mound and we pitched 4 great innings followed by Stevie and Marcos to keep the Stars under control, our bats were poppin this game with a lot of timely hits mixed in with Delgados Big Bomb we were able to secure another Championship with a 10-1 victory.

This weekend we could have given our 1st place trophy to any of the boys, each one of them contributed in one way or another either at the plate, on the mound or on the field. Coach Billy decided that he wanted to keep this award becasue he said it would look good hanging up in his bar at home so nobody got the award this week but like I said we could have made a case for any one of the boys getting the award.

Graet Job Sun Devils, another tournament another Championship!!!!!

USSSA - Fall Classic
2nd Place
USSSA Fall Classic Runners Up
Saturday 9/24
Sun Devils 8 vs Torrance Tribe 0
Sun Devils 2 vs Oakley Stingrays 8
Sunday 9/25
Sun Devils 4 vs Oakley Stingrays 2
Sun Devils 1 vs Bombers 3

So Cal Sun Devils played a great tournament this weekend, we only had 9 kids all weekend and we played great ball.

We started out strong with an 8-0 win vs the Torrance Tribe then we came out very flat in our second game and fell to the Stingrays 8-2.

After a short nights sleep we came back and played the Stingrays again and behind a solid pitching performance from Jesse and timely hits by a few kids we were able to beat the Stingrays 4-2 to advance to the Championship Game.

We faced the So Cal Bombers in the Championship game, it was a pitchers duel with both starters pitching a great game #7 from the Bombers threw a great game and our little lefty Swaney threw a great game for us, in the end we came up a bit short and fell to the Bombers 3-1.

We are very happy with the play of all of our boys this weekend, to come out and play 4 games within a 24 hour period with only 9 kids we could have given our 2nd place trophy to any one of them but this week we decided to give it to Stevie, he had some key plays at 3rd base as well as some big hits throughout the weekend. Great Job Stevie!!!!
USSSA - Labor Day Classic
So Cal Sun Devils are your 2011 USSSA Labor Day Classic Tournament CHAMPIONS!!!!!
Saturday 9/3
Sun Devils 6 vs Torrance Tribe 8
Sun Devils 0 vs Bakersfield Bombers 0
Sunday 9/4
Sun Devils 10 vs Conejo Bees 2
Sun Devils 14 vs Santa Clarita Legends 13
Monday 9/5
Sun Devils 13 vs Bakersfield Bombers 2 - Semi Final
Sun Devils 10 vs Torrance Tribe 1 - Championship Game

What a great weekend of baseball for our new So Cal Sun Devils 8U Team, we came out a little flat on Saturday and dropped our first game to the Torrance Tribe then in our second game we tied the Bombers to end Saturday 0-1-1.

Our boys came back Sunday knowing we had to win to stay alive in the tournament, we came out against a solid Conejo Bees team and finally got our bats rolling and put up 10 runs to win the game 10-2.
Next up was the Santa Clarita Legends, we had to have this game to secure our spot in Mondays games, we scored 2 runs in the first but them gave up 7 in the bottom of the first so after putting ourselves in a hole we battled back to put up 10 runs in the 2nd and went on to win 14-13.

First up on Monday we played the Bakersfied Bombers who we tied 0-0 on Saturday behind a solid pitching performance from our big gun Jesse we were able to beat the Bombers 13-5 to secure our spot in the Championship Game.

In the Championship Game we faced the Torrance Tribe who had beat us 8-6 on Saturday, with a spectacular pitching performance from Luis we only gave up 1 run and only allowed them 2 base runners the entire game. Our bats came to work, we had 9 hits and scored 10 runs to win the game 10-1 and secure our first USSSA Tournament Championship.

This weeks player of the tournament was Ben Darling, Ben had some key hits throughout the weekend including a Homerun in the Championship Game to put us ahead 10-1 and secure the mercy rule win he also had 5 other hits this weekend with 8 RBI's. For all his hard work he took home our hardware for this weekend, he got to keep our 1st Place Trophy. Great Job Ben!!!!
2nd Place
Great Job Sundevils, this was our first tournament as a whole team. We took 2nd place to a solid Tomateros team, we lost 3-2 on a walk off hit in the bottom of the 6th. Great Job boys and make sure you all keep your heads up!!!!

Great Job Boys we are all super proud of you guys!!!!!

8/28/11 Games
Sun Devils 3 vs Tomateros 6
Sun Devils 12 vs Prospects 0
Championship Game
Sun Devils 2 vs Tomateros 3
FCA Tournaments - Mid Summer Classic
Great Job Orangecrest/Sundevils, this was our first tournament and we had a few fill in players because we had a few kids out of town. We went 3-1 and played very well, all of the boys contributed in one way or another.

Great Job Boys we are all super proud of you guys!!!!!

Saturday Games
Sun Devils 6 vs PD Scrappers 4
Sun Devils 6 vs Bombers 8
Sunday Games
Sun Devils 7 vs PD Scrappers 2
Sun Devils 9 vs Bombers 1
Tournament Champions!!!!

8U So Cal Sun Devils

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