Last Updated: April 16, 2014
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  • SWLPB is seeking corporate sponsors and volunteers for the upcoming spring 2014 season
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Kentucky Turf
Versailles, KY 40383
(859) 873-1088
 Tuesday Night Games are Canceled.
Here are the rescheduled Times and Dates.
Additional games have been affected to accommodate these changes.
Division       Visitors      Home      Date          Day            Time         Field      
Pinto Reds Marlins 4/17/14 Thursday 5:30 PM CR4
Bronco Padres Marlins 4/17/14 Thursday 7:00 PM CR4
Mustang Athletics Indians 4/18/14 Friday 6:00 PM CR3
Pinto Mariners White Sox 4/18/14 Friday 7:00 PM  CR2





Help support Southwest Pony League Baseball

by shopping Thirty-One this spring!

As seen during opening ceremonies

Click here to find out more

April customer special:

 for EVERY $35 spent, you qualify for an

EXCLUSIVE All-Pro Tote or Duffle Bag for only $25 ($80 value!)
   **Don’t forget a shoulder strap for $10**



Fundraiser Card Pick-Up

@ Cardinal Run

April 16th, 17th & 18th from 6pm to 7pm

April 19th from 10am to 4pm

As a reminder - cards must be paid for no later than April 19th.



Your Southwest Pony online store is open.


You can view and shop online by visiting

Go to the Promotions page and enter SWPONY for the access code. T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, etc. are available.

The online store is open from March 19th until midnight, April 13th.

Will be open for the whole season, but will close every other Sunday for orders to be processed.   Payment for orders can be made via credit card (Visa, Discover & Mastercard accepted) or by PayPal.   After your on-line checkout, you will receive a printable receipt and an email confirmation.   

All orders will be packaged and labeled with your player’s name.   The items will be delivered to your team representative who will distribute them.


Interested in Team Jerseys or T-shirts (just like the ones the kids have), please contact Ben Hartley at Aggie Sports (859) 494-6544 or







Kentucky Youth Baseball Academy


SWLPB's own Chris Hoagland is having the Grand Opening for Lexington's newest baseball academy this Saturday, November 16 at 10:00am. Come check out the facility at 2623 B Regency Road (behind Cats' Pause).

Visit the website for more information or you can call them at 859-303-5732.

Special for all Southwest Lexington PONY Baseball: All players will receive $10 off their $25 membership fee as well as other discounts.


Lost and Found 
If you have lost something or have found something at one of our fields, contact us and we will post it here for everyone to see.

At the Airport Fields

We left a bat around the batting cage at the airport fields on Saturday March 15th. It is gray Easton Rebel bat with red writing. If found, please let me at


Jill Keys


Please included description, when and where item was lost or found and contact information.  Items will remain on this page for approximately two weeks.  If you want the item re-listed, you will need to send another e-mail.

Corporate Sponsors Wanted!

For the upcoming 2014 season, Southwest Lexington Pony Baseball is seeking Corporate Sponsors! 

If you are an owner of a company or work for a company wanting to support youth baseball, Southwest Lexington Pony Baseball is seeking your support.

For more details contact Dave Porter at or 240-626-7156.



Picture of the Week
If you have a picture, drop in the Drop Box and we'll post it.
If you pictures for the Yearbook, you  can also drop them in the Drop Box. Just click on the link.

SWLPB is on Facebook




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Wednesday,  Apr 16
Rangers @ Nationals 6:00pm CR # 4
Cardinals @ Mets 6:00pm CR # 3
Dodgers @ Grasshoppers 6:00pm CR # 2
Thursday,  Apr 17
Red Sox @ Yankees 6:00pm CR # 3
Reds @ Marlins 6:00pm CR # 4
Friday,  Apr 18
Mariners @ White Sox 6:00pm CR # 3
Tigers @ Cardinals 6:00pm CR # 4
Riverdogs @ Bulls 6:00pm CR # 2
Saturday,  Apr 19
Angels @ Rangers 11:00am CR # 4
Padres @ Dodgers 1:45pm CR # 4
Nationals @ Marlins 4:30pm CR # 4
Indians @ Athletics 12:30pm CR # 3
Mets @ Tigers 2:45pm CR # 3
Cardinals @ Red Sox 5:00pm CR # 3
Reds @ Tigers 9:00am CR # 3
Mariners @ Marlins 9:00am CR # 4
Cardinals @ White Sox 10:45am CR # 3
Dodgers @ Legends 9:00am Mary Todd Park
Bulls @ Storm 11:30am Mary Todd Park
Grasshoppers @ Riverdogs 1:00pm Mary Todd Park
Shetland Minor
Locusts @ Lightning 10:15am Mary Todd Park
Bobcats @ Panthers 2:15pm Mary Todd Park
Monday,  Apr 21
Angels @ Marlins 6:00pm CR # 4
Indians @ Red Sox 6:00pm CR # 3
Tuesday,  Apr 22
Dodgers @ Rangers 6:00pm CR # 4
Tigers @ Athletics 6:00pm CR # 3
Dodgers @ Bulls 5:45pm CR # 2
Grasshoppers @ Legends 6:45pm CR # 2
Wednesday,  Apr 23
Nationals @ Padres 6:00pm CR # 4
Yankees @ Cardinals 6:00pm CR # 3

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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