Last Updated: April 24, 2015
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April 24th: 7-11pm  Anthony's at Paxon Hollow Purchase Tickets in advance on Opening Day at the SnackBar. Click here for the FLYER The Flyer has all the information about the Event.  Team Baskets are drawn at the event

 Team Baskets:

Every year, each team is responsible for putting together a team basket.  Parents some baskets in the past have consisted of "Dinner and a Movie," Bottles of Wine and a gift card to a BYOB restaurant, Movie passes to Regal with some boxes of candy or snacks. Everyone's Team Basket needs to be handed in by April 10th at the snack bar.  They will be displayed on opening day as well as the following Saturday.  They will then be raffled off and given away the night of the social.

Photo Day:

 Photo day will be hold on May 4th and 6th. Schedule will be out soon.

SMLL Spirit Wear Sale:

 Visit our online store with C&M sporting goods to get your Spirit Wear. The store is open from April 19th to April 26th. Click Here to view store.


What an Opening Day at South Marple Little League! Weather finally broke and there was baseball and softball games on all fields. From the Majors to the Tee-ballers cracks of the bats, sounds from the crowd, and calls from Blue. What an event it was. Big thank-you to the Hennely Family running the snack bar on our biggest day of the season! All board members and volunteers that prepare our facility and organized the programs ran smooth all day! We Thank-you for your dedication to the boys and girls of South Marple Little League.












Majors Boys Division

 Tournament Teams for SMLL - we will be holding interest clinics on these dates: 
                          May 2nd, and May 9th @ 6pm on the Majors Field.

Eligibility: Players that live in our boundary map and students who attend: St. Pius, Loomis Elem, Paxon Hollow Middle School, St. Francis are eligible for our district Tournament teams. Players who are not eligible may participate pending on numbers and interest. IF your player is already on tournament team for another organization then he is not eligible to participate. You are not guaranteed a spot on the teams, but this will help with our process when Tournament Teams are announced in June.


June 14th @ 12 pm Starts our Annual League Banquet. Your players banquet fee is already paid for when you sign up with SMLL. Adults tickets will be sold in advance during the Month of May. More details will be posted after the May Board Meeting.


The All 12's SMLL 3rd Annual Baseball Classic will be June 14th at 11am. Our 2015 SMLL Majors Baseball Class will play their final Game prior to the Banquet. This Game kicks off our Banquet Event.



"All parents" are needed at all levels each and every year! We want you to get involved and donate your time as a Coach, Board Member, Snack Bar Worker, Field & Facility Crews, Fundraiser, Sponsorships, and Scoreboard Keeper. We need everyone’s support when you register your athlete, your help is expected. Please note the area you will like to volunteer on the registration form.  



Any Questions about registrations please contact us at:  

Monthly Board Meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7pm. 







Upcoming Games

Monday,  Apr 27
Major Boys Baseball
PRACTICE Wildcats 6:00pm Batting Cage # 1
PRACTICE Fighting Irish 6:00pm Batting Cage # 2
MTLL @ Nittany Lions 6:00pm Major Field
Hawks @ MTLL 6:00pm Thomas Field(Marple Twp)
PRACTICE Black Knights 7:00pm Batting Cage #1 & 2
Minor Boys Baseball
Wildcats @ Badgers 6:00pm Minor Field
Senior Farm Boys Baseball
PRACTICE Terrapins 5:30pm Senior Farm Field
PRACTICE Volunteers 6:45pm Senior Farm Field
Cadet Softball
Widener Pride @ West Chester Golden Rams 6:00pm Loomis Softball Field
Tuesday,  Apr 28
Major Boys Baseball
PRACTICE Black Knights 5:45pm Batting Cage #1 & 2
PRACTICE Fighting Irish 5:45pm Batting Cage #1 & 2
PRACTICE Hawks 5:45pm Batting Cage #1 & 2
PRACTICE Nittany Lions 5:45pm Batting Cage #1 & 2
PRACTICE Wildcats 5:45pm Batting Cage #1 & 2
Wednesday,  Apr 29
Major Boys Baseball
Fighting Irish @ Black Knights 6:00pm Major Field
Minor Boys Baseball
PRACTICE Hurricanes 6:00pm Batting Cage # 1
PRACTICE Badgers 6:00pm Batting Cage # 2
Bulldogs @ Jayhawks 6:00pm Minor Field
PRACTICE Tigers 6:45pm Batting Cage # 1
PRACTICE Jayhawks 6:45pm Batting Cage # 2
Senior Farm Boys Baseball
Fighting Irish @ Terrapins 6:00pm Senior Farm Field
Cadet Softball
Villanova Wildcats @ West Chester Golden Rams 6:00pm Loomis Softball Field
Thursday,  Apr 30
Minor Boys Baseball
Badgers @ Hurricanes 6:00pm Minor Field
Minor Girls Softball
Lady Bengals PRACTICE 6:00pm Marple Newtown Varsity Softball Field
Senior Farm Boys Baseball
PRACTICE Huskies 5:30pm Senior Farm Field
PRACTICE Wolverines 6:45pm Senior Farm Field
Cadet Softball
St. Joe's Hawks @ Temple Owls 6:00pm Loomis Softball Field
Friday,  May 1
Major Boys Baseball
Wildcats @ Fighting Irish 6:00pm Major Field
Minor Boys Baseball
POSITION/TBD @ Bulldogs 5:30pm Minor Field
POSITION/TBD @ Hurricanes 5:30pm Minor Field
POSITION/TBD @ Jayhawks 5:30pm Minor Field
POSITION/TBD @ Tigers 5:30pm Minor Field
POSITION/TBD @ Wildcats 5:30pm Minor Field
POSITION/TBD @ Badgers 5:30pm Minor Field
Minor Girls Softball
Media II @ Lady Bengals 6:30pm Loomis Softball Field
Senior Farm Boys Baseball
PRACTICE Tarheels 5:30pm Senior Farm Field
PRACTICE Volunteers 6:00pm Batting Cage # 1
PRACTICE Wolverines 6:00pm Batting Cage # 2
PRACTICE Fighting Irish 6:45pm Senior Farm Field
PRACTICE Huskies 7:00pm Batting Cage # 1
PRACTICE Terrapins 7:00pm Batting Cage # 2
Hooks @ Iron Pigs 6:00pm Tee-Ball Field
Saturday,  May 2
Major Boys Baseball
MTLL @ Fighting Irish 9:00am Major Field
Wildcats @ MTLL 9:00am Thomas Field(Marple Twp)
MTLL @ Hawks 11:00am Major Field
Nittany Lions @ MTLL 11:00am Thomas Field(Marple Twp)
PRACTICE Black Knights 1:00pm Major Field
Minor Boys Baseball
Hurricanes @ Bulldogs 9:00am Minor Field
Wildcats @ Tigers 11:15am Minor Field
Jayhawks @ Badgers 1:30pm Minor Field
Senior Farm Boys Baseball
Tarheels @ Terrapins 10:00am Senior Farm Field
Wolverines @ Fighting Irish 12:15pm Senior Farm Field
Huskies @ Volunteers 2:30pm Senior Farm Field
Cadet Softball
Temple Owls @ Villanova Wildcats 9:00am Loomis Softball Field
Widener Pride @ St. Joe's Hawks 11:00am Loomis Softball Field
Widener Pride @ St. Joe's Hawks 12:30pm Loomis Softball Field
Hot Rods @ GrassHoppers 9:30am Tee-Ball Field
Bulls @ Fightin Phils 10:45am Tee-Ball Field
Tin Caps @ Iron Pigs 12:00pm Tee-Ball Field
Bats @ Blue Rocks 1:15pm Tee-Ball Field
Sunday,  May 3
Senior Farm Boys Baseball
Volunteers @ Fighting Irish 2:00pm Senior Farm Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!